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I Know I Came Here to Communicate This – Part 2/2

August 27, 2010

(Continued from Part 1)

Jesus said the truth will make you free. Granted he was probably neither talking about seeing an earlier, similar incident nor about being free from tension in the body, but still what he laid out, I think, applies. Seeing the truth of an upset does set us free from muscular tension.

But my story does not end there.

I was set free to a degree, but not completely. Because I could see that tension remained, I persisted. What other earlier, similar record could there be that caused my upset in the present?

Having asked my mind for a further record, I then saw my Dad shouting at me. He’d gotten upset at something and was doing a thorough hatchet job on my personality. Same thing again, right? Responsible, well-spoken official rejects version of events accompanied by personal attack and character assassination. The original threat in my life – my own parent (half of us will have this story; half of us will substitute our Mother).

Now, seeing this deeper version of the story, the upset lifted and I was freed from the tension I had been gripped by until then.

Our normal, intuitive response to an upset is to see its source as being our present-day interaction. Our normal reaction is to attack the perceived attacker and the normal upshot is that we increase the tension in our bodies. We also create grooves in our mind that commit us to more attack next time the same thing seems to happen. These are what stand between us and a stable enlightenment. These, I think, are what will keep us back from an enjoyable and trouble-free Ascension.

So now how would I have handled the matter if I was as supple and fluid as I was two years ago, working out regularly in Enlightenment Intensives?

I would’ve noticed my reactivation. I would’ve spent some time experiencing it deeply. I would focus my attention on what was happening internally and forget about what was happening externally. I would have put a name to what I was feeling. Once I felt quite grounded in my experience of the unwanted condition or upset, I would’ve asked myself what earlier, similar incident did it remind me of?

I would have taken the first picture, word, or other clue I got and tried it on for size. Was it this incident? I would watch for tension release. If there was some in response to my question, I would conclude that I was warm. If there was total release, I would conclude that I was hot.

If tension remained, I would ask myself again what earlier, similar incident was at work here? Again I would take the first thought that came to my mind, be with it, try it on, let it work on me, and see if it resulted in a release of tension.

I would not attack the other. I would not think that the situation in the present was what was upsetting me. I would have fallen quiet and gone inside and taken a look at how I felt and what memory could be causing it.

Notice how counter-intuitive this process is because, if you don’t, chances are you’ll revert to the normal, intuitive response of seeing the present-day incident as the source of the upset. The real sources lies not in the present day, but in the past and, more than likely, in the deep past. Chances are too that trying to think about it will not help. Asking the mind for the record and accepting the first thing that comes up will help.

So now, let’s think of a few situations that might reactivate us.

The Galactic Federation and the other space councils land. The first thing someone says to us is do we wish for a ride in his spaceship? We flash on that guy who said they want to take you away to Mars and use you as a slave. We freeze up.

Or the galactics show up in force and blanket the sky, reminding us of Independence Day, scaring the heck out of all of us and we again freeze up.

Or SaLuSa comes on TV and tells us that all of us who have ever been members of an organized religion have been to a certain extent brain-washed and we immediately freeze up wanting to defend our religion.

Or Matthew comes on TV and says that the price of Ascension is giving up all our earthly possessions and we really want to keep our wedding ring.

I’m making these situations up and have no idea whether they are true situations or not. But I’m just trying to suggest how many times a day we stand to be reactivated after “lift-off.”

I’ll be reviewing this again and again from any angle I can because this is the way to handle all the upsets we’ll experience once the main event begins.

  • Stand in the face of it, without reacting.
  • Observe what is happening to you internally.
  • Ask yourself precisely when the upset started.
  • Try to put a name to it – dismay, horror, indignation?
  • Ask yourself what earlier, similar incident is in play here? Take the first thought you get.
  • Try it on for size.
  • Observe whether entertaining it as the cause of your upset brings release.
  • If it does, enjoy the release. If it does not, try again.
  • Keep going until all tension is gone.

Now what can go wrong here? A lot of things. Some people will try to “figure out” what the original incident was that is causing them pain. That will not work.

This process involves, not trying to figure things out, but asking the mind to give us some clue – a picture, sentence, intuition – of the original incident. The mind is so constructed that it will faithfully mirror back that incident.

What can go wrong?

(1) You aren’t quick enough to catch the flash. The mind mirrored it back in a flash, but, you weren’t watching for it and so you missed it.

(2) Or you say, “Nah, that can’t be it” and reject what the mind sends you. The flash disappears and you arrive at no insight into what it is that triggered you and say the process doesn’t work.

(3) Or you don’t actually take up what the mind sends you and try it on and so it’s lost. You saw the flash but did not take hold of it and test it out and so the opportunity to see if it fit was lost.

(4) Or you don’t ask the mind, but sit there thinking about it. You will not be able to find the original incident by thinking about it. The mind is not constructed that way. It’s like trying to see a ship by looking through the wrong end of a spyglass.

There’s lots that can go wrong. This process takes practice. But run correctly, it will cause the original and present upset to disappear. It may take going through the same episode a few times before it disappears, depending on how central an issue it is to you, but each time you go through it, it will subside some more.

As far as I’m concerned, learn this method of standing in the face of upsets and you’ll move from, not adding to your store of tension, but subtracting from it. Your mind, body and emotions will become, not more sclerotic, but more supple. Your stock of incompletions, instead of increasing, will decrease.

Yes, it will feel the same as if you just had an upset because you did. But this time instead of ramifying it and increasing your inner arthritis you experienced it through and increased your inner freedom.

I swear – even more than pushing the frontiers of knowledge – I’m sure that this is what I came to say. Saying it for me, every time I do, increases my own sense of release.

If I repeat this enough times and enough people get it, hey, I can go fishing. My job will be done. We all have some piece of work we came to do, and I’m absolutely certain that this is one important task that I accepted way before birth.

Hallelujah, I did it. I fulfilled one clause of my soul contract. Hot damn! Do I feel exuberant!

(One hour later: And how do I know I’ve gotten to the bottom of this one? Now I experience the return of  love. Proof of full release – until the next time.)

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  1. lou permalink
    August 29, 2010 10:49 am

    Hi, Steve, for ages I’ve been wondering exactly what could be meant by dissolving your old issues so ascension can occur more easily. I’m so happy you have finally explained, in detail, what one could do to rid oneself of old baggage in order to move into a more spiritual, whole person.

    Of course, old issues are bound to creep into one’s mind when confronted with a situation that feels familiar but unable to really figure out where the hurt came from. Thank you so much for helping me realize that confronting an issue and digging in deep, the issue can hopefully be vanquished and the old record destroyed! Yay!

    • August 29, 2010 11:13 am

      Thanks, Lou.

      Notice you said “figure out” where the hurt came from. You’ll find it impossible to figure out.

      This process involves asking the mind for some clue – a picture, sentence, intuition – of what the original incident was. The mind will faithfully mirror back that incident. But it will do so in a flash, and, unless you’re watching for it, you may not catch it.

      What can go wrong? (1) You aren’t quick enough to catch the flash. (2) You say, “Nah, that can’t be it” and reject what the mind sends you. (3) You don’t actually take up what the mind sends you and try it on and so it’s lost. (4) You don’t ask the mind, but sit there thinking about it. There’s lots that can go wrong. This process takes practice. But run correctly, it will cause the original and present upset to disappear. It may take going through the same episode a few times before it disappears, depending on how central an issue it is to you, but each time you go through it, it will subside some more.



  2. Kitty Aspen All permalink
    August 29, 2010 8:06 am

    Valuable information about ‘self awareness’ and the key action of persistence. That alone speaks of change in consciousness. I do have a question regarding Ascension. It’s my limited understanding that 1) Ascension is ‘God-Consciousness’ and 2) Although there are multi paths it is the ‘individual’ who must take the final step. So, if Ascension is indeed one with the Divine do you believe that humanity is going to take the big Ascension leap as a unit or is the word Ascension meaning to ‘rise in consciousness’ in order to live in love, peace and harmony. Blessings, kaa

    • August 29, 2010 11:30 am

      Hi, Kaa,

      All enlightenment could be said to be God-Consciousness. If we were to say “Self-Consciousness,” same thing since we are God in the final analysis. Enlightenment is not anything more or less than God-consciousness. To be sure, God has taken many forms: as energy, God becomes the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom, the Word, Aum/Amen, etc.; as individuated, God becomes the Child, Christ, Son of God, Atman, Fire the Son of the Lord (Zoroastrian), Self, etc.

      But knowledge of all these in the end is knowledge of God.

      There are multiple paths, all leading to the same goal. (You may wish to read “What Paths Lead to God?” at ). The individual must take each step: no one can do it for us.

      All enlightenment is a degree of oneness with God. But there are many levels of enlightenment or oneness. There is oneness with the Self (spiritual awakening), oneness with the Holy Spirit (savikalpa samadhi), oneness with God (Brahmajnana), and then permanent oneness with God (sahaja samadhi). Then there are all the levels that the ascended masters realize; then the levels that the Angels know; after that it goes on and on and on. Enlightenment is virtually endless and the levels are all closer knowledge of God.

      No, I don’t believe humanity will all ascend together. People will, I think, ascend at different times. As SaLuSa said recently, ascension is a process and people will be at different places in the process, I believe. Moreover, ascension will not somehow take place for everyone on Dec. 21, 2010. Many people will ascend before, in my opinion. But the celestials, spirits, and galactics have not said much yet about the timing of Ascension for everyone. Just a few sentences such as Jeshua saying:

      “My question to you now is, ‘What are you waiting for?’ Why are you waiting for 2012? Why not have it on the morrow? If you have it in your conscious plan to know peace and love and to project out that vision, why wait? …

      “You can wait if you want to. But why wait? Why not 2009, 2010, right now? What are you waiting for? (Jeshua, “What are You Waiting For?” Sept. 2009, through Judith Coates, at

      Ascension will probably be a gradual rise in consciousness until a critical mass is reached and then the major transition will occur. The galactics have said that if they try to do it all at once, we may be overwhelmed and drop in our tracks so they are raising us slowly until we reach a point where it will be safe to ascend.

      Does that answer your questions, kaa?



  3. Mich Delves permalink
    August 28, 2010 5:56 pm

    I just luv the truth it’s fantabulous xx

  4. Vendo permalink
    August 28, 2010 2:54 pm

    And miracles of old, very old stuff piercing through the mists of the ancient past to give us an intense work-out may become a common occurrence, as it recently has been for me.

  5. Anara Brinmere permalink
    August 28, 2010 2:38 pm

    Well, I feel exuberent too! Thank you for these 2 SUPER fine Personal Posts. Hot Damn!

  6. John Kronske permalink
    August 28, 2010 9:09 am

    Sounds like a good path to travel! See you aboard ship 🙂

  7. Tomas permalink
    August 28, 2010 8:58 am


  8. Doug Burns permalink
    August 27, 2010 10:59 pm

    That’s a thumbs up, Brother.

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