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Assets and Liabilities in Human-Rights Work

August 13, 2010

The question came up that I get more involved with support for Jane in the human-rights arena (with, say. Amnesty International or other support organizations) – in other words, assume a more public role. I wanted to mention one matter that needs to be remembered. Perhaps it applies to you as well.

Jane needs to be supported by people with impeccable and unassailable credentials. The cabal scrutinizes a whistleblower’s public supporters and can use various things they find out about them to attack Jane. They attack often by using ridicule. They may attack by inference or suggestion. Just watch Sarah Palin to see this kind of approach in action.

I can support Jane among the 2012 Ascension community but, if I play a more active role in the public arena, Jane could be attacked as having among her supporters a guy who believes that flying saucers and spirits are real. I have to remain aware of how to be an asset to Jane and not a liability.

Consider this scenario, for instance. I wrote “‘Ground-Zero’ Mosque and 9/11” and published it on OpEdNews. A Muslim author found the article and used me as an example of a good supporter to have:

“Sadly, many of the organizers of such anti-Muslim campaigns are Jews, the very people whose ancestors, if not they themselves, were once the victims of religious intolerance. Fortunately, many of the sanest voices opposing such bigotry against Muslims are also Jews. Steve Beckow is one such noble Jew who was a former Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. He wrote an article ‘To Muslims of America, I Apologize.’

“He believes that ‘9/11 was truly, as has been said, an ‘inside job.’ It was an engineered false-flag operation in which some Muslims played a role, but in the employ of primarily American agencies like the CIA and FBI. It featured not only some Muslims, but also some Israelis as well as nationals from many other countries.’ In the column, he recently wrote, ‘Muslims deserve, and some day will receive, an apology from the American government for all that has been intentionally done to them from 9/11 onwards. And is still being done today.’ I hope he is right.”

Here is how a redneck anti-Muslim writer used this situation to attack the Muslim writer.

“I wondered what kind of person Siddiqui’s source for his 9/11 allegations, Steve Beckow, was. So I wandered over to his blog, only to discover a huge fountain of woo. Beckow apparently thinks that ‘At an early but unknown date, we can expect a world leader (probably President Obama) to disclose the fact that human beings from other star systems are here, in spacecraft around our planet – some cloaked, some in other dimensions – and that evolved life exists in many places in the universe.’ Yeah, he’s a real credible source. Siddiqui should be ashamed to cite this psychoceramic.”

I’m not saying this fellow is a member of the cabal. But if the cabal itself, which Jane is fighting, saw what he saw, they might ridicule Jane, saying she is surrounded by nutcases and is by implication a nutcase herself.

So I need to leave the public support to people who have not chosen, as I have, to leave the mainstream paradigm – at least until after disclosure.

That’s the price we pay for taking up the work we’re involved in. And we owe it to the people we support, I think, to play a role that will not be a liability for them.

Later, the world won’t be this way, but it’s that way now.

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