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Dr Rima Laibow MD Asks Our Help to Defeat the “Food Safety” Bill

August 29, 2010

We are asked to take a moment out and watch this video on a law before the Senate whose impact would be to practically put small and organize farmers out of business in favor of agribusiness.

Please watch and see if there is some way you can contribute to defeating this measure.

[At the same time, see note below video.]

[Later note: One of our readers has brought Dr. Laibow’s intentions into question. You may wish to read that comment. Dr. Laibow’s husband is Gen. Albert Stubblebine, whom I know as a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement who questioned the Bush administration’s story that a plane hit the Pentagon based on his background as a man who assessed photos of Russian missile sites. I’ve seen other articles that suggest that Stubblebine was a part of Psy Ops. I’m not aware of that myself.

The criticism of Dr. Laibow is that she uses “Semantic Differential” language that is designed to direct people into oppositional measures that lead nowhere. She is alleged to be a part of the cabal’s effort.

See for instance

I’m not qualified to say which version – that she is a leader of anti-cabal measures or a sophisticated cabal instrument – is true. Readers may wish to proceed keeping the criticisms of Laibow in mind.]

[Here is an article not by Dr. Laibow, but referenced in the article that featured her video:]

S. 510, the fake “Food Safety” Bill, is a lesson in the politics of persistence and perfidy.

For more than a year, the plan to capture – and kill – clean, local, organic, independent and safe farming has been wending its way through Congress. Last year, the devastating HR 1279 passed although we put up a good battle, delaying it for quite a while.  However, at the end of the day, a good battle followed by a loss is still a loss.

We lost the clean food battle in the House.

The battle ground then shifted to the Senate.  Remember, the Uber Cartel, which includes Big Agra, Big Chema, Big Biotech and, behind them all, Big Pharma and its malignant sister, Big Oil, has endless money for lobbyists, propaganda, back-door dealings and other well-financed pressure tactics like Codex Alimentarius, for example.

For examples of corruption, we have only to look at the current Congressional probe of the Uber Cartel Pharma Phamily corruption, bribing and buying their way into national policy around the world through filling personal coffers of regulators and politicians.  If you think that is limited to foreign countries, guess again.

So the fact that we, the Natural Solutions Foundation net roots and those who have joined us in this clean food battle, following our lead and bringing their constituencies into the fray, have held off the passage of the bill that some have called “Monsanto’s wet dream Bill” since last November, when unanimous Senate agreement on its passage was reached is nothing short of miraculous.

Miraculous and, if we falter now, totally meaningless.

Once we pushed it back in November, the Uber Cartel was unable to move it forward: there were too many of us who got the picture, understood the game and comprehended what the cost would be to our health and our freedom if we did not succeed in killing this bill before it, literally, killed us.

Now we are met on the battle field of clean food again.  In mid April S 510 was once again the subject of unanimous agreement and was to be voted upon the following week. Our inside sources shared that information with us and we rose up in our collective power, sending so many emails to Congress, and activating so many Washington forces that the bill went into limbo again.

Later, as the Senate was winding up its session before summer recess, we realized that the plan was to ram it through as a “noncontroversial” bill, which would then be passed by “unanimous Congressional Consent” since no one had anything to say about it.

Well, we used the Senate rules against this bill and asked you to demand of your Senators that they put a hold on S. 510 by calling the Senate Cloak Room (yes, you read that right!) and demanding that the bill not go up for a unanimous consent approval.

Again, we prevailed and the US Senate broke for its 2010 summer recess without voting on the bill.

Enter villains gnashing teeth and twirling mustaches.

S. 510, the fake “Food Safety Bill”, is of enormous importance to the globalist genocidalists.  They want it passed.  Senators who are either their dupes or their bed mates are willing to do their bidding IF, and only IF, they can do so out of the light of public awareness.  They want to do their masters’ bidding without being tarred with the same brush of filth as their masters.
We, you and I, are here to make sure that they are publicly exposed and publicly notified by vast numbers of us that their doings are very, very public and that their constituents, you and I, are holding them personally, and professionally, accountable for their actions.

It is urgently important that the eaters of the US join together, whether we are male or females, young or old, single or married, Christian or Jew or Jain or Muslim or atheist or Hindu, parents or childless persons, unite behind this issue.

Click the NEW Action Item here,, whether you have taken action on this item or not.  Then I urge you to become the flaming sword of dissemination and freedom through your email work.  There is no one who does not eat. There is no one who is not impacted by the quality of the food that they eat.  There is no one who, no matter what the choices that they actually make might be, does not want the RIGHT to choose clean, unadulterated food if they want to.

What’s at stake?

1. No seed saving without vast expenditures because seeds could be a terrorist weapon!  What’s really going on here?  Biotech companies want to control the world’s food access and sell ONLY their own chemical dependent seeds.

2. All seed prices, already consuming more than 1/3 of all farmers’ expenditures, will be controlled by the Uber Cartel.

3. Organic, clean, local, personal farming would still be allowed IF Codex standards and guidelines were followed. These include irradiation, chemical use and other highly dangerous, expensive and unacceptable practices for clean food consumers (those of us recently identified by the captive organization called the American Psychiatric Association as suffering from “Orthorexia”, as psychiatric disorder in which people are concerned with the quality of the food they eat!).

4. Growing personal or local food without the taxes and controls inherent in this bill will become criminal acts.

5. Record keeping will be so burdensome, and the fines for not complying, that most small, family, organic and biodynamic farmers will cease to produce food for themselves or you.

6. Supplements (attacked by Senator McCain in a bill which was ‘absorbed’ into S. 510) will be attacked even more strongly than they currently are since, as foods, they, too, will have to meet the “standards” imposed by S. 510 despite the fact that they are among the most highly regulated foods in the country AND the safest.

7. Health will decline as more chemicals are used by farms, more toxic effluent enters the environment, less nutritious food is available, more chemical contamination is permitted, even more food is irradiated and high potency supplements disappear.  The diseases of under nutrition, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity, already epidemic, will sky rocket, along with the endless human suffering which accompany them.

8. Raw milk will be a thing of the past.

9. Freedom, like raw milk, will be a memory of what we used to be able to access.


Now is the time to act. Tomorrow may well be too late.

Single voices are good. Multipliers of many thousands makes our voices count – powerfully.

And… voices backed by resources are the most powerful of all!

Please donate; every dollar helps protect health and food freedom:

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Guest permalink
    August 30, 2010 5:57 am

    Everyone realizes this lady is married to the general from The Men Who Stare At Goats. If you believe this video, you should probably also believe her husband when he says he can walk through walls.

    In reality, this video is one big lie. If you want to learn about this bill, you can listen to Rima and then just think the opposite.

    Here’s a link to how it will effect small businesses:

    Here’s the actual bill:

  2. Shelley Szajner permalink
    August 29, 2010 8:17 pm

    I am so sick of fighting the Illuminati—not that I’m giving up—just that I’m tired of fighting. The idea of jumping time lines appeals to me more every day. I sure hope our Galactic Family, Spiritual Hierarchy or Earth Allies intervenes with this nasty bit of food control. Monsanto, who is part of the Illuminati/Reptilian shape-shifting race really needs to go and soon!

    • August 30, 2010 6:39 am

      I am too, Shelley.

      I almost have to bring myself to report this news. I feel myself far more uplifted by the rising energies. Hopefully it will all end soon. We have the galactics’ assurances that there is nothing the cabal can now do to defeat Ascension and I believe them.

      I think if we all awaken to the constructive, hopeful, positive things that are happening, we can probably overwhelm and defeat the cabal that way.



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