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Total Reboot

August 28, 2010

I’m in the midst of a creative explosion here. Prime User (my Higher Self, God, the angels, Me, whoever) has just raised the amps in this alias (Steve Beckow, the personality, the user) by about a half.

The ideas are racing through me and it’s obvious that I’ve reached the end of my ability to do things alone. I’m going to need and I invite partners.

Besides, it’s always good to create a game to play. We all need more useful, wholesome, beneficial games.

Let me go over what’s running through my mind.


Ryan suggested starting a forum using a widget on WordPress. I can see that there may come a time when “comments” may not provide the most useful means of discussion.

I had my reservations about a forum, but Ryan has left me to perc with the idea and I’ve warmed up to it. New thoughts are coming up. I’m not as inclined towards a forum on WordPress as I am towards a Yahoo discussion group, called “2012 Scenario” as long as people come forward willing to run it.

The people who do would have to be mature, emotionally stable, etc. The forum itself would have to proceed along lines consistent with Ascension. What that means is that it couldn’t be allowed to devolve into name-calling, character assassination, etc. It couldn’t be allowed to be hijacked by people who overpost for reasons of ego-enhancement.

It would have to stick to subjects related to Ascension – Disclosure, accountability, NESARA, First Contact, Ascension, the Golden Age, etc. It would have to exclude irrelevant subjects like diets, health, humor, music. I know they’re not irrelevant to Ascension but they tend to water down the focus of a group discussing Ascension.

In addition to partners willing to run the site, I’d need the group to understand that I’m not offering myself as some kind of all-knowing figure who will answer questions. I’m not all-knowing and I don’t have a lot of answers to a lot of questions. I just have been willing to do some research to find out a few answers.

I should be very clear at the outset that I may not even be contributing to the discussion that much at all. My primary focus is this blogsite. And I know from experience that I feel a great need to be free to roam the universe rather than be committed to a common discussion. (I have run a discussion group before.) My intention is to provide readers with a place to discuss things of common interest among themselves.

Another way of saying that is that the group would have to be about emergence and individual sovereignty, rather than following some central figure. We’re past those days. The common thread of the messages we’ve been following here is that we’re on the road, all of us, to becoming ascended masters.

World Disclosure Day

I’ve reached a point where I can’t stop what I’m doing to host World Disclosure Day every month, but I’d like to see World Disclosure Day continue. I’m going to have to downplay WD2 this month because the flow of work is just too much for one person to handle.

I need a partner who’s willing to continue hosting a monthly Disclosure Day until the galactics announce their presence.

The right person should be an extrovert (I can’t say that I’m an extrovert, really), who enjoys answering email and talking on the phone to people. They should have familiarity with what’s happening in the world and should also be willing to do research to find answers.

First Contact

I haven’t really been able to keep up put research up on First Contact for a while now. I need a partner who will take over making sure that the continuing messages from selected sources get into First Contact.

First Contact provides the raw materials for many of the articles that go up on the 2012 Scenario. Some day it will be a prime resource for journalists, historians, and others interested in what the spirit and galactic teachers have said about this period of time. I certainly use it regularly.

The person who volunteers should have editing skills, perhaps a historical, sociological, or legal background, and definitely an understanding of spiritual truths. An understanding of international affairs would also be a bonus here.


There is definitely work for a webmaster on both the 2012 Scenario and First Contact websites. First Contact is a very rudimentary html creation and could be enhanced in a number of ways but I have no skills in the area.

It could be made more user friendly by the addition of search functions, hyperlinks, etc. If someone had sufficient skill, the raw data of First Contact could be dumped into one place and the whole thing run by search terms, rather than visually as at present.

The 2012 Scenario needs to be organized by pages instead of being a simple scroll-down site to allow for more material on the galactics, 2012 and Ascension to be put up. There are numerous bells and whistles that could be added that I don’t know how to add.

Allowance needs to be made for more than one person to input into the First Contact webpages. What that means is that the raw html pages need to be located online, rather than being held in someone’s computer, so that additions could be made to it from multiple sources.


I need one or more editors to scan the daily distribution lists and websites and bring material into the 2012 Scenario for people to read. I have a set list of people and sites that I keep an eye on but that could be expanded if we had more partners.

I also need an editor who can take disparate writings on the subject of clearing upsets and meld them together into one piece. I’m convinced that clearing upsets will be the number one topic in importance after Disclosure because so much that is new and confronting will be coming our way.

The editor must have good grammatical and spelling skills. He or she must know what it means to keep a series parallel, for instance, and how to use a comma, semi-colon, quotation mark, etc. The better the writing skills, the better the editing. But that person should also have a familiarity with growth-movement concepts, spiritual notions, etc. Knowledge of international affairs would again be a bonus.


As long as I alone take the First Contact material and turn it into articles, progress will be slow. Certainly, after Disclosure, there will be a high demand for people willing and able to interpret what is going on in the world so we might as well train ourselves now rather than in the heat of the moment later.

So I need writers who can take the galactic and spirit messages and turn them into articles and then we need to start producing a lot of them, on all aspects of First Contact, Ascension, and the Golden Age.

The webmaster would then need to be able to take those articles and change the two sites (2012 Scenario and First Contact) so that the material can be readily accessible to readers.


Unfortunately the nature of the times and the subject matters we deal with are such that this site could be lost to hackers, black operatives, etc. I need someone who is willing each week to make either an ftp backup, a mirror copy of the site, or in some other way create a record of the site that could be remounted in the event of censorship, hacking, or some other disruptive event.

The archivist would have to be willing to remount the site as well, because my own skills are insufficient to the task.

OK, I’m going to take my first break of the day and have something to eat. It’s that busy and I’ve reached an upper threshhold of how much I can manage.

Partners are welcome. It’s also OK if there are no partners. I would then have to scale back and just do what I can do.



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  1. August 29, 2010 8:12 am

    Hi Steve

    Just some words of acknowledgement and love…

    I don’t remember exactly how I found your website some weeks ago, but I appreciate it very much and come here every day! Lots of great material, high frequencies and feelings of “home”.

    Your rebooting projects are also awsome and I hope you can find people to realize them. Yet, like Gunnar, I would suggest that you just relax and let “it” flow…

    Have a wonderful time!
    from Confoederatio Helvetica (CH, Switzerland), hopefully soon a part of Confoederatio Galactica !!! 🙂

    • August 29, 2010 10:03 am

      Welcome, Suzanne.

      That is one option and I may take it. There is always a desire to take something as far as it can go, but there is also no need for that: the galactics have assured us that all will happen whether we stretch ourselves or relax.

      Thanks for your caring.



  2. August 28, 2010 11:52 pm

    I feel that I could easily fill many of these rolls. Please take some time in my site and see what Resonates. I have been the Soul/Sol Creator.

  3. maty permalink
    August 28, 2010 8:20 pm

    You can count on me. in spanish soy materia dispuesta. BLESSINGS.

  4. Gunnar permalink
    August 28, 2010 7:11 pm

    1. I appreciate your web sites for what they are.
    2. You sound somewhat exhausted.
    3. You seem to feel the need or wish to accomplish even more.

    I suggest you slightly reduce your work load and enjoy it more. Stuff will happen anyway. Might even have some fun while it happens instead of burning yourself out.

    Be well.

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