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Billy Cooper: The Secret Government – Part 8/8

July 14, 2010

Well, not all of what Cooper said is of equal utility, but it’s still of interest to hear what an early lightworker was saying and thinking, even if it has fallen by the wayside today.

Vatican Archives reveals ‘End Times’ Prophecy True

The events at Fatima in the early part of the century were scrutinized. On suspicion that it was alien manipulation, an intelligence operation was put into motion to penetrate the secrecy surrounding the event. The United States utilized its Vatican moles that had been recruited and nurtured during WWII and soon obtained the entire Vatican study which included the prophecy.

This prophecy stated that if man did not turn from evil and place himself at the feet of Christ, the planet would self-destruct and the events described in the book of Revelations would indeed come to pass. It stated that a child would be born who would unite the world with a plan for world peace and initiate a false religion beginning in 1992.

By 1995 the people would discern that he was evil and was indeed linked with the Anti-Christ. World War III would begin in the Middle East in 1995 with an invasion of Israel by the United Arab nations using conventional weapons which would culminate in a nuclear holocaust in the latter part of 1999. Between 1999 and the year 2003 most of life on the planet Earth would suffer horribly and die as a result. The return of the Christ would occur in the year 2011.

Aliens Confronted with Biblical Prophecy

When the aliens were confronted with this finding they confirmed that it was true. (The reader is cautioned to remember that the alien’s hidden agenda is supported by lying.) The aliens further explained that they had created the human species through hybridization and had manipulated the human race historically through religion, Satanism, witchcraft, magic and other occult movements. They further purported that they were capable of time travel and the events would indeed come to pass according to the text in Revelations if the current trends and attitudes persist. Later exploitation of alien technology by the United States and the Soviet Union utilizing time travel confirmed the prophecy.

The aliens showed a hologram which they claimed was the actual crucifixion of Christ and allowed the government to film. We didn’t know whether to believe them or not. Were they using genuine religions to manipulate us? Or, were they indeed the source of our religions with which they have been manipulating us all along? Was this the beginning of the genuine END TIMES and the RETURN OF CHRIST which has been predicted in the Bible? No one knew the answer.

A symposium was held in 1957 which was attended by some of the greatest scientific minds living then. They reached the conclusion that by the end of the century or shortly after the year 2,000 the planet would self-destruct due to increased population and man’s exploitation of the environment without any help from God or the aliens.

Jason Scholars are asked to develop Alternative Scenario

By secret Executive Order of President Eisenhower, the Jason Scholars were ordered to study this scenario and make recommendations called “Alternatives 1, 2, & 3.” Alternative One was the use of nuclear devices to blast holes in the Stratosphere from which the heat and pollution would escape into space. Change the human cultures from that of exploitation into cultures of environmental protection. Of the three this was decided to be the least likely to succeed due to the inherent nature of man and the additional damage the nuclear explosions would themselves create.

Alternative Two was to build a vast network of underground cities and tunnels in which a select representation of all cultures and occupations would survive and carry on the human race. The rest of humanity would be left to fend for themselves on the surface of the planet. Alternative Three was to exploit the alien and conventional technology in order for a select few to leave the earth and establish colonies in outer space. I am not able to either confirm nor deny the existence of “Batch Consignments” of human slaves which would be used for the manual labor in the effort as part of the plan. The Moon, code named “Adam” would be the object of primary interest followed by the planet Mars, code named “Eve”. As a delaying action, all three alternatives would include birth control, sterilization, and the introduction of deadly microbes to control or slow the growth of the Earth’s population.

AIDS virus is only ONE result of these plans.

There are other contingencies at work. It was decided since the population must be reduced and controlled that it would be in the best interest of the human race to rid ourselves of the undesirable elements of our society. The joint U.S. and Soviet leadership dismissed Alternative One, but ordered work to begin on Alternatives Two and Three virtually at the same time.

Rand Corporation Symposium on Underground Shelters

In 1959 the Rand Corporation hosted a Deep Underground Construction Symposium. In the Symposium report, machines are pictured and described which would bore a tunnel 45 feet in diameter at the rate of 5 feet per hour. It also displays pictures of huge tunnels and underground vaults containing what appear to be complex facilities and possibly even cities. It appears that in the previous five years an all-out underground construction effort had made significant progress by that time.

Illegal Drug Markets become Financial Resource for CIA

The ruling powers decided that one means of funding the alien connection or other black market projects was to corner the illegal drug market. A young ambitious member of the Council on Foreign Relations was approached with this concept. He was president and C.E.O. of Zapata Oil Co. based in Texas. George Bush is his name. Zapata Oil was experimenting with the new technology of offshore drilling. It was correctly thought that the drugs shipped from South America to offshore platforms by fishing boats could be brought ashore by the normal transportation route used for supplies and personnel.

By this method no customs or law enforcement agency would subject the cargo to search procedures. George Bush agreed to help and organized the operation in conjunction with CIA support. The plan worked better than anyone had ever anticipated and has since expanded worldwide.

There are now many other methods of bringing the illegal drugs into the country. It must always be remembered that George Bush began the sale of drugs to our children. Regardless of the present day media hype campaign to “Just Say No! to Drugs”, our country’s Drug Czar is George Bush. The CIA now controls all the world’s illegal drug markets.

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