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Mira: Correct Things While You Can

July 30, 2010

I hope Mira means it will be some time before First Contact rather than disclosure.

A Message From the Pleiadian High Council

Through Valerie Donner

July 29, 2010

Greetings, I am Mira. I speak to you today from the Pleiadian High Council.

We are with you and observe you constantly.  We know what the Earth is doing and we know how you are responding. We offer you solace in a chaotic time on your planet. We know and feel your stress and anxiety as you move through momentous changes.

The next couple of years, through much of 2012, will be akin to what you are now experiencing. There will be some ebbs and flows of energies. The intensity will be constant. Everything is being realigned on your planet, within you and in the galaxy and even greater.

The need for cleansing still exists. The Earth is doing the best she can to heal and cleanse. She is challenged in the Gulf of Mexico. She wants humanity to learn the lessons from this experience. She could cleanse herself but would the lessons be learned? This is the time when reality will come home.

The great Earth is the teacher and she is in charge. She must be honored and respected. She is greatly loved by all of creation. She has tolerated too much so she is learning to establish boundaries much like what many of you are being faced with in your lives.

We have confidence in you as workers for the Light. Your Lights are getting brighter and brighter.

With that in mind you are filtering out the negative energies and replacing them with the higher energies of Light and love. You are to be congratulated for the outstanding work that you are doing. We rely on you more than you realize since we cannot still show ourselves visibly to the majority of the people on the Earth. It will still be some time before this will be feasible.

Let me explain some things to you that you might find of interest. We are working with a conglomerate of other councils right now from other star systems and galaxies. You are the primary focus. We are concerned about how we can most favorably move you and the Earth into ascension with the least amount of trouble and casualties.

We are holding the Earth in place so that she can remain balanced as some of the earth changes bring the cleansing. We intervene quietly at times where things become unstable. We have technology that allows us to continuously monitor the Earth on all levels. We test the waters. We work with wildlife. We are aware of your thoughts and emotions. In our realm and in that of the Creator all things are known. This is something that you are just beginning to understand.

If you think that you might be getting away with something on the Earth right now simply know that this will not be forever. It will be discovered. This is an opportune time for those who are off the mark to align and correct things while they can. If one waits too long the action may be taken for you.

It is the time of the leveling of the playing field. You will have to step aside in favor of the Earth and her preferences. She needs to be in charge. She knows what she is doing. She cannot hang on much longer with the various distresses that she is going through right now. All of your efforts to assist are appreciated.

We call upon each one of you to stay aware, to be vigilant, to look to the skies, to pay attention to what is occurring on your planet. We need your assistance energetically. We request that you remain positive in the knowledge that there is a divine plan that is in place.

All will be taken care of as a part of this divine plan. It may seem complicated because your minds are limited in the third dimension. If you could see the display of love and the energy that follows that love of you and the Earth you would be astounded.

I am Mira. We are with you in the Pleiadian High Council.

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