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Former Pharmaceutical Rep Blows Whistle on Big Pharma

August 27, 2010

Former pharmaceutical industry representative Gwen Olson left the industry after fifteen years in 2000. In this video, she states that the aim of the industry is not to cure but to encourage dependence on their drugs, sometimes for a lifetime.

They are not in the business to cure cancer, heart disease, Altsheimers, etc., she says, because that would put them out of business.  They are in the business of  symptoms management and drug maintenance. The pharmaceutical industry does not want to cure people. They want people to remain lifelong customers.

Exercise is more efficacious for depression than most medicines, she alleges, but no one will say “get your butt off the couch” or “look to your nutrition.”  The pharmaceutical industry will not give up what Olson calls their “cash cows – us.” They contrive their clinical trials and cherry-pick the cases they cite.  The industry has run amok. They must be made accountable for their actions and their defective products.

This is not conspiracy theory, she says, but provable fact.

Thanks to Michelle.

You may need to double-click on the video and go to Youtube to watch it.

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