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Lauren Gorgo: Losing Hope: The Final Attachment – Part 1/2

August 17, 2010

Notice how these messages move along with the phase of things that is currently happening. We’re now having our attention more and more directed to the work we need to do to ascend.

Lauren and the Arcturians address the question here of how to “walk through this VERY narrow doorway, fully present and completely void of an agenda.” Fully present – here in this moment, not in our heads, able to access our deeper selves. Completely void of an agenda – not ruled by our issues, leftover resentments, unfinished business.

A year ago we used to discuss this on Share11 as walking through the eye of the needle. Back then it was theoretical but now we see the discussions becoming actual. We’re nearing that time when completing our unfinished business and being present will be important.

SaLuSa is talking about it, Matthew, Hilarion, many of the other teachers. This should illustrate to us how these guides will communicate what needs to be done at each step of the journey. Eventually they’ll walk among us and be able to assist us individually.

Losing Hope: the final attachment

Monday Aug. 16, 2010

Remember in the last update when I said….“if we can walk through this VERY narrow doorway, fully present and completely void of an agenda, we will experience a major shift on many levels”?

Well, not that I need to tell you, but we are still trying to squeeze our full-bodied selves through that very small opening.  And our success rate…or the ease by which it happens… has everything to do with the “completely void of an agenda” part.

Truth is, most of us want through that doorway so badly that we are trying  e v e r y t h i n g  we can think of to bust down that door and get the hell out of Dodge.

We’re being forced through sheer frustration to find our way out of this paradoxical box we’ve locked ourselves into…forced into surrendering to a new way of seeing and doing things, to accessing and using a whole new set of tools in an entirely new realm of human experience.

Trying and Prying

The last few weeks…but days especially…feelings of hopelessness and desperation abound.  We have been frantically trying to access this portal to our new lives, scraping our nails against the grain, in search of even the tiniest clutch hold that will offer us the ability to pry that door ajar.

Each time we find a groove deep enough to leverage the door’s heavy mass, we loose our grip, the door slams shut and we fall back into our old ways, into those old energies that we are fighting to be free of.

Our physical bodies still screaming…”UNCLLLLLLE!”…bucking in complete defiance of integrating another ounce of light or pushing our way through one more day without resolve.

But even through all this resistance we are facing, we are being told that there is, in fact, a door here…and that there IS a way through it…and at the risk of reusing some played-out platitudes…we just can’t force it open with our hands, we can only will it open with our hearts.

Moving forward through this “active death zone” requires that we release all mental and emotional resistance to it….that we settle fully and completely into the present discomfort so that we can feel our way to the other side.  It’s almost as if this doorway exists only for those who don’t want it…but more appropriately, this doorway exists only for those who don’t “need” it.

Which brings us back to the age-old anomaly….how do we NOT want something that we so desperately want?

And the answer is always the same…we have to release attachment to our desires…to let go by surrendering into complete acceptance of what-is. It’s not as if we will lose our heart-felt desires on the other side, its that they must be unplugged, upgraded, rewired, fine-tuned and completely free of human attachment.

Digging Deep

The Arcturians are telling me that…“there was a time when each of you were guided to the space of no space when you would more effortlessly release yourself from bondage.  But now, in the final hours and through feeling the building desperation of wanting so badly to move forward, you are unable to find and settle into that same sense of relief.”

Gee, you think???  Now granted, I am just as guilty of this as the average idiot who agreed to this half-baked journey…wait, did we agree to this?…but somehow, by some obnoxious force greater than our own, we still. can’t. give. up.   We HAVE to remember…now more than ever…that beneath the death-like fatigue and disconnection, we still have the power within us to push through these gateways… only its so easy to lose sight of this in the mounting frustration of our relentless stuck-in-the-mudness.

And if that weren’t a tall enough order, we must also realize that this frustration also has its divine purpose…it is the building momentum of sheer desire for something better that is accumulating like the pressure of a combustion engine applying irrational force to our refurbished pistons so we can be catapulted forward into our new lives.

So even though we are far beyond exhausted and weary…we are still being urged to remember that there is always a way to peace…but to access this space requires a shift in perspective… a release…a surrendering…and a letting go of unparalleled proportion.

Losing Hope

I recently mentioned that this letting go process was very similar to physical death in that we must first release all emotional attachments to get to the other side where love will abound in greater measure.

It’s our nature to hold on…but just as with all endings, the desire to hold on eventually begins to wane and we are left facing the uncertainty of “what’s next?”

Right now we are at the stage of releasing the deepest layers of human attachment, and that includes the desire to hold on any longer as well as our long-time companion…HOPE.  From a higher perspective, hope is really just resistance in disguise. It’s a candy-coated expression of doubt, discomfort with uncertainty, dissatisfaction with what-is, and an inability to surrender into full presence.

Because we are stepping so fully into our authentic selves, we are losing our strength and ability to hold onto to anything…and hope is the last to go.   Contrary to Forrest Whittaker’s vision in 1998…hope-doesn’t-float here.  In fact, it will sink us if we try to hold on.

So don’t be alarmed or confused if you can’t muster up the energy to be-lie-ve in the outcome of this journey anymore…your not supposed to.   We literally can’t take hope with us because it’s too dense.

Essentially, hope is a derivative of lack…of not-having, but wanting…of incompleteness…and it simply cannot be upheld in the higher frequencies of wholeness.  Where we are going, hope is transformed into knowing and peace comes with presence when we are in full acceptance of what is, without wanting anything to be different.  This is the ultimate state of surrender, and the one that is required to pass go.

Instead of hoping or wanting things to be different at this point, we need to take the opposite approach…we need to whole-heart-edly surrender ourselves so fully into the discomfort of uncertainty that we emerge on the other side with visceral knowing…assured of our mastery, and the ability to uphold it.

All illusions/delusions, hopes, dreams, expectations, etc….anything that we have fabricated in our minds or used as fuel…or carrots!…to keep us going, or propel us this far, must now be cut loose in order to fit through that doorway.  And just to be clear here…that doorway is built on the threshold of both endings AND beginnings…when we come full circle, the end of the old is just the beginning of the new…which is why they happen simultaneously.

When in doubt, remember that it’s the faithful, not the hopeful, who will rise with the new sun.

And keep in mind that it is not as if we cannot have, manifest or achieve our heartfelt desires that are burned within our galactic-genetic blueprints, its that each doorway is getting smaller and smaller, and to make it through each one we have to leave behind more and more…to let go of what we perceive we need in order to be authentic and true...where we truly experience with every fiber of our being that we already have it all.

We are officially breaking through the most putrefied layers of sediment that exist at the deepest layers of our being.   We are becoming completely empty (netural) vessels so that the light of our divinity can fill in every nook and cranny of our deeply excavated personas.

This deep letting go is bewildering to experience, and it takes us through the most obscene challenges in facing our mis-creations and limitations. You may be thinking to yourself…what could we possibly have left to let go of…and just in that moment, we are faced with the realization that we are still holding on to the frustration of letting go!  Yes, mastery is a mockery.

(To be continued in part 2)

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  1. Vendo permalink
    August 17, 2010 10:32 am

    Surrender, allowance, it’s the big one. And I suspect it’s the fast-lane, incorporating or by-passing incremental stages. I don’t think it’s suppose to be complicated. I think it’s suppose to be simple. But it seems complicated for us, here and now, in this reality.

  2. June H permalink
    August 17, 2010 9:53 am

    lauren’s channels help me lighten
    up way more than others telling
    me to lighten up. She has a great
    way of lamenting that unearths,
    lifts, and brings to light and in jest.

  3. August 17, 2010 7:22 am

    Now I understand what we are achieving at these moments in our present. Yesterday night while reading Salusa’s post and Lauren Gorgo’s I smiled because they know what they are talking about. They are well connected to the unseen, and they are sharing these truths with us.
    Apparently yes we are synchronized in mind heart and soul at these moments. Yesterday morning I was inspired by this:
    2 Corinthian 4:18 “Because we do not look into what can be seen, but in that which can not be seen, due to those things which are seen figuratively transient, but those that can not be seen are eternal.”
    So I wrote this:
    There is no doubt that we are being inspired by those things that are bringing us to find peace, and when synchronistic things happened around you, you start to think about those things that we should change to bring that peace into our world and family (including all of our brothers and sisters of this planet). I was inspired by something that was written, also inspired by 2 Corinthian 4:18; but after I wrote it, I wanted to know exactly what was the meaning of 2 Corinthian 4:18 and look for it in the bible and many translations were perceived by it, which gave me a sense that this verse it is very confusing to translate, but the message can be understood very well in our hearts. I guess it is true, that what can not be seen by our eyes is the real truth of what should be seen.
    You are welcome to write your opinion or you own message.

    God can see far beyond than what our eyes can see…
    True success does not depend in those things that can be seen, but in those things that God has said; things that can not be seen.
    Many synchronistic things are happening to us at this moment. These last years of our lives have been like a torture movie, where the only thing we can see is how people are abuse and beaten until they give up or die in the hands of their abuser; inhibiting that person to his choice of life and or to grow to have a chance to know the truth of who he really is.
    These past days for many have been of too many non understandable situations like; health discomforts, sadness, anger, disputes between family or friends, remembrances of the past, anguish, desperation, rejection to that which is no longer accepted, like wars or crime, and for many or the majority that lack of abundance and many other things that if we are not balance and accept that everything that is wrong in our lives today is just, let us say; the last alleys full with more experiences to finally cross to get to the other side; then this will help a lot into getting there.

    As we pass through these alleys to another trail of experiences, we start to ask questions “what or why is it that I am going through so many uncomfortable things if the only thing I want in my life is peace and love to share with my family or the rest of the world, because I know when I feel like this, everything else comes easy, my needs are met and everything is fine, but why me, why so much unhappiness?” But is it my choice to experience all of this? Is this natural and part of my learning process? Who said that? Why do I have to suffer to get to the other side?

    Don’t worry, you will get there! Even without you noticing it; you will understand that not only the Earth shakes her head.
    But this feeling is not exclusive of one person or two; these feelings are being experienced by all of us, who now seem to be confronting those realities that we rejected to see; those realities that were hidden in a false scenario, which now we know are the real ones, because those that can not be seen are eternal and not transient. Those truths rejected by us, have always been there, but life took a turn and made you feel comfortable doing exactly what others wanted you to do; those controlling your life without you knowing; almost rob your right to know the truth of who you are, because they set that stage so beautifully for you, that you did not or could not see what was right there behind that curtain.

    Humanity is not that humanity of the past. Humanity has gained control of an awareness given by humanity itself. Humanity has helped itself to awaken in these moments of chaos. Humanity is not giving up hope to change its future. Humanity wants to have success in bringing those things that were hidden from humanity which now we know are the real deal, because now we “can see and feel” that these things are the truth and are eternal, avd have always been in our hearts waiting for us to accept them.
    Those energies flowing around us, have been affecting our emotions in many ways. Anger one moment and happiness following that anger; making you feel like you are bipolar or something like that, but this is not the case, to feel like you are becoming insane; this is just the transition moment of humanity to find itself, and you have degusted the taste of that which makes you feel free from those tensed emotions and controls in your life. Those happy moments in between, are showing you and us, what “love really is” when it hits you in the center of your heart with a smile. Those are the moments we all cherish and want to keep “sipping forever” into our hearts. ”

    Remember, not only the Earth shakes her head.

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