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Steve Greer and Ted Loder on Free-Energy Technology – Part 4/6

July 19, 2010

Lauren has done Part 4 of Steve Greer and Ted Loder’s talk on World Puja Network radio, from June 11, 2010. Thank you, Lauren!

Dr. Steven Greer: And as I said, you know, a couple of years ago I met with a man in Washington , who was very close to the Bush administration and that was back towards the end of the Bush era and he said

“Look, you know, yes, these technologies you are talking about exist, but” [and this guy represented a lot of the nuclear power industry, by the way] he says “but they are too good.”
I said, “What do you mean they are too good.”

He says, “Well, they are too good because they would disrupt the status quo.”

I say “well…hey?”

Dr. Ted Loder: It’s adapting anyway

Steve: Yea, I said “Well…that’s going to happen anyway. We are going to have a financial collapse and we are going to have an environmental collapse and how far do you want to play out this scenario, into some kind of apocalyptic denouement?

I said, “We have got to figure out a way to wisely change course, bring out these systems, put them to peaceful energy generation use, and start a civilization on this planet that is abundant, non-polluting, sustainable etc.

That can absolutely be done with the kinds of technologies that Ted and I have investigated and also scientists that he and I have met who have actually built them but who are having their hands tied or are being waved off.

So the public needs something that knows about this and supports and we do want to thank the people who have supported so generously this work. I want to emphasize that there is not a single person with the orion who gets one dime in salary or anything. All of our resources go to investigating and checking out scientists, technologies and inventions.

But what we really want to do is build up a system under controlled circumstances here scientifically and for that we need to open a lab, get the equipment and hire a full time staff of engineers and scientists and that’s going to take a few million dollars, but if not, hundreds of millions.

It can be done because one of the things, I mean, and Ted can speak for this, is that, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, I mean, we have the information that has been collected over the last hundred years by people like Dr. Thomas Bearden and John Bedini and Tony Cradic and, you know the work that’s in the open files on [T Town’s] and Brown’s work.

The Stan Meyer technologies that have existed and people we know who have worked with Stan Meyer who have an understanding of it, but you know, it is unlikely that this is going to happen out of peoples’ basements working by themselves alone.

We have not seen anybody who has been able to do that, and the ones, the few, that have end up getting intimidated. They are lone wolves that are easily get taken down by this Murder Inc. Beast that’s out there.

It’s very difficult, and so the public needs to hear me when I say look we have got to find a way to come together and do this, because the fate of the planet, and what kind of planet we are going to have for our children and our grandchildren, and how we are going to be living on this planet [depends on it].

You know people are talking about these “Cap and Trade” regimes and which is also another way to say – tax and spend – and having goals to phase out all of this carbon fuel/fossil fuel stuff by 2080 or 2050 – way down the line. We will all be dead and buried.

That’s just a way of kicking the ball down the court, down the field, passing the buck to another generation when we have sitting at Oakridge and sitting at other facilities the definitive solution, that we the tax payers have either developed or have spent money to confiscate by these people who aren’t representing US in the government.

They are representing the special interest of the big oil and the petrodollar and the big global financial concerns and conglomerates and the transnational corporate … uh nexus of people who want to keep the global economy under their thumb.

And I think that this is something that all of us have to understand we have to frankly say no to and rise up against but not in a violent way, in a velvet revolution way, where we say “Look we are going to come out with these things ourselves, and we are going to do it!” – so that there are millions of people who know about it and support it and that’s what we are asking for.

Ted: I want to add a comment to what Steve has talked about – suppression of the individual inventors and one of the main problems – and we have talked to literally dozens of inventors over the years who have developed something and somebody has come along and said “You know we don’t think you should be doing this” or they have been discouraged either, by many ways, and to point out the fact this is not, again, an urban myth, that this actually happens.

A gentleman by the name of Gary Vesperman compiled over 100 examples of this with names, places, dates etc., and he wrote a small book on that and you’ll find it listed on the Orion Project website: by Gary Vesperman- Suppressed Energy Technologies.

Steve: Vesperman with a ‘V’.

Ted: Yes, that is correct. You will find it very, very interesting, and you read that and actually it’s kind of depressing because you realize that many of these people DID have solutions to what we are talking about.

Steve: Of course and we know that Tesla did as well and he was also suppressed and a lot of people think that this is an urban myth except we have the documents to prove it.

And that is when Nikola Tesla, who invented AC electricity and what have you, passed away, the FBI swooped in and confiscated all of his secret papers and information on these things, and the reason we know this is, I have a Department of Defense letter demanding that the FBI turn that information over to the Department of Defense but the FBI wouldn’t do it: because the left hand, doesn’t like to work with the, right hand, in these secret projects.

So this is a smoking gun – that in point of fact, the FBI did go in there, confiscate this information and this has been going on for decades so this nasty little game where our government has been highjacked and infiltrated by these petro-nazis and people who are absolutely as Tom Bearden calls them, Dr. Bearden calls them “These devils.” that are in the system and this, it is very very hard for someone working by themselves or even a small… and that’s why we have to do this – on the one hand, with the research and development program that has good security around it but also that is being done with the knowledge and support of millions of people like those of you listening to The World Puja network.

And again I want to thank the people of the World Puja Network that they give us this time so we can update you on these incredibly important issues and I think that this is something that people have to understand that you can’t pass the buck and say well someone will just come out with one of these things, because people have been coming out with these sort of breakthroughs and technologies for over a hundred years but they all run into this massive ‘buzz saw’ of Murder Inc. that will take them down.

And I think this is what we have seen first hand recently when we began to get these top secret scientists who have worked in the “weird science and freakin’ magic” area, as they call it, of very advanced transdimensional scientists and have had people come in and claw them back in to the beast. Because they were working for the beast their whole entire lives, their pensions were tied to the beast. So they didn’t have the freedom.

So we have got to find people who have the courage and the vision and are free to move with us but then the public and the community of philanthropy and even investors out there need to say “Okay, let’s put a few million dollars in to this.” We’re putting, … You know- It’s interesting: I saw Vice President Biden on Charlie Rose recently I think in the past week and he was talking about how there is this 90 Billion dollars of the stimulus going into “Alternative Energy.”

Not ONE RED CENT is going to invent anything that will work; not a penny; not one cent; not one dime. 90 Billion – with a B-billion – of OUR tax dollars; and there is not even 5 million going into the kind of research for which there is positive proof and evidence of these sort of technologies working.

And so we’re all still waiting for British Petroleum to drill another well for us. I mean come on. So, this is the kind of insanity that has to stop and it has to stop because our elected leaders need to hear about it and then those of you hearing this sort of information need to go out and tell all of your friends, family, coworkers and anyone who will listen that there are these other solutions and we need the funding put in place because you know there are a lot of people out there who have high net worth who so far maybe just haven’t heard about this yet so we need your help networking this new proposal.

Ted, and we have a man in Washington who does a lot of these sort of proposals for large corporations, and Dr. Bravo is just putting the finishing touches on this proposal that we have been working on since March that will be ready in the next few days to provide to anyone who wants to look at it that has the business plan and the budget and everything and the outline of these sciences that we want to have in this research and development effort and we think that this is the best way forward.

And certainly if we can spend 90 billion dollars on things that are sheer fantasy such as ‘clean coal.’ If that’s not an oxymoron, ha ha ha, you know and things of this sort, we can certainly put a few million into this area.

And I want to point out to people that this has never happened that you would think that with all the new energy researchers and stuff out there that there would be some grants and funding that have gone to these various sorts of areas, there’s not.

So this is an area that has literally and deliberately been starved of research and development funds the result of which is that the people that do stumble across these technologies end up getting intercepted and threatened because they’re kind of lone wolves, as I mentioned, that are very easily attacked and the big research and development money are all going into things like Ted just mentioned and that is things like making a solar panel a little more efficient, you know, making a wind mill a little more efficient, you know, how to make coal clean.

Now they don’t mention the fact that to get the coal even before you burn it even if you can sequester the carbon and the pollution from it you’ve got to blow up half of Appalachia with mountain top removal mining to get to the nasty stuff. So there is no such thing as clean coal.

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