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Enlightenment and Emergence

July 28, 2010


I’ve been struck by Dr. Meg’s own journey as well as by the message from the Unified Council. And that way in which I’ve been struck is to raise the subject of “emergence” after not having directed attention to it for perhaps a year now.

We usually think of the process by which we expand and evolve as being impacted most by enlightenment and by no other factor.

Enlightenment appears to be an interruption in continuity of knowledge caused by an immediate and instantaneous recognition of Self or God, or the identity of the two. I say “appears to be” because we see events from our temporal position. If we could slow the camera down enough, we might not see a discontinuity any longer.

Enlightenment causes a radical reorganization of knowledge and has its impact on our various bodies. It releases love. It results in bliss. It gives rise to wisdom. It sets us free from much tension and fear.

Of course there are many, many levels of enlightenment. Humans experience spiritual awakening when the kundalini reaches the Fourth Chakra; savikalpa samadhi when it reaches the Sixth; nirvikalpa samadhi when it reaches the Seventh; and sahaja samadhi when it reaches the spiritual heart or hridayam. All of these experiences have different impacts.

But these are only a few levels of enlightenment, which keeps unfolding level upon level well beyond these.

The second process by which we advance I call “emergence.” I think of it as a gradual but observable standing forth as one’s Self, as source in the matter – whether that matter is a problem or a solution.

Emergence is a shedding of fears and a returning Home to Self. It brings a remembering and renewal of commitment. It is something that we recognize when it happens. We know we have emerged and, like enlightenment, emergence continues level upon level, probably virtually forever.

I think of enlightenment and emergence as alternate periods of expansion and consolidation. In enlightenment, we learn more of who we are. In emergence, we stand forth as more of who we are. In enlightenment, we expand. In emergence, we consolidate.

I emerged at the moment when I was writing “I Declare Peace,” right after saying that I did not know what came next. Bam. What came next presented itself: “I declare peace.” And so the process happens.

I don’t want to give the impression that emergence happens only on rare occasions. Whenever we emerge from our lower traits and stand for a higher trait, emergence occurs.

So many movies illustrate the process of emergence. The photo at the top is of Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabelle in Braveheart. She is depicted as emerging a few times throughout the film.

The heroine is beset and finds her courage; the hero is pushed into silence where he finds his voice; the mother risks her life for her children; the father holds off an enemy at the cost of his life. These are often moments of emergence.

Emergence does not mean we’re automatically aggressive, belligerent, uncaring. It means we’re present. We show up. We’re around.

Enlightenment is not a process we can command. It ultimately occurs by God’s Grace alone, as far as I’m aware. Usually the distance we need to cover to create enlightenment by our own efforts is so vast that we could probably never accomplish it. God freely bestows enlightenment as a gift.

You’ll perhaps recall the number of saints who’ve gone as far as they possibly can (which is what’s required of us, I think) and then lay down effort and ask God to show mercy. If they’ve truly exhausted their effort, God may at that point step in.

But emergence is squarely up to us. Standing on principle, refusing to compromise ourselves, refusing to respond to fear, taking the courageous action – these are all moments of emergence. Remember when Jesus said, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” That is the language of emergence.

These moments are entirely within our domain of control, where enlightenment is not.

Of course we usually stay repressed because some attachment is at issue which we’re holding onto or protecting. Emergence may mean giving up that attachment and it may actually involve loss. This is where we get to see who we are in the matter.

The Unified Council is asking that we emerge. That’s where we can make our contribution.

So, as awkward as it may look, as difficult as it may seem at first, this time of increased energy, stargates opening, grand cross alignments occurring, the cabal being routed – this is the time for us to emerge.

Shake off the sleepy dust. Let go of complacency.


Kindra Arnesan, oil activist, emerges.

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