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The Dissolution of the Illusion is at Hand

August 29, 2010

Saul describes our fear of being born into Fifth-Dimensional reality and describes what awaits us. He seems to imply that we could ascend or awaken whenever we will it but our fear precludes us from doing so.

Again, if what he says is so, then standing in the face of the fear, without resistance, is what we need to do until we get the record, the getting of which dissolves it.

Aug. 29, 2010,

Humanity is becoming impatient.  Much has been promised, but it seems that little has been delivered.  This is most certainly not the case.  God offers you the infinite abundance of His Love in every moment of your existence, but you do not respond.

The illusion is like a prison, but one without doors, walls, cells, or fences.  You can leave it whenever you wish, as there is nothing to prevent you from doing so except your own fear. The apparent restrictions in which you have entangled yourselves are as unreal as the illusion, but the idea of unrestricted freedom terrifies you because you have become so immersed in the belief that its limits and boundaries keep you safe.

But what is that you fear so terribly and need protection from? Nothing!

An infant in the womb is mightily restricted, but everything she needs for her existence is provided there in the moment.  She can sense light and darkness, and beyond the beating of her mother’s heart she can hear external sounds.  She is effectively one with her mother, and so her mother’s emotions and sensations are felt by her almost instantaneously.  Consequently, even in the womb she experiences pain and fear, and as the moment of birth approaches and her ability to feel and sense grows, these experiences intensify.

The womb, which was basically safe and comfortable, becomes increasingly tight and restrictive, and she needs to get out, but not knowing what that entails she is fearful.  The squeezing, crushing sensation of being born out into the cold air is not enjoyable, however comfort and security is partially recovered when  she is held close to her mother’s breast, where she is warm once more, hears the familiar heartbeat, and is fed.  But it takes time for her to adjust to the freedom of being able to stretch out and unfold herself unrestrictedly as she chooses.

Humans are at present like infants about to be born.  The environment that surrounds them is far too small, and yet they fear leaving it because they do not know what awaits them outside it.  The difference is that outside the illusion there is infinite Love, peace, and contentment, unlike the environment which the infant enters at the moment of birth.  But due to the familiarity of the illusion, despite its woeful inadequacies, and because of the lack of memory of the blissful state beyond it, there is great reluctance to leave it.

Nevertheless the dissolution of the illusion is at hand.  It has served its purpose and you will awaken from it into Reality, where you belong and where you have always existed.  Your return to wakefulness is eagerly awaited and will be celebrated most magnificently.

Many of you presently experiencing life as humans were fully aware of the difficulty of the task you were undertaking when you chose once more to come and offer help and guidance to those who seem to be lost and completely disoriented within the illusion.

Your achievement in providing light, love, and guidance to them in abundance is without precedent during the eons of the illusion’s apparent existence, and you are greatly honored and respected.  Your Father’s Love for you is boundless.  What you are doing could only be done by you, and you are doing it with immense skill and compassion.

The joy of all those souls whom you are helping to awaken will enfold you and be added to your own joy as you all awaken together into the wondrous realization of your essentiality to the divine Whole, the Godhead, from which you could never be separated.  All are indeed One with God in every moment, and the eternal ecstasy of that state of existence cannot be resisted for very much longer.

With so very much love, Saul.

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  1. August 29, 2010 1:33 pm

    Having just watched the film ‘Inception’ which was, to say the least, a masterpiece which I will enthusiastically be added to my top 10 films of awakening, I was deeply moved and inspired to write a few words about the nature of reality.

    Reality is not what you think it is, in fact most of us are in a state of ignorance as to the true nature of objects and of ourselves. What we think of as ‘reality’ couldn’t be further from the truth. In truth, we actually do not know what anything is, or what it is for. We have settled with believing in the labels and collective descriptions that we share with others who collude to propagate the same ‘reality’ as we do. And this is how we live and have lived since we became flesh upon this earthly plane!

    In order to understand that we are asleep, we need a few reference points. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso says: “Just as all the fear, danger, and suffering we experience in a nightmare comes from not realizing that we are only dreaming, so all the fear and suffering we experience during our life comes from not seeing the real nature of our world and our experience. The world does not exist separately from the mind. Our conviction that things exist “out there”, independent of our mind, is the source of all our fear.”

    Before ‘awakening’ to Truth, one generally goes through a process of undoing or dismantlement where the things one believes in, which have been the basis of their stability, start to dissolve. Some spiritual teachers call this process ‘melting’ and it can be distressing and scary as well as thrilling and ecstatic – a little bit like riding a roller coaster with the most unpredictable driver you can imagine!

    As we are stripped of our ideas about ‘reality’, the dream, i.e., the pretend ‘reality’ that we have been playing out so far, begins to reveal itself through a series of synchronistic clues. If the desire to awaken is conscious and willing on your part, these synchronicities will appear thick and fast. You may have noticed them. This is because, having expressed a desire to escape from the maze of illusion, you will now be provided with pointers and guidance to help you get out. Pay attention and you will begin to see them everywhere and in everything.

    In the light of the immense swiftness of the current changes, everything has hastened to breakneck speed and the time delay between stimulation and response is closing fast. There is no longer available a leisurely amount of time in which to ponder your decisions and brace for your changes; it is as if the porthole through which we have been viewing ‘reality’ has become pin-point, forcing our focus into supreme intensity- definitely not for the faint hearted as will be revealed.

    Welcome to the crash course in ‘swim or sink’- also not for the faint heart: We will have to learn to surf the waves pretty damn quick, without giving our energy over to trying to make plans and worrying about outcomes – there simply isn’t enough stability for you to get your claws into anything substantial and try to control it. Once you have been assimilated by the enormous wave current that is driving us Home, you just have to let go and hope for the best. It’s an act of faith over fear; one is buoyant and the other… well we’ve all been down that road and know where it ends!

    HOWEVER, the great consoling if not redeeming factor in amongst all this mayhem of frequencies and seemingly clashing vibrations is…


    I am doing it to myself, and have been for as long as I have been aware that ‘I’ exist. I have separated myself from my own connected truth to One and bought into my own fantasy about life, existence and everything else that I think is ‘out there’ and now, it has to be undone. But here’s the rub, don’t be the victim of your own dream projection; don’t allow your phantoms and fears to usurp you from your sovereign throne and dictate your reality, or it will end in tears. If you find this difficult to grasp, let me remind you of an old Zen story…

    Once upon a time there was a baby lion that fell into a herd of sheep and became part of their flock. When he grew up, he behaved like a sheep, even to the point of eating grass until one day an old lion captured him and took him to a pond, where he showed him his own reflection.

    Many of us are like this lion – the image we have of ourselves does not come from our own direct experience but from the opinions of others. A “personality” that has been imposed from external society replaces the individuality that could have flourished from within. We become just another sheep in the herd, unable to move freely and unconscious of our own true identity.

    We are kept in this state through the enforcement of fear, to further quote Osho; “Society cannot tolerate individuality, because individuality will not follow like a sheep. Society wants slaves, not people who are absolutely dedicated to freedom. Society wants slaves because all the vested interests want obedience … “

    The tool of fear has been used for centuries to keep us in check until we ourselves have perpetuated it and inflicted ourselves with this debilitating disease of delusion. But what if you found out that you held the key to your freedom all along? What if, you realised that you were both the prisoner and the guardian of the gates? What would you do if you suddenly understood that you could have the peace of mind and happiness that you have always longed for: That there is no-one holding you back but your own beliefs and ideas about yourself? What would you do? How do you envision your freedom as a state of mind?

    The world is full of discontented people who have been duped into thinking they can fill their inner void with something material, but I promise you, it can NEVER be filled by anything of the sort; no perfect job, relationship or lottery win will EVER fill that hole because it is a wound of the spirit and can only be healed by the spirit. We must understand this quickly and change our course so that we may sail into the oceans of bliss and away from the seas of purgatory. You have suffered enough. Now, shift the focus away from the causes of the rotation of this fruitless repetition of history.

    You can make this a place of perfection by allowing your mind to align with the forces of light, love and the truth of your own sovereignty. This is not some hippy nonsense – that is also another form of brainwashing: ‘run down the ‘hippy dippy’ nonsense in the name of harsh ‘reality’; don’t believe in anything other than the material things that pervade to the senses.’ Have you ever asked yourself WHY so many dismiss the non-material? It has always been so, mysticism vs. science. Actually the church took over the realms of the mysterious and murdered anyone who came up with any ideas that questioned their own warped view in a futile attempt to retain control and for what? Yes, you guessed correctly yet again; money and power – the same old story which has kept us bound to suffering like twins joined at the hip.

    Our addiction to misery is remarkable and heartbreaking because we are capable of so much more…

    The root of all of this is our fear of the finite and ultimate annihilation, and beneath that, a terrible guilt that we have deserted the very thing that sustains us, and instead of honouring life, are the only species who in utter shamelessness, strikes down the living in the name of war and other atrocities.

    It will end when we want it to. We must understand that our thoughts are in the driving seat of this nightmarish dream.

    And here comes the moment of truth. It is visible on the horizon and getting closer with every breath. .. I see you … But here’s the thing, you no longer have to follow suit and perpetuate any more of this self fulfilling nonsense. Have the courage to think differently and break the cycle of action and reaction.

    How will the world end? However we want it to and it needn’t be an ending but a beginning. Do not buy into apocalyptic thoughts and fears or they will manifest from the power of your unconscious thoughts. This is YOUR dream; it belongs to no-one else. Start to become creative within your dream rather than helplessly allowing your thoughts to run riot and project more suffering into the dream. No-one is controlling you – you have merely allowed yourself to be led to BELIEVE that you are restrained and limited.

    But the time for liberation is NOW! You must break free from the cycle of fear and reaction. This is absolutely necessary if you want to experience REAL happiness and REAL peace – the kind that does not depend on external factors which are always unstable and changing; the kind that will be with you until the end of all time and beyond. Do not waste yourself trying to tame a hurricane, just learn to stand in the eye of the storm and be at peace.

    The time when the meaning of ‘reality’ will be revealed to us is close at hand.

    I had a dream of awakening
    And woke up to find the Truth

    May your inner wisdom arise like a silent storm
    And lead you through the open gates
    to FREEDOM

    • Gunnar permalink
      August 31, 2010 12:46 am

      I’m working on it brother.

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