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I Know I Came Here to Communicate This – Part 1 of 2

August 27, 2010

OK, time to roll up our sleeves and do some work preparing for Ascension.Time to review for the umpteenth time, for you and for me, something I know I came here to communicate.

I know, I know, you heard it all before. But still I have to say it. It’s probably the most useful piece of knowledge pertaining to Ascension that you’ll hear from the likes of me.

We’ve heard our sources say that we are in the Time of Separation and we’ve discussed that we are separating in the final analysis from our own issues.

In my opinion, managing our issues, completing them, is the work we need to do to restore ourselves to a state of “innocence,” a state of completeness, in which we are maximally open to the higher vibrations. Thus, in my view, it is the single piece of work that is most important to preparing ourselves for Ascension.

When we look at this subject, the first thing we’ll see is that we cannot complete an issue that is not present for us. If it is not present, it is not real. We have to have or find an issue that is real and present.

It’s very useful that I recently had an issue come up for me because that issue is now available to be completed and I intend to use that issue to illustrate the various points I’ll be making here.

I’ll get to the issue in a minute but before I do, I need to discuss a few preliminaries.

The first preliminary is the ubiquity among growth and spiritual sources of discussion of this topic. I think that whoever you study in the various worskhops that most of us have done will stress that. I also assert that enlightened teachers who have not completed their issues will still be susceptible to them. Issues don’t disappear with enlightenment, short of sahaja or permanent samadhi. (And sahaja samadhi cannot occur until we are complete with our issues; it’s a Catch 22).

Back in the Sixties, I think it was, Wilhelm Reich was referring to “character armoring,” which is the residual tension built up in the muscles by what growth leaders called “swallowing issues.” We have an issue and don’t resolve it and “swallow” its effects; i.e., hold in our bodies patterns of tension that are the residue of the issue.

Eckhart Tolle talks about the “pain body” and for me it’s no different than Reich’s character armoring. Werner Erhard called the residue of past upsets and issues “records,” which played when reactivated and which resulted in residual muscular holding in the body.

Rebirthers talk about “incompletions” and their process for completing them is a variation on what I will be discussing below. They use connected breathing to connect with issues. I use a mental process, but the overall process is more similar than it is different.

Hindus and Buddhists call these records “vasanas.”   “Vasana” is a Vedantic term for a persistent reaction pattern triggered by a current upset which resembles a past upset.

Ridding oneself of vasanas must happen before attaining sahaja samadhi. The approach of Hindus adn Buddhists to that task is more or less what I will be outlining below too. Yes, they used meditation on the breath at the nostril, say, but again the thrust of the approach is more similar than different.

Another preliminary matter to establish: when tension increases, awareness decreases. In the ultimate circumstance of finding ourselves in a fire, say, someone could be shouting our name and we would not be aware of it. Actually I’ve had that circumstance happen to me once in a fire and I didn’t hear people shouting my name. Hearing it was like awakening. I had been in some senses asleep because of my fear.

So, at the very time when we need awareness, when we have become reactivated by an issue or upset by a record – however you want to refer to it – we find ourselves with the least awareness.

What do we normally do when reactivated by an issue? I agree with Werner that we tend to resist, resent and revenge ourselves on the perceived attacker. That results in more stored tension and less awareness. If we do nothing else than respond to our issues and upsets in this way, eventually we end up an old buzzard, stiff in our rocking chairs, mentally arthritic, bemoaning Sarah Palin and George Bush. Not a pretty picture.

That was our fate in normal times, but now we face Ascension. These are not normal times. We can expect to be reactivated, oh, perhaps several times a day once what SaLuSa called “lift off” (disclosure) occurs. So the matter assumes a greater urgency.

We’re going to hear things being said that will throw everything we’ve held dear, accepted as gospel, etc., into doubt. We’re going to be asked to do things that will stretch our willingness to the breaking point. Unless we have suppleness of being because we have either completed our issues or learned how to do it, we will … well, probably have a very rough go of it.

So having said that, let me now walk through my own upset. I was reading the comments and came upon one from a sane-sounding person in a responsible position with a reputable organization who appeared to me – appeared only – to be taking a hatchet to one of our respected terrestrial commentators. I went into an upset to see what I regarded as “character assassination” happening on MY site (it’s very important that it was being done in an arena that I identified with).

Something I identified with was threatened. Its survival was brought into question by this perceived outright attack. The site was. The commentator was. Etc.

It’s been two years now since I left Enlightenment Intensives after they balked at hearing me talk about UFOs and extraterrestrials, due to disclose on Oct. 14, 2008. I was excited and my excitement was the truth. Enlightenment Intensives are about communicating the truth. How could I stay and not talk about what was true for me? I couldn’t. I “had” to leave.

So I haven’t been working out as much as I did in the past.

When the upset happened to me, I did not instantly engage in the procedure as I have in the past. I met it in a manner that does not work: I treated the situation in the present as the source of the upset rather than a situation in the past.

I had an exchange of emails with the individual involved. We seemed to state our positions and justify ourselves. When we said what we wanted to say, we dropped the matter. But I was left with more tension rather than less. I had not completed the issue. In fact I had added to my storehouse of issues, increasing the likelihood of mental and emotional arthritis down the line.

A day passed and I was still pawing the ground. Gradually by the end of that day, I began to be suspect. Why had the issue not been completed? I began to suspect that I was facing a record.

Finally my learning kicked in and I began to relate to what had occurred as if it were a record.

In responding to the record using the upset clearing process, I forgot one step. I forgot to put a name to the emotion I was feeling, a step which clarifies the mind and may in itself bring release without needing to go further.

What I did do, though, was I asked myself what record it was. And immediately, because this is how the mind works, in answer to my question, a scene flashed past my mind. If I had not been vigilant, I would never have noticed it. I saw myself with my dissertation adviser at the University of Toronto. After having looked at and okayed each chapter of my dissertation, he rejected the dissertation as a whole.

Why? He said that there was no such field as cultural history, the field from which I had derived my dissertation. I was thunderstruck. Why was he telling me this now, after I had finished all the chapters, run them by him, and had each of them accepted? He didn’t care how I felt. He would not accept the material. I asked him what I was to do with it and I won’t tell you his answer.

But what is crucial to see is that I was relating to the present incident out of my incompleted upset over that long-gone incident. The present-day conversation with the official resembled in some key ways that earlier, similar incident.

What ways? Responsible, well-spoken official rejects version of events accompanied by personal attack and character assassination.

When I saw this earlier, similar incident, I received the unmistakeable feedback of a successful operation: the tension in my body lessened.

(Continued in Part 2)

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