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Where We All Meet

July 11, 2010

I wept watching the final sequences of this video by Kees. It touches on all we’ve done and all we’re about.

My favorite lines:

Blossom Goodchild after Oct. 14, 2008: “So they didn’t come. So let’s do it without them. We can.”

Suzy Ward: “We chose to be born at this time.  We wanted to be a part, a conscious part, of what really is the movement of Earth and of all of her life forms, who are receptive to the Light, … into a higher dimension.”

Alex Collier: “The love that you withhold is the pain you carry, lifetime after lifetime.”


1. “Contact” (1997)

~~~Horrible actions by the dark~~~

2. Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)
3. Hunger in Africa
4. 9/11
6. Chemtrails
7. Vietnam war (1959 – 1975)


8. George Bush jr. & sr.
9. David Rockefeller
10. Dick Cheney
11. Jacob Rothschild
12. Donald Rumsfeld
13. Vatican Church
14. “The Beast”
15. Reptilian alien
16. Eye of the Illuminati on the dollar


17. Girl
18. Earth and sun
19. Flowers at dawn
20. Island
21. Diving
22. Father and son
23. Young tiger
24. Young giraffe
25. Fingers making “peace” sign
26. Free girl
27. Young couple kissing
28. Older couple kissing
29. Little boy praying
30. Obama
31. Girl listening to Obama


32. Angel
33. Dolphins
34. Whale
35. “God” (by Michelangelo)
37. Gregg Braden
38. Bill Cooper
39. Regina Meredith
40. Wendelle Stevens
41. Bob Dean
42. Project Camelot
43. George Green
44. William Deagle
45. Barbara Marciniak
46. David Icke
47. Peggy Kane
48. James Gilliland
49. Jaime Maussan
50. Mike Quinsey
51. Billy Meier
52. Pleiadian ship
53. David Wilcock
54. Clifford Stone
55. Alex Collier
56. Blossom Goodchild
57. Suzy Ward
58. Matthew Ward

59. “Contact”

~~~Illuminati secrets~~~

60. Ancient moon base
61. UFO on moon
62. UFO sighting (Japan)
63. UFO sighting (Bulgaria)
64. UFO fleet sighting (Mexico)
65. Crashed UFO on Antarctica
66. Flying saucer entering underground base
67. Nephilim skeleton

~~~”Shift Happens”~~~

68. Happy boy
69. Michelle and Barack Obama
70. “WE WIN!”
71. Mayan Calendar
73. Crop circle of the Phoenix
74. Earth from dark to light

~~~ET civilizations~~~

75. Sirius A
76. Procyon
77. Pleiades
78. Arcturus
79. Andromeda
80. Alpha Centauri
81. Vega

82. Earth ascending

Music: “Somehow I’ll Find My Way Home” – Jon and Vangelis

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    July 15, 2010 8:28 am

    Thank you for posting this on your site!! I had seen it on You Tube and every time I watch it I weep. There are so many light workers here feeling so lost and alone, I know I am one of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this piece of sunshine amongst all the bad news we are bombarded with daily. It is a beautiful reminder!! Love and Light, Stephanie

  2. July 11, 2010 10:30 pm

    Thank you so much for this. That peace from contact has been going over in my mind for 3 days now and it was only this morning I said on Facebook that I am so tired. I have been working on this ever since Blossom’s guide White Cloud contacted me after the no show on the 14th Oct 2008 and got me to confirm that The Federation of Light were of Light and I said I don’t know what else I can do.

    We all need to pull together more and this is perfect 🙂 When I heard Pulsar in my head the day of the Norway spiral Blossom directed me to Zilanthra who had just channeled on beings from a Pulsar and Zilanthra has channeled recently Captain Helena from star ship Capricorn saying eyes to the skies on the 29th July! (

    Love,light and GRATITUDE Kerrie

    ~The Federation of Light~

    4th July

    YOUR WORLD IS AT THE END OF ITS CYCLE. YOUR PEACEMAKERS ARE DRAWING STRENGTH … IN PEACE … AND IT SHALL BE KNOWN THAT THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS … CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN. For decades now, many are learning of matters that at one time they could only conceive as make believe. We say, from the HIGHEST PLACE OF AUTHORITY … VERY SOON … AMONG YOU shall be LIGHT that cannot be covered up or hidden from view. *A decloaking as you know of it to be expressed … SHALL occur on a scale of that which we have spoken in the past. Many KNOW of this in your hearts. Many FEEL this in your hearts and at times we are aware of the yearning … the longing … for this to take place. It is soon to be upon you.

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