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Celia Fenn: The “Big Disconnect” and the Earth Changes

August 31, 2010

Celia Fenn feels we are fully in the transformation process at the present time. I think she means more the Earth Changes than the Ascension, although she uses the latter word.

But it could be. Saul certainly says time and again Ascension will happen soon. I personally would be surprised because I think there is much work to be done preparing others who are just now awakening or haven’t awakened yet but will be accompanying us. Thanks to Kau’ila.

Aug. 28, 2010

by Celia Fenn

Well, here I am home again. Although home is not where it used to be! I am now in a new home, having moved just after my return from Russia. I am very happy in my new space, with views of the mountains and the ocean, and surrounded by trees and garden.

It is a very “New Earth” setting, and it happened so fast. In just a month, I found the new place, packed boxes, did a trip to Russia, and then moved and am now unpacking boxes….whew!!!

I am tired…I think many people are feeling this tiredness on a deep level. I call it the “Big Disconnect” as we disconnect from all that has gone before and move forward and upwards on the new Spiral of Time.

There is a feeling of strangeness and disconnection, and along with the tiredness also a feeling of strangeness as we come to terms with this new place and this new energy.

I believe that we are now fully in the Transformation process……Ascension…..Earth Changes …..whatever you want to call it….it is happening now and at a rate that is breathtaking and exhausting.

I have no doubt that the Earth Changes are here, and that we are navigating them superbly and with such style! We are passing through this Time Gate as we knew we would, as Masters of Light and Creation, Co-Creating with Spirit! There really is nothing to fear as we journey through these energies.

This year, I have seen for myself how the Family of Light is working together to support the Planet through the Earth Changes. In April and May we worked with the Volcano in Iceland. This Volcanic eruption caused major chaos in Europe.

I was in Israel and then Germany, Latvia and Portugal at the time, and I worked together with Family of Light to Reconnect with the Elemental Families and bring Balance to the Planet at that time. It was a wonderful experience, but also very exhausting, as I barely had time to write about the experiences and I was off again on another trip.

But, between the Europe trip and the Russia trip, there was the Gulf Oil Spill, and Family of Light stepped forward and put all their energy into working to send Light and contain damage. It was hard work and it was wonderful how many people around the Planet stepped forward and offered their Light and Energy to the Planet. You are truly Masters of Light!

Then, I travelled to Moscow and stepped off the Plane into the “Inferno”. Russia was on fire! I had read about it, but it had to be experienced to be believed. The temperature hovered around 40 degress Celsius, the smoke was so thick that breathing was difficult and vision was limited. Your eyes burnt, your lungs burnt and your blood was almost boiling in your body!

This was due to the burning of Forests and the Peat in the ground in the areas around Moscow and other large parts of Russia. (Of course, while we were sweltering and burning, the rest of Europe and Asia was drowning in torrential rain).

Once again, Family of Light stepped up to the challenge and were amazing. Around the Earth and in Moscow everyone worked with meditation and connecting with the elemental energies to clear the air so that the 10 million people in Moscow could breathe.

The Group that attended the Moscow seminar worked tirelessly together to create a partnership with the elemental energies of Fire and Water to request Balance. It worked! Two days later the skies were clear and there was rain! It was great thanks to this miracle created by the efforts of Family of Light.

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  1. John Kronske permalink
    August 31, 2010 3:58 pm

    I think it already has! 🙂

  2. Shelley permalink
    August 31, 2010 11:47 am

    What happens when you shine a light in the dark? The dark disappears. What happened when the Light Workers around the world shone a light on the Darkness plaguing the planet? It disappeared. So what’s going to happen when the LIGHT eventually finds the dark Ones?

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