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Articles on Disclosure

July 31, 2010

Table of Contents

On Disclosure Day

Disclosure Day in September Begins Here

Disclosure Day: Theater Under the Stars

Your Invitation to World Disclosure Day

The 2012 Scenario

UFO Disclosure from Public Figures

Alfred Webre: ‘Extraterrestrial Hypothesis’ Now Public Operative Explanation for UFOs in France, U.K. and China,

Paola Harris: How Do You Speak to a Ball of Light?

WD2 – Christmas in August

SaLuSa: Waiting is Testing Your Patience, But Stage for Disclosure Must be Properly Prepared

SaLuSa on the Status of Disclosure on WD2

Hatonn: These Are Our Considerations Around the Disclosure Announcement

Divine Deadlines and Disclosure

As a Sovereign Citizen of Planet Earth, I Welcome the Galactics

WD2 is a Day of Introduction

WD2 Serves Ascension

Focus on World Disclosure Day

Prayer Offered for World Disclosure

Ascension 2012 Hand Sign, Word Signal, and Theme Song

On UFO Cover-Up and Disclosure

The Day Before Disclosure a Terrific Contribution

A Wall of UFO Secrecy Since the Earliest Days

End the UFO Cover-Up

Michael Salla: Veteran China Astronomer Claims UFOs are Extraterrestrial Space Craft

May 2010 French Report Acknowledges UFO Reality

Brazil Takes One Giant Step Towards Disclosure

Exopolitics Now Goes to TV

Futurist on UFOs: Time to Grow Up

Stephen Bassett Starts Exopolitics World Network Cities Intiative

Michael Cohen: China Discloses UFO Reality: Aliens Sending UFO Probes Here

Ed Komarek: the Alien Resource Corporate Cartel

Billy Cooper: The Secret Government

The Fate of Those Who Oppose the MIC

Assassination in America

1999 Report: CIA Confesses Its Role in UFO Cover-Up

Ed Komarek: Which Presidents Were Briefed on UFOs?

The Pickerings, “Source A,” and Disclosure

The History of Recent UFO Disclosure Plans (Updated)

On UFOlogy

Alfred Webre: Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Now Public Operative Explanation for UFOs in France, UK and China

Fred Burks: What’s Really Going on Here?

Fred Burks: UFOs and ETs on Planet Earth? Speculation Based on Reliable Evidence Gives Hope, Inspiration

Ed Komarek’s Round-Up on ET and UFO Topics

James Gilliland: UFOlogy: The Block to Contact

Krsanna Duran: The Reality, Nature and Extent of ET Contact

Philip J. Corso: I Personally Met with Robert Kennedy

Newscaster Caught Discussing Truth of UFOs and Cover-up Before Show

Who are the Extraterrestrials?

Who are the Extraterrestrials?

Life Exists Everywhere in the Universe

Scott Mandelkin on Walk-Ins and Wanderers

The Motivations of ET Races Outside the Military-Industrial-ET Complex

Introducing the Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation Serves God

1977 Broadcast from the Ashtar Galactic Command

On How the Galactics Will Help Us

I Accuse

The Black Hats Must Go

SaLuSa: No Nuclear Weapons or False Wars Allowed, Peace Will be Declared

Planetary Evacuation is not Going to Happen

We’ve Already Been Delivered from the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Time to Thank Our Deliverers

We Choose Closure and Disclosure

Galactic and Spirit Teachers on Disasters in General and the Gulf Oil Spill in Particular

Little Grandmother: Urgent Call for Help on Gulf Oil Disaster

Michael Salla: Transitioning from Type 0 Oil Dependency to Type 1 Civilization and ET/UFO Disclosure

Michael Salla: Should Extraterrestrials Stop the Gulf Leak? – 10,000 Sign Petition for ETs to Show Up

Alfred Webre: Will the BP Oil Spill Accelerate Disclosure of Teleportation, Anti-Gravity and ET/UFO Presence?

Where Has All the Oil Gone

Oil Spill Vanishing Much Faster Than Expected

Ready-Reference Guide to the Gulf Oil Spill

We Do Not Need Oil – Part 1/2

We Do Need Oil – Part 2/2

On President Obama’s Role

Unflinchingly, Unabashedly Pro-Obama

Barack Obama: Hero or Villain?

Obama My Choice to Disclose

On Solar Warden, the Secret Space Fleet

The Strange Case of the Navy

Michael Salla: How the Navy Came to Dominate Exopolitics

Michael Salla: Reagan Records and Space Command Anti-Gravity Fleet

Ed Komarek: The Tenth Fleet and Disclosure

June 20, 2008: The Day the Earth Stood Still

On Negative Alien Races

Philippa Foster: The Abduction Phenomenon

MUFON State Director Compares Alien Abductions with CIA Renditions, MKUultra Mind-Control, Torture/

Need We Fear Dark Extraterrestrials? Part 1/3

Need We Fear Dark Extraterrestrials? Part 2/3

Need We Fear Dark Extraterrestrials? Part 3/3

State of the Planet, Fate of the Dark

On the Little Greys (Zeta Reticulans)

On Disinformation Sites

Examples of Disinformation Sites – Part 3 -The Allies of Humanity

More on the Allies of Humanity – 1/2

More on the Allies of Humanity – 2/2

On World Peace

I Declare Peace. The Day of Goliath is Over

Ascension 2012

SaLuSa: 2012 for Beginners

Alex Collier on Earth Transformation

“You Stand at the Threshhold of Ascension”

What is Ascension?

What Will Ascension Bring?

Ascension is “Enlightenment Plus” – Part 1

Ascension is “Enlightenment Plus” – Part 2

Introducing This Site

If You’re New to This Site….

Welcome to a New and Unimaginable World

Time to Stop and Take a Breath

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  1. Starseed permalink
    July 31, 2010 10:36 pm

    Steve, I am impressed! This is an excellent compilation of articles/links for even the newly awakened soul who wishes to explore these topics!

    A great place to refer newcomers to the realization that earthlings are not the only ones here & certainly NOT the most advanced civilization!!!

    Thank you for this!



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