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Dolores Cannon on the Mayans

August 3, 2010

An unusual look at the Mayans by Dolores Cannon.

Thanks to the Admiral.

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  1. Vendo permalink
    August 3, 2010 7:22 pm

    The idea of the earth splitting into more than one reality in this ascension event has been around for a while. Put forward years ago by David Wilcock, Brooks Agnew, James Gilliland, and other lesser-knowns. What is unique (at least to me) about this video is the idea that some significant part of the Mayan civilization mass-ascended in the past. This is intriguing because it has long been a mystery in academic circles, as to what happened to the great Mayan culture. It seemed to be suddenly reduced to a mere shadow of it’s former population and power, I think before 1200 AD. So many of their pyramids, buildings, and complexes abandoned and swallowed up by the jungle, and not taken over by the conqueror and redone or built-over, which is so very common world-wide. Of course it has been assumed that they were conquered, but there is no evidence of that. And it has been assumed that their environment would no longer support them, so that most died off, and the rest assimilated into the Aztec culture. But evidence for this is very slender, last time I heard. We must assume that if this mass-ascension did happen, that it happened after they no longer employed rituals of human sacrifice, or these rituals were initiated by the remnant left behind after the mass-ascension. But there is no doubt that human sacrifice was a big part of Mayan culture at some point. There is a strong record of this left behind at the time that their civilization was completely abandoned. A very interesting concept, this whole thing. I’ll have to look into it more, there is so little about it in that one utube spot. It was way too short, but interesting, Thanks for a good post Admiral, and Steve

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