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The Motherships of John Lenard Walson

July 31, 2010

Lawrence passes along a video narrated by Jose Escamilla of UFOs: The Greatest Story Ever Denied, and featuring the photographs of John Lenard Walson, amateur astronomer and astrophotographer.  Walson allegedly captured pictures of huge motherships in deep space with a small telescope and a small camcorder.

I must say, though they are not in the best resolution, what detail they show is intriguing. Jose Escamilla relates them to what is known by him and members of the Disclosure Project.

Ritchy directs us to better-resolution versions at:

Interstellar – Mystery Space Machines from Ritchy Niburu on Vimeo.

Thank you, Lawrence and Ritchy.

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  1. September 18, 2010 2:17 am

    Here’s a much better quality of the film:


  2. August 1, 2010 4:52 pm

    Mr John L. Walson’s astrophotographs may have been a bit grainy but we must not for get they were taken down here on the surfuce of the earth, good job John as one could clearly see light in different colors and even lines of light forming different shapes??, they say it takes a lot of energy on there part to show a UFO in our skys let alone out there in outer space??.

    The only man made pice of stuff is the space station traviling around the earth, we have no idea at all in how there Motherships and there Starships are made??, we can only wounder and dream at this point in time as to how there interstellar ships can go at speeeds faster then the speed of Light!!?, there crafts are a field with in a field Holagram inside there crafts there is a zero gravity force field were they live and work. They use there computer systems to traviel on the space grid lines going from one Universe to the other, it’s there outspace highway one could say. It’s like your GPS in your car yet there’s has crystals and other forms of energys that never lose power.

    Ever wounder why our sun never runs out of power???, it’s inner and outer energy fields over lap each other traviling at speeds faster then our minds can ponder? and the center of our sun and trillions more are hollow, as is all planets are hollow, it’s the field with in the field Holagram. And the center is moving one way and the outer is moving the other way, if this was not so?? then the moon landing of 1969 and Humans walking on the moon could never of happend as is on Earth. When you hit a ball up in the air it comes right back down thanks to our hollow Earth energys?? We have all been Hood-Winked to belive the center of the Earth is liquid magma??like the ring of fire and all that!! the day is coming when we all will see the truth come to Light? never to be hood-winked again and I say A-Man to that.

  3. Gregory permalink
    August 1, 2010 8:48 am

    Why is it that there don’t seem to be clear photos or videos of UFOs? I’m not a denier. I just don’t understand why after almost 60 years of people recording images of UFOs, all we see are grainy, shaky, blurry, tiny inconclusive images like these. It is difficult to convince skeptics with poor quality images. If there are sites with quality images, I would love to see them.

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