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Anarchistbanjo: Earth Changes Moving Into Second Phase

August 21, 2010

I hadn’t heard of Anarchistbanjo before reading this current article. While I cannot say whether his points are correct, they certainly are interesting and stimulating to read. As always read with discretion.

Earth Changes Moving Into Second Phase

August 21, 2010 by anarchistbanjo

Lots of things have been happening in the astral this month and many of them have been good! Mid August started out with a new second wave of light workers being activated and taking their place in the ascension process. For those of us that have struggled for years working to anchor the energies of the new age into the earth this new wave of people has been a profound relief.

I remember quilts being made at my grandmother’s house when I was small. There was a large wooden frame that stretched out the quilt material and held it tight while the women were working on it. When everything was ready and in place they started tying knots into each quilted square to finish it off. These knotted pieces of yarn held everything together and the entire quilt could then be taken off the wooden frame.

I could feel this second wave of light workers anchoring into the fabric of the universe just like tying off a quilt. I was out there at the edges with the others trying to keep things stretched tight and straight. Suddenly, as these new workers took their places I felt the edges begin to relax. I was being relieved. What a wonderful feeling and even more wonderful to realize that the center of activity had shifted. There was no more activity at the outer edges, no more struggle for existence. Everything was now happening at the inner levels. This meant that the new energy system was not only on line and working but that new workers were now actively tapping into it and using the energy in new ways.

In the days that followed subsystems began starting up and even more people began anchoring in. Another metaphor was like a house being built and the electric wiring was now in place in every room and the circuits were turned on. People could go into each room and plug in the appliances they needed to complete each individual room.

My gift is to see the broad details, the big picture. I can’t see all the fine details. That must be left to others but I can tell you that the battle for the new earth, the place where all the astral activity is has now changed and is no longer at the outer edges. The earth’s peaceful future and ascension has been secured and only the fine details are left to be created.

As more people and subsystems tie into the new energy system more momentum will be built and the vibrations will increase even more rapidly. This shift into a new and lower level of activity will draw even more people into it as they in turn become aware of something new happening. This exciting new progress will begin to feed on itself.

The Hydrogen level has done its job and is no longer needed. I am feeling a certain sense of “What do I do now?” as well. These updates will continue weekly for as long as there is useful information to share but my intention is to share more with my Hydrogen co-workers than anyone else as we try to pick up the pieces of our new lives. For those that don’t know, the Hydrogen level bridges the gap between “spiritual light” and the first physical element of Hydrogen. It includes rotational magnetic field energy as well.

Hydrogen workers are more commonly known as the “Order of Melchizedik” or the “bringers of light”. They are also known as occultists and magick workers that work with both light and dark energies. They are very independent and often prefer anarchy to any organized structure or system. Their law is “Inner Authority over External Authority” and follow the guidance of their own individual consciences above all else. They work with the “cones of power” created by magnetic vortex energy to attract what is desired and to repel what is not wanted.

The torch has now been passed to the Helium light workers. Their traditional role has dealt with religious experience, morals and dogma. Their task is to explain these new changes to a frightened populace that is increasingly stressed and unable to cope with the inevitable activation of each person’s shadow. Expect the world to become increasingly polarized over spiritual and religious matters. Devout Christians in particular will have a lot of difficulty understanding why there will be no second coming or Armageddon. They will not understand the shift from thinking of duality as the eternal conflict between good vs evil to the eternal love between male vs female.

The tool of the Helium worker is “Christ Consciousness” or “self-evident truth”. It is that archetypal awareness that exists beyond the realms of mental thought and mental activity. It is also related to the path of the heart. The Helium light worker is traditionally a teacher or master. Expect many teachers and masters to now come forward.

You can also expect to see more immediate backlash experienced by those that choose hate and fear over love and support. This is a time of “Instant Karma” and it will become “Self-Evident” where the problem areas are.

Bright blessings,

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  1. matarikidimension permalink
    August 22, 2010 5:41 am

    What an interesting post. I particularly enjoyed the imagery of quilt making.


    Thank you

  2. Robin. permalink
    August 22, 2010 3:56 am

    This is very interesting Joe.. thank you.. particularly in the light of a piece I read fairly recently SOMEWHERE in the Giant ‘Book’ that is our Internet, of how our SUN is also going through IT’S changes now, from that of being a self contained Hydrogen Fusion reactor to that of being a Helium Fusion Reactor. We follow suit?

    Were you consciously aware of this potential?

    EVOLUTION! Spelt backwards reads ‘kNOow IT, U LOVE’!

    In Light.


  3. Anara Brinmere permalink
    August 21, 2010 4:04 pm

    Thank you JOE!

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