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Rayelan Allen: Background on the Cabal

August 4, 2010

Rumor Mill News founder Rayelan Allen’s family background provides her with a good vantage point from which to observe many important developments among the leadership of the cabal and its opposition.

Ben Fulford’s recent listing of the membership of the Knights of Malta and his implication that all are evil has persuaded Rayelan to wade into the debate and address what she sees as misconceptions.

Some of the things she says fly in the face of the “conventional wisdom” – such as that Dr. Kurt Waldheim was a white hat. But her background on the opposition to the City of London cabal is valuable.

I’ve heard the story before of the resolve to educate the younger scions of the cabal in financial matters and to induce them to work together to end the reign of Faction 1 (the City of London). The response of the younger generation had much to do with the success of NESARA, if I recall correctly.

Her view of Faction 1 is that it’s the City of London or Rothschild Illuminati. Her view of Faction 2 is that it consists of their opponents. Other views of Faction 2 see it as the American Illuminati or the Rockefeller Illuminati. You may need to keep the views straight if you pursue the subject.

Thanks to Chris.

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tuesday, 3-Aug-2010 22:39:56

I have TRIED hard to stay out of the Fulford info….

In Response To: Ben Fulford fingers the Knights of Malta, William Casey, Kurt Waldheim, and others as part of ‘the criminal cabal’? (Guarded_Optimist)

When Fulford first came on the scene… with the 100,000 assassins and some of the earlier information…. I paid attention to what he was saying because he synced with information I had been given by men who would know about things like this.

For the last year I have felt that someone is really giving him a lot of information that can be spun anyway the reader or writer wants to spin in. I don’t think this is giving real information. It’s just filling space when there is no news.

Being a member of the Knights of Malta or the Jesuits, or the CIA or the Yakuza does NOT necessarily make one a member of the evil side. As I have said for years… you don’t know who’s wearing the white hat or the black hat without a program and the program changes every day… and lately…. it changes every hour… and if you are looking at corporations…. the share owners can see a corporation change from the black hats to the white hats a thousand times in one day… maybe more.

In the case of William Casey and Herr Doctor Waldheim… I can categorically say that if they were members they did so as spies. ie… Faction Two pretending to be Faction One… aka the new world order… city of london… corporate mafia… whatever you want to call the ruling cabal.

Casey figured out the big boys’ game while he worked for the OSS. He realized that you had to be born of the proper bloodline to get the high jobs. It didn’t matter if Casey was far more qualified that the rich kids who were put into those positions… but Casey was NOT of the proper bloodline.

Shortly after the war, Casey met a man who was supposed to be dead… Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. That meeting was probably arranged by my father in law, Karl Gunther von Russbach.

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris headed Hitler’s military intelligence during WW2. But Canaris had a far BIGGER mission on the planet. Canaris was the head of the Austrian Knights Templars, and he was the man who traveled around the world at the end of WW1 and brought together all of the indigenous leaders of the nations that had been raped and pillaged by the same people who started WW1…. we now refer to these people as the new world order.

In fact, these monsters started plundering the earth and carving it up over 400 years ago. At that time, this cabal was known as the British East India Trading Company.

Canaris is the man who united all of the royals, sultans, chiefs, kings, queens, Caliphs and Caliphas…. and all the other bloodline leaders of indigenous people whose nations had been carved up and given away by the ruling cabal.

Canaris explained to them what was about to happen to the world. He told them that the only way they could fight the cabal was economically. He suggested that each of their families pick the brightest child and send them to school majoring in finances. The only way to kill the beast that wants to enslave the world was to take away their money and to make sure they have NO way of ever creating any form of money again.

WW1 ended in November of 1918. According to men who helped write one of the official biographies of Canaris… Canaris was in South America when WW1 ended. He hid his boat somewhere in the Amazon and told the crew to “disappear” for a while. During this time, Canaris… who had spent plenty of time in South America earlier in the war, worked his way around the world meeting with many chiefs, kings, etc. He didn’t meet with all of them, he met with the most important and told them to spread the word.

He did this for one year. And then he surrendered.

It’s my belief that what we are seeing right now with the economic collapse of the new world order world economies is the fulfillment of what Canaris, Casey, my husband, Gunther and his God Father, Kurt Waldheim helped set in motion.

What the new world order… and the Bush family knows… is there are vaults around the world. The royal families of the world sent their treasures to these vaults. They also sent artifacts, scrolls and all kind of ancient records.

These vaults are hidden all around the world.

Hopefully all of the truth about this will come out soon. If everything goes the way it was planned in 1918 and 1919, the world will go back on the gold standard… all currency will be equal… it will never be able to be shorted again… George Soros and his ilk will be out of business.

I expect that the world will be on the gold standard by 2012… and if it isn’t… then the monsters who rule from the city of london will have plunged us into war… that’s the ONLY way they can stop this…

More later… have to go

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