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Review of Lauren Gorgo’s Message from Sanat Kumara

August 16, 2010

Having shared Guy Ballard’s discussion of the Seven Kumaras, I’d like now to repost parts of Lauren Gorgo’s transmission allegedly from Sanat Kumara. Certainly the lofty language used in the message suggests that it’s authentically from that source and we don’t have many other transmissions that I’m aware of of similar origin.

But the reason I share a portion of it again is because it stresses the month of August 2010 as the beginning of a period in which we’ll notice many profound changes in ourselves.

I shared earlier today that I have the sensation of drawing myself back together again and coming across Gorgo’s message a second time refreshed my mind on what Sanat Kumara had revealed about this time, which seemed to explain quite a bit.

So here are the portions of Lauren’s message that deal with the “holy month” of August and specifically with the middle of the month of August, which is upon us. Sanat Kumara advises us to prepare accordingly.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

8:8 Stargate: healing the great divide

Today we would like to talk a bit about the transition that you are presently undergoing, the transition from separation to unity, from the imbalance of masculine dominance to the balance of male/female polar integration.

This month is a holy month indeed…a month of fiery alchemical transmutation, of merging into oneness, of past life completions, of karmic endings… but most importantly, an overlapping cycle of glorified new beginnings.

It is a month that will see great human struggle surfacing, but one that will also support great human accomplishment for those prepared with a purified heart & vessel to walk the higher path of love and to confidently usher in the new era.

Yes, there will be those experiencing great difficulty this month and in the months that follow, and there will also be those who appear to have “missed the call”.  From a higher perspective, there is no first or last, only perfect timing and order.

Realize that some are simply encouraging the new teachers and earth guides to settle into their rightful position before moving forward in their personal and biological evolution.

Do not be alarmed or mistaken if loved ones suddenly begin to reflect and/or portray these discordant energies.  This is in fact a great act of love, the precipitating force that may be required to move forward into resonance creation.

We assure you that those seemingly stuck will gather great momentum once the divine plan clicks perfectly into place. In the interim, we urge all of you to move forward when the moment calls to you, regardless of outward appearances.

A critical choice point is upon you.  Know that all is perfectly well. …

The 8:8 stargate portal on August 8th will release a magnificent wave of light sent forth to heal, to uplift the downtrodden, and to rewrite the programs of misaligned human thought.

This wave of solar energy emitted by the great central sun is composed of electromagnetic particles programmed with the intention of unity and with the potential to turn the outside world upside down, while simultaneously turning your in-soular world right side up.

You are in the midst of a very physical transition where your internal reality will more fully meet your external reality through the fusing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  As these masculine and feminine forces unite through the pituitary and pineal glands, a cosmic opening will appear in your personal universe leading you directly to your expanded self and life.

Be aware that passing through this powerful gateway may cause some temporary mental disorientation, dizziness, headaches, sinus discomfort, changes in vision, hearing, or sense of smell as well as some unusual sleep patterns and vivid dreaming. This merging can also create temporary feelings of being placed outside of your physical vessel or feelings of distance between yourself and your body.  These symptoms and sensations will subside shortly.

This month many of you will be gathering new tools and resources, opening to new opportunities and reuniting with many soul-family members through the delicately woven web of inter-connectivity.

And though this tide of connectivity will continue to ebb and flow, bringing you greater connection with each incoming wave, this month you will begin to clearly see glimpses of your divine self reflected back to you by others.

For those who have been keeping the peace, holding the pillars and structures of light in place for the procurement of this powerful grid of love, you are emerging in oneness with all resonant, like-minded and like-hearted souls.  As your bodies and lives continue to mutate and resemble the outward appearance of your internal rewiring, you will also notice that you are no longer governed by causal law.

This change in your participation with energy will be the precipitating force behind the creation of a new world. There will be more of this to discuss in the coming days…

For the divine alchemists who have been aligning with Source-creation, each of you will have a hand in the making of new earth systems and structures.  You will be the builders and architects of your envisioned world, as well as the masterminds who conceptualized it.

For those still carrying the burden of this unbridled potential, to you we say…time to make your mold.  More pieces of your divine blueprint will come into plain view beginning mid-month and into the next…it behooves you to prepare accordingly.

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  1. john kronske permalink
    August 16, 2010 9:10 am

    Thanks Steve I needed that! 😉

  2. Theo Phalieros permalink
    August 16, 2010 9:08 am

    Fantastic! a near perfect explanation of what happens to me this month.

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