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Steve Greer and Ted Loder on Free-Energy Technology – Part 5/6

July 20, 2010

Patte has transcribed part 5 of Greer and Loder’s World Puja Network radio show on June 11, 2010.

Only part 6 remains to be transcribed. I’ve sent all of them on the Steve Greer, who was most grateful.

Thank you, Patte!

Dr. Steven Greer:  …even if you could sequester the carbon and pollution from [coal mining], you gotta blow up half of Appalachia with mountaintop removal mining to get to the nasty stuff. So, there’s no such thing as clean coal. That’s a complete joke, even though we get half of our electricity in America from coal.

So, these are all the huge problems, and they are not going to be solved with the kind of in the box, hidebound thinking. It’s gonna take courage, but it’s also gonna take alot of us saying to the people we know, “Look, let’s pull together and make this a reality.”

And that’s what we’re makin’ a plea for, this, and the BP debacle, for lack of a better word. catastrophe. It really just underscores the fact that these sort of problems are gonna continue on into the future and get worse and worse and worse, until we begin to seriously embrace these real solutions.

Dr. Ted Loder:  That’s right! That’s so right!

You know, just thinking about this, as we talk about it, BP spent nominally a billion dollars so far, and counting, to clean up the mess they created. A small fraction of that could have been put into some technology that would have meant the clean up would never have been necessary.

And, BP could be a hero on the planet for moving it’s new energy technologies. They call themselves a green company. Instead of being the devils. and it’s just, whatever… it’s the irony is just disgusting actually!

Steve: And a lot of skeptics, when I first will bring this issue up, will say, “Well look, if these technologies do exist in these places, why wouldn’t someone come out with it, cuz wouldn’t that be a very lucrative business? It would be like Microsoft and Google and IBM all rolled together in one.”

I said, “Yes!” However, there would be a great industry in making these new energy devices and getting them to replace the old ones that are based on fossil fuels.

However, where the real action is, and this is where you get the vertical and horizontal integrations into these big transnational corporations that, Thomas Jefferson , who wrote the Declaration of Independence, warned us about, is that, if you have , let’s say you drive, a Chevy Suburban. You know the engine in that thing is worth maybe five thousand dollars.

Big Deal! It will use at today’s oil prices, and if you go to Europe it’s much more than this, but in America, it’ll use about forty to fifty thousand dollars in gas and oil over the life of that engine for as long as that vehicle will be on the road driving ‘X’ number of amount of hundreds of miles per year.

So you see, the money is not in the engine. The money is in the supply line. And then you get into the big financials, the so-called derivatives and futures markets, where Goldman Sachs and all these big transnational trading corporations are trading on the assets of the oil and gas and coal reserves, and minerals that are in the ground.

And the churning of commissions and the speculation and pumping prices up, and driving them down, and pumpin’ ’em up and drivin’ ’em down, and pumpin’ up, and shorting, and going long, and going short.

I’ve studied this. This is where the money is. Well, suddenly, all that commodities game becomes irrelevant, because the energy is coming from the space around us. The supply line of selling this nasty stuff isn’t needed.

And, you can actually grow. I mean, people talk about all the people employed in the oil and gas industry, but it’s actually, as a  percentage of the world’s population, infinitesimal. The world would go through this economic blossoming. But the individuals and corporations who are at the central control panel,  that have fifty percent of the net worth of the world, literally. those folks are going to see a relative reduction in their power.

And THAT”S what this is  about. That’s what the secrecy and the suppression is about. It is not about national security. It is not about any of the things they wrap themselves in – the Bible, the flag, and everything else. This is a complete lie, and it is THE BIG LIE.

So what I think people have to understand is that the interest in suppressing this isn’t a matter of just how much coal and oil is being sold each year. It also is how much is in the ground that’s based, that’s basing all this derivatives, and futures markets trading, and commodities trading, and the petro dollar, and on and on and on.

That amounts to hundreds of trillions of dollars. And that then you begin to see what your talkiin’ about in terms of real money and real geopolitical power and the things that will be done, the kind of corrupt things that are done in the name of national security, or in the name of God, and America and apple pie to keep us addicted to oil.

And the only way this is going to change is for the people to become educated on it and walk the walk.  And that is to provide the funding and research and development dollars to be able to open a laboratory where the kind of scientists who Dr. Loder and I have met with over the years, can come together and do this.

I can tell you that, you know, the laws of the Universe are universal. I mean if Nicola Tesla discovered it, or Stan Meyer, or T. Townsend Brown did in the ’20’s, with his high voltage antigravity type work, it can be discovered again.

You know, we have, literally, a file that was from an intelligence officer, that we acquired recently. Just thousands of pages of data on these sort of secret technologies. The person who supplied it, we’re not allowed to to provide the name of it, or how we got it, but it’s a very important document that our engineers can use.

But they have to come together! We need to get them all together in one place. We need about a dozen or so top-drawer engineers, physicists,and scientists working. You know, we can’t do this on a few thousand dollars. Most of these people have current day jobs, and families to support.

So, we’re calling on the public, and the philanthropic community, and the environmental granting community, to provide these funds for us. It would be nice if the government would provide a grant to do this kind of work. Unfortunately, I think the government is so utterly corrupt, that I will believe THAT when I see it, frankly.

Ted: Yeah,there’s a real problem there, because even if you have one government agency who says, “Oh,this will be great, we support this. We’ll give you some grant (money),” somebody else from some other agency, again, is using national security issues, change of it, economic issues, etcetera, and comes along and twists somebody’s arm.

That’s done all the time. Suddenly one agency will just pull back. There’s a great example. I’ll let you tell the story, Steve. You mentioned it in the past, about Bill Richardson supporting some technology? I will let ..

Steve: Oh yes!

Ted:  … him tell it, ‘cuz you remember the details better than I do. But this is a very important thing to take care of.

Steve: This is very important for people to understand. Those of you who are concerned with nuclear waste and all the radiation from having all this from power plants and nuclear weapons, we got this junk that they’re saying about “Gee,where we gonna store this stuff, because it’s gonna be radioactive, nukin’, crazy stuff for twenty five thousand years.”

We only had civilization for a few thousand years. So there’s a man named Ken Shoulders, who had developed something called charged cluster rays. And, I won’t get into all the details, but basically it involves a process that really did involve an over-unity effect that would take radioactivity and neutralize it.

Now he was using kinda low level stuff and he made a presentation. And, I met one of the people with his company, who was working with him at the time, who lives in the D.C. area, who is, by the way, a conservative republican, and you know not exactly your Birkenstock kinda, new energy sorta person.

He and I met for several hours, and this executive told me, he said, “Look, you know,we took this all the way to the head of the department of energy. Bill Richardson, who is the cabinet-level guy for Bill Clinton. Bill Richardson signed off on it, they authorized it. I don’t know what it was, couple of million dollars to…..

(To be continued.)

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