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Two More Reports on Chris Story

August 2, 2010

Thanks to Niara.

Ben Fulford

Christopher Story murdered, other journalists targeted in new fascist campaign


Christopher Story murdered, other journalists targeted in new fascist campaign
Prominent veteran financial journalist Edward Harle (working under the pen name Christopher Story) wrote before his recent death that George Bush Senior, Barack Obama and other members of the criminal Washington D.C. establishment had ordered him killed. (1)

Story was poisoned during a March, 2010 visit to the US with a virus created by the Fort Meade biological warfare facility, according to close associates of Story who spoke to him the day before his July 14th death. Although there exists an antidote for this virus, Story was unaware he was poisoned with it until recently by which point his liver damage had progressed too far for treatment, according to the sources.

Although Story is now dead, his sources will continue to provide the public with vital information about the secret financial war that is now raging towards its conclusion. The murder of Story will not go un-avenged, according to several sources inside the U.S. and UK military-industrial complex.

The murder of Story is part of a broader, but doomed campaign to silence journalists. Jane Burgermeister, who did much to expose the pharmaceutical industry’s involvement in the creation of the H1N1 virus, contacted this writer today saying she feared for her life. She is the victim of systematic harassment by Austrian security service thugs and their corporate/government bosses.

This writer has also been the target of multiple murder attempts. The same cabal that killed my colleague Paul Klebnikov (the former Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief) and killed Daniel Pearle of the Wall Street Journal, has been systematically murdering journalists around the world as a part of their effort keep in power and fool the public with their fake “war on terror.”

Below is a copy of Christopher Story’s last report. There has been a systematic effort to remove this report from the internet so please disseminate it far and wide.

Below that you will find a copy of an e-mail from Jane Burgermeister. Below that, you will find a list of the members of the Knights of Malta, who are a major part of the criminal cabal that is trying to turn Western Civilization into a fascistic dictatorship. [For list of Knights of Malta, scroll down to below George Karavilas’s post.] When the White Dragon roars, their reign of terror will finally end.

Edward Harle’s (Christopher Story’s) last report:




by Christopher Story’s Webmaster George Karavelis

Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death, but once. As the curtain rises to the final act of the Shakespearean Tragedy, the heroic visionary has been brutally assassinated, to the disbelief of a horrified audience.

The irrelevance of how and where this satanic extermination had its origins, can be debated in University Lecture Halls, but not by this writer. Afterall, the location could by hypothesized as The City of London, Langley, Fort Meade, or Kennibunkport. There is no ryme or reason, these localities were selected, then again, “ if the shoe fits…

Christopher Story’s brilliant and courageous investigative reporting have challenged our inner vision and thoughts, on how we interpret the economic and political landscape, before us. Christopher’s unique writing talents were eloquent, exquisite and artistic, just to tap a small reservoir of his expansive creativity.

This writer, without too much success, has tried to pattern his writing after the heroic Englishman, but “ The Editor” was the crème de la crème of his profession, to say the least. Christopher’s creative and reporting verbage excellence, was as daunting as his constant exposure of the “Financial Terrorists”, as he often referred to his executioners.

The “Editor’s” legacy is not only infinite and selfless in scope, but the internal flame of his torch will be passed to his many disciples. Disciples and followers who, as he often quoted “ Do not sit on their brain”, but have an inherited responsibility to prosecute the Financial Terrorists and hang them from every lamp posts of our convenience.

In summary, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrusts upon them. May our Lord and Savior look after the entire Story Family.. Thank you for your vision, dedication and courage Christopher, your exquisite and valiant reporting will be continued until all the Intelligent Operatives are rounded up..

George Karavelis

(727) 742-2555July 30, 2010

The Knights of Malta (including now deceased members):

Compiled by Eric Samuelson, J.D.

Edward Fenech Adami
General Allavena
George W. Anderson
James Jesus Angelton
Samuel Alito
Julian Allason
Joe M. Allbaugh
Roberto Alejos Arzu
Silvio Berlusconi
Grandmaster, Prince Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie (cousin of QEII) deceased.
(Former Prime Minister) Tony Blair
Michael Bloomberg
Elmer Bobst
Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs (Dame Lindy Boggs)
Geoffrey T. Boisi
John Robert Bolton
Charles Joseph Bonaparte
Prince Valerio Borghese
Dr. Barry Bradley
Nicholas Brady
Joseph Brennan
Monsignor Mario Brini
Pat Buchanan
James Buckley
William F. Buckley, Jr.
George H.W Bush
George W. Bush
Jeb Bush
Precott Bush, Jr.
Frank Capra
(King) Juan Carlos
Frank Charles Carlucci III
William Casey
Michael Chertoff
Gustavo Cisneros
(President) Bill Clinton
(Cardinal) Terence Cooke
Gerald Coughlin
(Senator) John Danforth
John J. DeGioia
Cartha DeLoach
Giscard d’Estaing
Bill Donovan
Allen Dulles
Avery Dulles
(Archbishop) Edward Egan
Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.
Noreen Falcone
(Count) Franz Egon
John Farrell
Matthew Festing (79th Grand Master)
Edwin J. Feulner
Francis D. Flanagan
Raymond Flynn
Adrian Fortescue (16th century)
John C. Gannon
Licio Gelli
Reinhard Gehlen
Burton Gerber
Rudy Giuliani
Emilio T. González
Dr. Lawrence Gonzi
Sir John Gorman CVO
Thomas K. Gorman
J. Peter Grace
Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank
Gen. Alexander Haig
Cyril Hamilton
Otto von Hapsburg
William Randolph Hearst
Edward L. Hennessy, Jr.
(Baron) Conrad Hilton
Heinrich Himmler
Richard Holbrooke
J. Edgar Hoover
Leonard G. Horowitz
Daniel Imperato
Lee Iococca
Carl Nicholas Karcher
Francis L. Kellogg
Joseph Kennedy
(Senator) Ted Kennedy
Henry A. Kissinger
Bowie Kuhn
Cardinal Pio Laghi
Cathy L. Lanier
Joseph P. Larkin
Louis Lehrman
General de Lorenzo
Clara Booth Luce (Dame)
Henry Luce
Angus Daniel McDonald
George MacDonald
Nelson Mandela
Avro Manhattan
Alexandre de Marenches
John McCone
Thomas Melady
Sir Stewart Menzies
(Prince) Angelo di Mojana
Thomas S. Monaghan
Rupert Murdoch
Joseph A. O’Hare
Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill
Francis (Frank) V. Ortiz
Oliver North
George Pataki
Cardinal Patronus
Robert James “Jim” Nicholson
Oliver North
Fra Giancarlo Pallavicini
Fra Hubert Pallavicini
Franz von Papen
Baron Luigi Parrilli
Juan Peron
Peter G. Peterson
Harold A.R. ‘Kim’ Philby
Augusto Pinochet
John J. Raskob
(President) Ronald E. Reagan
John Charles Reynolds
George Rocca
Nelson Rockefeller
David Rockefeller
Francis Rooney
Rick Santorum
General Giuseppe Santovito
Antonin Scalia
Phyllis Schlafly (Dame)
Walter Schellenburg
Joseph Edward Schmitz (Blackwater)
Stephen A. Schwarzman
Frank Shakespeare
Martin F. Shea
Clay Shaw
William Edward Simon Jr.
Jennifer Sims
Frank Sinatra
Frederick W. Smith
Cardinal Francis Spellman
Francix X. Stankard
Steve Stavros
Myron Taylor
George Tenet
Fritz Thyssen
Richard Torrenzano
Admiral Giovanni Torrinsi
(Prince) Anton Turkul
Albrecht von Boeselager
Winfried Henckel von Donnersmark
Thomas Von Essen
Amschel Mayer von Rothschild
Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr
Kurt Waldheim
General Vernon A. Walters
Col. Albert J. Wetzel
Canon Edward West
Gen. William Westmoreland
Gen. Charles A. Willoughby
William Wilson
Robert Zoellick
Gen. Anthony Zinni
Additions or corrections welcomed.
The Oath of the Knights of Malta

Final note: All members of the Knights of Malta who wish to denounce the Cabal’s plans are encouraged and welcome to do so.


(1) I disbelieve that President Obama would be a part of anything like this.

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  1. Sylvia Williams permalink
    August 4, 2010 7:48 pm

    Well, if Christopher Story is still alive, then he will
    probably be one of the two witnesses of Revelation.
    I believe that they have killed him though.

  2. August 3, 2010 11:27 am

    Dear Steve,

    I asked Snifferpup to publish your findings. Below is his response from him. “Snifferpup” was publishing Mr Story’s World Reports on “Millioner’s Board 86” for a long time and was in communication with him.

    It is just another possibility.


    “Hi crystal…………… I have had red flags about Fulford for quite some time…………….Chris also had some Intel on him in the past and they were not friends………………As soon as Chris’s death was reported, Fulford tried jumping on and saying all of Chris’s contacts will no be going trough him………….Chris didn’t’ much care for Ben…

    Stiil digging and I still believe Chris Story is alive……………………………His pen name is dead, but the person is alive………..No proof yet, just a gut feeling~”

  3. August 2, 2010 1:13 pm

    Mr Obama is not his own man, and his fear is greater than how he might prefer having things done. I pray for mercy and wish to be counted among those governed by the Kingdom which is to come, of which Mr. Story has earned his seat. If it were not for Jesus Christ, the first to overcome death, and for His unwavering followers such as Christopher Story, none of us would have hope of deliverance. In short this man is now numbered among the Saints.
    I feel the blackness of his passing, but have a candle of truth to keep burning, and will do my best to post Christopher Story’s last post of July 10th, 2010 from one end of the web to the other. Thank you so much for your public statement – it means everything.

    Sally L. Rubis

  4. August 2, 2010 12:39 pm

    Thanks to Niara and Ben Fulford.

    I my self do not know Christoper Story as I live in Canada,yet seeing he was a journalist who was killed by what ever means!!??, by the fascist campaign is saying they can run but can not hide?, yes it is sad to see a journalist get killed yet they know full well it could very well happen??.
    Christoper is no longer with his Family yet they the fascists can not kill his spirit??, not everyone can become a journalist as we all know it takes alot of guts and a strong will to take on a job like that I must say, remember we all write our contract on the other side of the veil?? before we become Human again down here on Planet Earth, and in Gods eyes he is love’ed most dearly on what ever trip his soul takes him. Death is not the so called end? we all have been there many times before.

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