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Weekly Ben: Nakasone Caught Trying to Flee Japan in a North Korean Submarine, CIA Sources Say

August 23, 2010

In this week’s update, Ben Fulford suggests that the Russian and Pakistani catastrophes are HAARP-induced. I’ve heard nothing from the galactic or spirit teachers that confirms that, although it would seem to be a fair possibility.

Ben attributes to Pentagon white hats the operation of encircling China. That would seem unlikely to me.  The prediction that the Amero is being promoted rather than the rainbow currency of NESARA again seems unlikely.

Ben’s analysis is made without reference to the sources we follow, which the rest of the world would regard as proper but which I regard as a weakness. I look to our sources for the truth and so read Ben’s analysis with discernment.

Posted by Benjamin Fulford

August 23, 2010

In a sign the secret battle for control of Japan has gone badly for the dark cabal, former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone was recently caught trying to board a North Korean submarine with large amounts of high-value financial instruments, according to senior CIA sources. This operation was stopped by Pentagon white hats who are now carrying out a massive operation to get control of the entire Chinese periphery, including Japan and Vietnam. The White Dragon Society, for its part, is waiting for the chaos in the West to subside before making any moves.

Nakasone’s attempt to flee Japan came because patriotic elements in the Japanese military/right-wing/police/Yakuza complex now realize his policies betrayed Japan to two decades of economic stagnation. Nakasone and his trilateral clique are also being blamed for forcing Japan’s Health and Welfare Ministry to allow a cocktail of femizing and sterilizing chemicals to be mixed into Japan’s food and drug supply for “population control” reasons.

Nakasone was given 400 trillion yen by the dark cabal in the 1980’s to finance a major campaign to derail Japan’s efforts to threaten US hegemony and become a super-power in its own right, Japanese military intelligence sources say. Nakasone, who is a naturalized North Korean, and his gangsters lost a recent major night-time series of battles against patriotic forces.

As a part of this battle Nakasone’s house was surrounded by hostile forces one recent evening even as US military police were sent to protect Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa. Nakasone is in no danger at present but has been told he must go along with the new paradigm in Japan.

The Pentagon and CIA are also now engaged in a major battle to counteract what they consider to be “excessive” Chinese influence in Japan. Pentagon officials are now stationed within the national broadcaster NHK and other networks to ensure a steady flow of pro-US news, according to officials at NHK and other Japanese networks.

On the Japanese political front, power broker Ichiro Ozawa is on the war-path against Prime Minister Naoto Kan. Ozawa has now decided to avoid using proxies and will aim to personally become Prime Minister. The Japanese right-wing will not block the latest Ozawa moves because he has promised to stop “leaning excessively towards China.”

For his part, Kan, who fears assassination, has created some “insurance files” of information, notably concerning the murder of lawmaker Kouki Ishi, in case anything happens to him. Despite this, Kan is not expected to remain in office past September.

The US campaign in Japan is part of an effort to extent its influence to all countries bordering on China. Vietnam is the latest country to agree to allow a US military presence as insurance against becoming a Chinese colony.

The massive, ongoing war-games involving South Korea and targeting China and North Korea are another part of this major US push.

Russia and Pakistan, for their part, have refused to go along with this latest effort and as a result have been targeted with HAARP electro-magnetic weapon complex.

Despite its fearsome appearance, the massive US saber-rattling is mainly a negotiating tactic aimed at ensuring the best possible deal in the upcoming US bankruptcy proceedings. The US will be forced to default on its international obligations by the time of its September 31st fiscal year end.

Even the cool-aid drinking, brainwashed “journalists” and “economists” who believe the corporate media’s false reality must be suffering from cognitive dissonance at this point. The US government’s fiscal deficit is so huge now that even if all countries that have a trade surplus with the US invest their entire surplus in US government bonds, there will still be an annual shortfall of about $1 trillion. This is being made up by Federal Reserve Board printing presses but that is only a stop-gap measure. Any rational analysis even of the cooked data provided by the US corporate government will reveal the situation to be unsustainable.

That is why a series of meetings is scheduled this week and next to try to sort out US financial obligations prior to the attempt to launch the gold-backed Amero. The issue of exactly who is going to control the Amero, however, remains to be resolved and sorting out this issue is expected to lead to extreme turbulence within the US secret establishment.

China, for its part, realizes that time is on its side and continues to avoid fancy Western “financial products” in favor of real commodities, real estate and other reality based investments. They know that all they have to do is not allow themselves to be trapped into World War 3 and wait for the US implosion to take its course. A senior Asian source says they expect the situation in the West to deteriorate significantly over the next 12-24 months.

Meanwhile, a decision has been made to force the major global media companies to report the truth or else be charged with racketeering, according to sources in the CIA, the NSA, the Japanese security police and the White Dragon Society. The new phase in the battle to liberate humanity is now focusing on grabbing control of the global “story,” away from the war-mongering, lying cabal. Truth will prevail.

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  1. Elaine permalink
    September 12, 2010 8:49 pm

    Hi Steve Benjamin Fulford walks a very tight rope to get the info out that he has without giving to much out to upset the continued dismantling of the Illuminati. He is the first one in the front lines that I have heard so far to mention NESARA in one of his last messages at the bottom concerning the Amero. As he stated that NESARA would wipe out the Amero as soon as it is announced. He puts his life on the line and this is one of the first times that he has mentioned NESARA. He has hinted at it many times but not right out.

  2. Anne Harris permalink
    August 23, 2010 12:58 pm

    This is the second time Mr. Fulford has referred to the end of the U.S fiscal year as September 31. Doesn’t he know the end of that month is September 30? It makes me wonder about the accuracy and veracity of his reports.

  3. Shelley permalink
    August 23, 2010 11:33 am

    Holy Cow! Can you imagine the major global media companies reporting the truth? I will literally fall out of my chair when and if this happens, with a smile on my face, of course.

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