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On Joining the (Frayless) Fray

August 11, 2010

Non-Violent non-cooperation and expression work best

A few notes on participation in this peaceful battle.

If you write something for another site, you may wish to keep the following in mind.

(1) It’s important to use neutral vocabulary. It isn’t effective to address this case and use inflammatory language, name-calling, negative words, polemics, the language of attack, etc. It does Jane and the whole fight against the cabal a disservice to go off the deep end and appear like a crazy person that no one will want to support no matter how righteous the cause.

(2) Avoid using “you” wherever you can (not where you can’t, as here) and use “we” instead. Inspire, engage, empower, motivate, but don’t blame, accuse, disempower, etc.

(3) State the status of your knowledge. Is this a belief, hearsay, knowledge, feeling, opinion, guess? Identify your sources. Avoid absolute and positivistic statements and claims.

(4) Any insertion point against the cabal that causes the mass of activists to unite is effective in bringing the cabal under public scrutiny and causing their downfall. You don’t have to review the whole history of the cabal in your post. It may work better to stay with the issue at hand in a post supporting Jane. If you want to review the case against the cabal, perhaps do that in a separate post.

(5) Do service that supports your well-being in life. It doesn’t make sense to put yourself and your loved

What would Aun Sun Su Ky do?

ones at risk by doing service that could get you or them into trouble. There are others who have no dependents and can take on those particular functions.

Moreover, everything we do has the multiplier effect, at this point in our history, of empowering the White Knights and Earth allies to take their campaign that much farther so the outcome does not depend on our actions alone. Our actions can be catalytic.

(6) Sustained pressure works better than a single hammer blow. A one-off post that goes nuclear is not as impressive and effective as sustained pressure that does not go nuclear.

Sustained pressure wears resistance down. A single hammer blow can startle and cause allies to back off. But again sustained pressure should be in neutral language, as stated earlier.

(7) What we have before us right now is a rallying point for standing up to the cabal. It isn’t that it’s Jane Burgermeister or swine flu as an issue. It is that the cabal has handed us this opportunity to make our views known and Jane has volunteered to take the risk that accompanies being a lightning rod. Therefore it isn’t as much use that we do something next week as it is to do something now.  Every blacksmith knows to strike when the iron is hot.

(8) We are going to prevail anyways so know that the outcome of the issue is never in doubt.  There is no need for gestures of desperation. There is no need to throw paint on politicians, riot, or take on the police.  In fact there is a positive need to refrain from any actions that could incite the cabal and justify a militant response. Non-violent non-cooperation and expression are what’s needed.

(9) Remember that even the cabal will be sitting at the table before long. People are not your enemies. Behavior is what’s objectionable. Only an open hand extended to the opposition will cause opposition to stop. A fist invites a fist in response.

Well, it’s 5:00 in the afternoon. Time for breakfast.

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