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The Nine: Creations in the Making – Wayshower Collective

August 22, 2010

At last I’ve found where some of Magenta Pixie’s transcripts are and I’m just starting to post some of them. I had not posted them before because, as far as I knew, they were only in video format.

I’ve always enjoyed her work and am delighted to find that many of her messages are available.

Magenta Pixie

Creations in the making – Wayshower Collective

Do you have any advice or information for the Wayshowers on Earth? I am a working Wayshower and whilst I experience the bliss charged love the Nine talk about I still feel I am inundated with challenges and sometimes I wonder if I should be a working Wayshower leading others through this planetary shift and Ascension.

We, the white winged collective consciousness of Nine would not use the word “advice” when describing our communications to you, as we wish to remain always within the boundaries of your own free will. We are here to guide, help and deliver information from the higher perspective so that you may make decisions for yourselves. We can say that those who are conscious working Wayshowers and those who may not be aware that they too are showing the way to others are indeed experiencing challenges at this time.

We can see that there are so many Wayshowers currently who are walking within high vibratory connections with all that is us that they are not perceiving these challenges in any negative sense but are embracing them as the learning tools and windows of opportunity that they are. These connected ones are moving within flow, existing within the Zero Point energy field most of the time and these individuals are not in need of advice or even of information as they have information downloaded to them regularly. Conformation is all they need to seek and this is also forthcoming as they work with the attraction laws as the magnetic frequency of emotion and manifestation play in positive geometric formation around their sphere.

For those who are stumbling, questioning and are unsure we would say again to walk in trust for the Zero Point energy is freely available for all. The tools to bring you into alignment with this frequency are many and we have spoken before on the necessity of eating that which is in harmony with the natural balance of the Earth and connecting the mind and body through movements and excersise that encourages positive flow throughout all the geometric centres, the chakras, and the meridian points of your body. When the body and mind are in flow, in tune with the Earth, then the laws of attraction and magnetic manifestation are also flowing in harmony with all that is you.

Therefore watch as magic unfolds within your life when you eat the foods we speak of and harmonise with the energies through the bodily movements and excersises we speak of. There are many, many teachers of this knowledge on your planet who freely give their knowledge to others knowing that as each individual consciousness is raised so too is the availability of the planetary grid of light to all that walk on your planet and beyond.

The Wayshowers shall be called to walk with open hearts and to collectively come together for support from other Wayshowers, indeed it is your soul family you are connecting with as you gravitate towards the like minded. There are those Wayshowers who walk a solitary path and their ability to lead through this Ascension process is no less than those who become part of the collective. Both paths can be fully embraced within a service-to-others vibration. Both individuals can polarise within the positive vibration and work as a collective or individually, for the collective always exists beyond the individual and beyond the group.

From that perspective the collective is always embraced and communicated with. It is this higher collective working that shall lead you through these challenges, that indeed are many. The bliss-charged-love is a frequency trigger to move you into this collective understanding and we repeat again that this can be done from a solitary standpoint. There are many Wayshowers working very effectively from this individual, solitary stance and their vibrational input is strong, healing and well received by the whole.

The wondering if you should or should not be a teacher of light at this time is also a challenge to be welcomed. Trust your heart, your destiny, your blueprint that you surely see and feel and accept your doubts as part of the process. Your doubts, when only fleeting, lead to humility, for how does the Wayshower truly show the way when he says

“Look at me, I am a teacher of light, I am a Wayshower, follow me, I know the truth, I lead the way?”

There was a time when your Earth needed this surety and knowing yet this energy no longer works in your current Indigo frequency timeline. It is humility, it is the unsure, the one who fumbles in the dark that truly leads the way for he who admits they are unsure shall allow the other human hearts to identify with that which they see within their own make up. All journeys are creations in the making and none are without what you would perceive as a mistake.

So therefore, when you find yourself with these doubts look at yourself in the truest light. Is your desire to help others? To bring light, love, peace and harmony to your planet? Is your desire to know truth, to break free from control and do all you can to aid others to break free from control? Is your desire to create a world that you can behold with love and be proud of that you can give to your descendants?

If your desires stem from these visions then you are truly a Wayshower and the doubts are but ripples in the larger pond of clearer waters. We say again, all journeys are creations in the making and none so much as the Ascension experience which your planet Earth is now moving through, becoming, birthing and creating with you, the individual, the collective, the solitary Indigo, the large group of Wayshowers, the crystal children, the artists, the musicians, the scientists, the animals and all who exist in your dimensional timeline – in the driving seat.


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  1. Jane permalink
    August 23, 2010 9:16 pm

    Please help put me on tract with the correct foods and movements so that I may experience the zero point energy you speak about, thank you

  2. Jane permalink
    August 23, 2010 7:57 am

    Thank you I am very pleased to have this information told in this way. It makes so much sense.

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