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Jane Warns of Campaign to Persecute Activists Prior to Launch of New Pandemic

August 11, 2010

OK, this is the last item for today on Jane lest I overpost. It contains a report from her on the persecution of bloggers and other activists in Austria and other countries prior to the launch of a new round of H1N1 virus. She offers background on Austrian persecution of dissidents. She gives some of her own history.

Jane Bürgermeister – Bloggers Persecuted to Silence Dissent – Vienna 07/18/2010

Jane Burgermeister Notepad

July 18, 2010

This is a quote from a video published on Youtube July 21 2010:

‘Jane Bürgermeister and other critical bloggers in and around Austria are being targeted, declared insane and stripped of their civil rights. As the cases pile up, a pattern of corruption and systematic persecution emerges. But Jane Bürgermeister, who has been a major force in educating the world about the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine, will not give up that easy. Ultimately, the power lies in our hands, as the past has shown. Stay tuned for updates.

“On August 12th, I am supposed to appear before a court as part of a process to strip me of all my civic rights on the spurious grounds I am a crazy conspiracy theorist and am damaging my estate.

Clearly, this is an attempt by elements in the Austrian government to silence me, a critic of the swine flu vaccine, who has managed to make use of the internet to spread information on the false swine flu pandemic and vaccine suppressed by the mainstream media, but which is now the subject of inquiries at PACE and in parliaments.”

— Jane Bürgermeister (July 13th, 2010)’

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