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Robin: ‘Triality’ in a Collapsing Duality Field

August 15, 2010

In his second article, one of our community here, Robin, suggests that illusion is a function of our vantage point and that when we view duality from the “Triality Vantage Point” of the Higher Self, it becomes possible to see it as illusory.

‘Triality’ in a Collapsing Duality Field:

‘A View of Ourselves from a Slightly Different Location!’

By Robin.

Do we sometimes wonder, as we ‘grow up’ here on this small world of ours, just what is meant by ‘Duality’? Do we also wonder what is meant by the statement ‘Everything is an Illusion’?

Perhaps it is helpful first to envisage the ‘Ocean’ of Time and Space, within which ‘float’ our daily lives, as a softly ‘layered’ and flexible construct? Perhaps it is the subtle differentiation between these layers that can help define ’Illusion’, ‘Duality’ and ‘Triality’ for us?

Let us begin answering these questions with the assumption that our physical bodies are actually only a (very small) part of who we REALLY are and that the Arms, Legs, Torsos and Brains that we experience and have learned to use since our birth, are simply manifested ‘tools’ designed to help us operate successfully within a dense 3D environment and which are closely linked, through more subtle means, to the multidimensional aspects or ‘layered potentials’ of our lighter, Highest Universal Selves.

When you hit your physical thumb with a 3D hammer, it bloody well hurts! This does NOT feel ‘illusionary’! When a Loved one leaves you, this may also ‘hurt’ and this also does not feel like an ‘illusion’! Duality therefore, may be limited to the realm of opposites. Simply expressed, this allows us to perceive the difference between ‘Pain’ and ‘Comfort’, between Light and Dark, between Masculine and Feminine, between Right and Wrong, between Action and Re-Action and ultimately between Evolution (which interestingly, when written backwards, says: “kNOw IT; U LOVE”!) and Stasis!

This ‘Duality World’ is one we have chosen, at a Soul level, to explore very thoroughly! So thoroughly in fact and for so long, that we have largely forgotten the ‘layer’ from which we originally came and likewise therefore, the ‘layer’ to which we would aspire, complete with our individually-acquired experiences, to return!

Consider then, that despite our collective amnesia, it is also possible that the entire ‘Ocean’ may itself be capable of altering, or raising It’s ‘vibratory rate’ to a level where we may more easily ‘surf’ these new currents and thus consciously facilitate our own return/ascension to the ever higher ‘layers’ above us.

As we begin to perceive this, it becomes easier to visualize a point placed in a ‘layer’ above that in turn can become the ‘sky-hook’ for a new ‘Triality’ perspective. This point is one step nearer to the ‘real’ us. When Duality is thus viewed, from the ‘Triality Vantage Point’ of the Higher Self (visualize Observing, in an emotionally unattached way, the world of Duality from a third ‘triangulation’ point and looking ‘down’ upon it) then it DOES become possible to see it as being illusionary.

From here we see that Unity CAN develop out of our conscious balancing of these internal opposites. We begin to sense the growing balance between the Masculine and Feminine and the Light and Dark, within ourselves; We can then move to consciously embody a new Lighter, Holistic, Higher Plane Human being, or ‘Homo Luminous’ as the Maya interestingly refer to it.

Further, if we allow ourselves to ‘real-eyes’ that the ‘real’ us IS seated at a higher Soul-level, then the little game that we have chosen to play-out here, as ‘kids’ running around in ‘meat-suits’ and ‘bouncing off’ the dualities of this 3D world, WILL be seen as Illusionary. But.. the Illusion is also that: ‘Not all we see is all there is’!!

Gregg Braden draws an interesting parallel to this when he points out that IF we do only ‘use’ 10% of our brains and that IF the ‘Big Bang’ theorists are correct in their calculations that 90% of the theoretical matter thus generated actually appears to be ‘missing’; when we DO learn to use the NEXT 10% of our brains, THEN and only then, he suggests, will the NEXT 10% of the Universe become fully apparent to us!!

To continue with the ‘Ocean’ analogy; if we therefore assume, from our position in the ‘bottom 10%’ of the Ocean, that this IS ‘all there is’, then that is all we WILL experience! If however we start to peer consciously up through the murk towards the lighted upper layers, then we potentially trigger within us the realization that there is much more. Having done this, we may now also see much more clearly of the ‘Illusion’ in which we have for so long been trapped!

We may surmise that one basic ‘reason’ for such long entrapment is this: We were created by The Creator to BE ‘Co-Creators’. The Creator understandably wanted ‘the best of the best’ for this somewhat responsible position! Earth is a Freewill Zone and also a ‘Seed Planet’. Thus the immense diversity of genetic forms here are destined to be a source of basic raw materials for us (as Co-Creators) to draw upon when finally it becomes ‘our choice’ to create New Worlds and to seed the new Life-Systems thereon!

(NOTE: We would probably be wise to rapidly complete our ‘training’ by first learning to treat this World responsibly!)

The beauty of this potential is that when we do eventually reach our position as the trusted Co-Creators of other Worlds, we will be making absolutely sure that nothing and no one we create, EVER has to experience anything approaching the same Aeons of laborious and painful learning which we ourselves are completing; the Created can be thus gifted by the Creators!

The inverse potential also exists, whereby these gifted ‘children’ may in turn teach their ‘parents’ of ever more advanced ways. (The ‘Indigo’ & ‘Crystal’ children seem to be fulfilling this function on Earth at present!).

See this then, as our way of initiating a chain of Universal ‘Evolutionary Quantum Leaps’. We are here to learn what is NOT conducive to a speedy and positive Evolution! I think we have succeeded! Does this make it seem more ‘worthwhile’ to have fully experienced and to be finally overcoming the ‘pains’ of Duality? Does a striving to next attain our ‘Triality Perspective’ now seem like a very simple but also immensely worthwhile effort to make?

I would answer ‘Yes’, but this IS also a Freewill Zone. No one is going to do this FOR us! In order to learn fully from this process, we must do it ourselves. It is likely that in the few remaining years leading up to 2012, we will also have to experience an exponential ‘collapse’ of the dualistic, linear fabric of ‘Time’ within this sector of ‘Space’. Time is not perhaps, something that passes us by, but instead something that we must move through!

As the construct of Time collapses around us, there will essentially be ‘less of it’ FOR us to move through! Things will appear therefore, to happen ‘faster and yet faster’ until there is only a single Zero-point ‘NOW’ remaining, in which we may comfortably exist. (Hint: Slow up!! Don’t try to keep pace with an exponential collapse! Learn to be in the Now!).

Perhaps, as the limiting constraints of ‘Time’ recede, the newly opening portals to ever higher ‘Spaces’ and layers within the ‘Ocean’ will thus become more readily accessible to us. As we are slowly learning, we can and indeed do, create our own realities; every thought and action that we generate then ‘gels-to-form’, at its own most appropriate level, within our Reality-matrix!

It seems that the Omniverse is pre-programmed to oblige us with MORE of what we consciously (or UN-consciously!) focus upon. Let us then consider simply moving the point from which we focus! By so doing we can ‘automatically’ view our existence in fresh perspectives and under the clear, brighter Lights of a Higher Dimensional Reality; it may indeed look VERY different through new ‘real-eyes’ and far better even, than we can at present Imagine!

Now, we may bravely take on the challenge of focusing positively upon our future from the new Triality perspective. This is our source of Truth. We may trust entirely in it! Now also, we may focus ‘Trialitarily’ upon the ‘New Earth’ Herself, for as such She may seem only to exist in our dreams and in our visions – as a Fifth Dimensional Holographic Template – but we may successfully ‘lift ourselves’ up into the New Reality of this, our own consciously co-created, freshly birthed and build-to-order, 5D World.

It is interesting conjecture here as to whether our New Earth comes to us, or whether we in fact go to Her! I have a feeling that it must be a little of both, as we each do share of a Love, that only those who have ‘Grown up Together’ can fully know!…. But let’s get it right this time!

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  1. Robin. permalink
    August 16, 2010 1:55 am

    Thanks ‘Vendo’.. and of course you are correct, for it is surely impossible for us from this ‘vantage point’, to Conclude much other than that there probably IS no conclusion!

    However in defense of this ‘conclusion’ I feel that gentle steps for now, is the way to go!

    It may appear to us that Duality collapses as we Ascend above or ‘out of’ it? But of course relatively speaking, it still exists!

    Cheers Robin.

  2. Vendo permalink
    August 15, 2010 10:05 pm

    Actually Steve, I should have said the ultimate goal of this Age is a permanent transcendence. I certainly didn’t mean to imply the ultimate, ultimate goal. And I do think perspective is an inhibitor to higher experiences available, that are available more all the time. Perspective is not synonymous with, but is associated with positionalities, as Dr. David R. Hawkins would put it. Positionalities are what the mind is defending, and perspective is how much more it will allow. Perspective must be the leading edge of experience, a permanent experience that is. But I think that transcendence must be an allowance, certainly beyond positionalities, and a perspective so open that for all intent and purposes, it is non-perspective. For clarification I should also point out that when I speak of a merger of darkness into light, I mean this on an individual scale. I don’t think we lose our darkness per se. I don’t think that anything is ever lost or wasted. I think there is a re-organization, or transmutation. The ultimate macro-scale of Darkness merged with the Light would be the New Heaven. The initial purpose Darkness was manifested in the first place, creating the potential for a whole new and greater Creation.

    • August 15, 2010 10:58 pm

      What you say sounds good, Lawrence. Certainly I’ve heard that openness and allowance are helpful to transcendence. But, not having transcended myself, I have no basis upon which to address the question. But we can try discussing it again in around, say, two years.

  3. Vendo permalink
    August 15, 2010 7:38 pm

    A fine article by Robin. It’s high aspirations are inarguable. But at the risk of sounding critical I can’t agree entirely with it’s conclusions. The exercise of the platform of ‘the observer’ will produce a higher perspective, but the ultimate goal is non-perspective, a transcendence. The ability to absorb and process light without any inhibitor, a state of pure Being. I don’t think that duality will collapse per se, I think it will merge. Or as Steve likes to say, an “emergence”. Humpty Dumpty put back together again. Darkness merged into the Light, producing a greater light. As the song goes, ‘it’s more than a feeling’, and bigger than any perspective.

    • August 15, 2010 9:17 pm

      Actually, Lawrence, if we’re talking about the “highest” state of transcendence? I don’t even think the angels are aware of what that might be. I agree with you: “bigger than any perspective.” So, so far down the road that it’s unlikely we could say a meaningful word about it, as I’m quite sure you know.

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