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Kees de Graaff on Making of Video and Photos and Films of Galactics

August 7, 2010

Photo of Asket, Billy Meier's Timmarian mentor

Kees de Graaff is the author of the video called “Somehow I’ll Find My Way Home – Tribute to All Lightworkers,” which I suggested earlier might be a video we could all identify with in the Ascension 2012 movement.

I had searched and searched for his website or email address earlier when I wanted to know some of the video’s background. Recently he contacted me to inform me that the photo I had said was one of Billy Meier’s Pleiadian contact Semjase was actually one of Billy’s mentor Asket, from Timmars, a planet outside this universe.

I asked Kees if he would provide us with a summary of how he made the video and what more he knew of Asket and his reply follows. I’ve also asked him more recently for a few more biographical details and will add these when they arrive. I’ve retained Kees’ writing style, which is to use small letters instead of capitals.

At the bottom of the email are videos of a deceased alien woman, found in a spaceship which Apollo 20 astronauts discovered on the Moon, which Kees mentions in his email. I’ve never seen these before and will do some research on the story later.  However, the photos and videos in this article, if authentic, demonstrate pretty conclusively that the human template is not restricted to the Earth alone.

The photo of Asket also sheds light on another matter: Notice that the photo was taken many years after Asket served as Billy’s mentor and Asket appears still as a young woman. When SaLuSa tells us that higher-dimensional beings don’t age the way we do, this photo should give a sense of that.

Thanks to Kees for helping us expand our knowledge of galactics and for his wonderful video.

hi, steve,

sure, i’d be happy to tell you how i made that video.

it was just an idea that i got late at night, and i started working on it right away. the funny thing was, that i needed to find a video editing program for it, because i had never made a video before. So i went to and looked at a few options, but nothing really appealed to me. until i read on a forum that windows comes standard with a video editing program called ‘windows movie maker’. so i checked my hard disk, and indeed, there it was! 🙂

about the video itself, well i knew that it had to go from dark to light, as the song “somehow i’ll find my way home” also does and of course we ourselves do too, in this era. and i knew what had to be in it, as you can see in the script that goes with the video (

from there, it was just a matter of using the pictures that i had found on the web over the years, and searching google for some other ones. the quotes in the middle of the video weren’t that hard to find, because i make summaries of every good video that i see online. i have quite an archive.

i think in that respect we work kind of the same way, Steve, because i know that you file up everything too. being a webmaster, i’m currently working on a website where it all comes together. i hope to launch it later this year.

that’s about it 🙂

i was pleasantly surprised by all the nice reactions that i got on this video, from suzy ward, blossom goodchild, mike quinsey, and many nice reactions on youtube. so i’m happy i made it.

about asket, well as i said she educated billy meier in his younger years. she’s not from this universe but from a neighboring one, from a humanoid civilization called the ‘timmars’. later, in the seventies, semjase from the pleiades took over (billy is a pleiadian soul). but she wouldn’t have her picture taken.

semjase wanted to keep her visits to billy as private as possible. she never showed herself to billy’s housemates in switzerland either, although she did exchange letters with them if they had questions for her.

Drawing of Semjase, Billy's Pleiadian contact

when the contacts with semjase had been going on for a couple of years, she told billy that she had a surprise for him. that day they flew to the edge of our universe, past the last star, where apparently there are some kind of tunnels to other universes. when they went through, they encountered another ship. billy was jumping up and down with joy when he heard that asket was in it. because he hadn’t seen her for so long.

this was also the first time that he learned how timmars greet other people on occasions like this. she sent”all her love” to him, which was quite literal, because billy received such an overwhelming amount of love from her that he was almost blown out of his socks. she, semjase and billy, and some other people of the ships chatted a bit, and this was when the picture was taken.

of course, when billy started to publish these things, the illuminati weren’t very happy with it. because nobody was (and still is) supposed to know about alien life so the disinformation department of the CIA started an unprecedented campaign to discredit billy meier.

they even had books of dinosaurs made using billy meier’s pictures, then took “amateur-looking” pictures from the pages, and then released those saying, ‘look, billy meier took his dinosaur pictures from this book’. while in fact billy had taken those pictures on planets where dinosaurs still live, which he had visited with the pleiadians.

the picture of asket underwent the same procedure. the CIA hoaxed similar looking pictures of a woman “on a swiss tv-show”, later ‘even better proof’ was released that this was in fact a singer from a music group in las vegas, etc.

indeed this picture of asket is one of the very few of aliens that are out there, but there are more.

Howard Menger's Venusian contact

howard menger also took pictures of his visitors from venus/saturn (they live on the inside of those planets, just like earth is also inhabited on the inside), you can find them in his books and there’s one here:

and also there are pictures and a video of a female pilot of the space ship on the moon, you can find it here:

those are the only images that i know of, of alien women. but maybe your readers know more?



Steve: Here are three videos of the woman found in the spaceship by Apollo 20 on the Moon. I presume she was not from the Moon but I don’t know that for sure. For more on the spaceship itself, see the video Moon Rising, on this site (

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  1. Vendo permalink
    August 7, 2010 12:57 pm

    Hi Steve, I like this kind of thing. Anybody and his grandmother will say there’s life out there, but when you get down to nuts and bolts,……. details,…… that’s something else. Most people still completely shut down to it, even now.

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