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One Part of Six-Part Series Transcribed

July 14, 2010

My thanks to Jeremiah for transcribing Part 1 of the six-part series by Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loderer on how to heal the Gulf oil spill. (I don’t give out last names on this site.)

Ann has volunteered to do a section as well, which leaves four more sections to go.

Dr. Greer has said in the video that, with free-energy and anti-gravity technology available now from the armed forces, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill could be healed in half an hour.

The six sections are posted here:

To avoid duplication, please make sure you alert me to which section you’re transcribing (

Once the transcript has been assembled and edited, it will be forwarded to Dr. Greer and published on OpEdNews.

Thank you all for your help. Once done this transcript will make a great difference to humans, to our fellow inhabitants of Earth, and to the Earth herself.



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  1. Nick permalink
    July 14, 2010 1:40 pm

    Fantastic videos – a good eye opener

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