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Stephen Bassett Presents the History of UFOs and Disclosure

August 30, 2010

The Admiral passes along a really wonderful video from Stephen Bassett, in which Stephen reviews the entire history of the modern UFO/Exopolitics/Disclosure era.

I’m now nearly through the first hour-long segment but I may not be able to find enough time soon to watch the whole three hours. (Kau’ila has watched the whole series and adds a comment below.)

Stephen Bassett, who began by calling himself a “lobbyist” for the galactics and is Director of Paradigm Research Group, gives an illustrated talk to an invited group in Highgate, London, which is one of the best and most comprehensive introductions to everything that has happened in the Exopolitical Movement since Arnold reported the first “flying saucer” in 1947.

He reviews the Roswell Crash and how investigators unwound the cover-up. He looks at the truth embargo that developed after Roswell. He looks at the crop circle phenomenon. He discusses the impact of the various terms used to describe the Exopolitical Movement.

Bassett does a very good job and I highly recommend the series as a basic introduction to the whole field.

Doubleclick on the video to go to Youtube and watch the rest.

Thanks, Admiral!

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  1. September 3, 2010 9:37 pm

    Thanks so much for posting this video. Visiting your site continues to greatly increase my sphere of knowledge on a daily basis.

  2. Thomas von Liptak permalink
    August 31, 2010 3:56 am

    Part 1: time 23:50 – 26:00 = Pricelss…job well done.

    BTW have also watched Bassett among others in the youtube videos from the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit 23 July 2009

    and it strikes me that in 3 hours nobody is speaking of ascension or the divine timeline before which disclosure will happen. The Galactic Federation are not here simply to flash their new toys in the sky, as the readers of Steve´s website will know, but because of very serious considerations of how best to handle the coming changes.

    Sheldan Nidle talks about a coming “drastic surface makeover” and “the earth needs to wait for your evacuation from her surface. This requires us (GF) to first carry out a massive first contact with you and we plan to do so after the new governments make their formal announcements.”

    What I mean is that readers of this website and the channellings of Salusa, Nidle, Matthew etc have a different perspective of what will happen and when, than if you simply just rely on information from whistleblowers.

    • August 31, 2010 7:05 am

      Hi, Thomas,

      Thanks for your astute comment.

      One whistleblower who does mention Ascension in 2012 is Arthur Neumann (Henry Deacon). In an interview at the Barcelona Conference he said:

      “What happens with this world as a whole is really almost a natural event. All this fighting and all this suppression is temporary and even if you don’t do anything outwardly the changes will still take place. The birth of a new world … not the New World Order but the new world … will still happen very shortly and you should feel this and be aware of this.” (Arthur Neumann AKA “Henry Deacon” on video UFO Disclosure May be Imminent 2 of 2 at

      He holds this point of view because he teleported to Mars a number of times and met with extraterrestrials who told him about plans for Ascension.

      I think the same paradigm of empirical materialism that prevents many people from acknowledging the reality of invisible UFOs in other dimensions, etc., also prevents people from acknowledging the reality of Ascension. In my opinion, Disclosure will be the first major step to dispelling that.

      Matthew and SaLuSa disagree with Sheldan on the subject of stasis (evacuation of the planet to Inner Earth). They say no stasis will happen.

      You can find a number of articles on that subject in the righthand column.



  3. Bradley L. Duell, Ph.D. (Kau'ila) permalink
    August 30, 2010 1:31 am

    This is a 3-part video of a presentation made recently, I believe, in the U.K. (Highgate). I was transfixed for the approx. 2-3 hours of the combined length of the videos. I found this to be excellent information about the history of the “UFO” and disclosure phenomenon in the US and the world.

    He points out several key moments in the disclosure process, and several key individuals that are helping to bring disclosure to the public at large.

    Especially notable are his comments about the significance of Julian Assange, of Wikileaks. This was in the last half of part 3.

    Below are direct links to each part.

    Bassett Highgate Disclosure Briefing Part 1.mpg

    Part 2.mpg

    Part 3.mpg

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