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The Impact of the Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010

July 10, 2010

Update: I’ve reposted this article with missing sections added in.

Patte has sent in an article on the solar eclipse.  I myself have no background in astrology, astronomy, astrophysics, etc. , and defer to her judgment.

Coming Home to Your Life~Solar Eclipse of 7/11/10

Elizabeth Jones

July 9th, 2010

NOTE: In this article, I have chosen to write about the Solar Eclipse on July 11th  from a personal-spiritual perspective. Please know that there are other vantages from which to view its influence and numerous ways this event will be impacting us globally, economically and politically to name a few. It may also trigger intense weather, hurricanes, earthquakes or other such events. The impacts of the Eclipse will be felt for 30-90 days.

“The Self awakens only as he contacts the Earth.”
~ Dane Rudhyar

The Solar Eclipse on July 11th is occurring in Cancer at 12:41 pm, which rules home, among other things. And while it rules our physical home, the place where we live, in a Universal sense it also rules the intended home for our own higher consciousness. This higher part of each of us has a very specific agenda in this regard and that is to descend into its home in the physical realm, specifically in our body. I feel this Solar Eclipse will create openings for this occur.

Dane Rudhyar, considered by many to be one of the greatest astrologers of the last century, says the sign of Cancer is where “the abstract word is made flesh…the fulfillment of Spirit that must embody in earth-substance”.  And that “until the ‘I Am’ urge of our true spiritual self asserts itself into form (i.e. the body) living is only dreaming.”

As I read this, and consider its meaning, I could feel my own higher Self quicken within me as the desire to give this Self a home in my own body seemed to become more real. I saw anew that the fulfillment of Life is the decent of Spirit into Matter. And for each of us this manifests as our Soul presence residing, and finding its home, in our body.
“Matter is our foundation and the first condition of all our energies and realizations.”
~Sri Aurobindo

So what does this mean? First is to awaken to the reality that our body is our home. Then to create a place within our being to be a home that is able to carry the Light of our own Soul. This is our foundation, which we must have if we are to heal feelings of separation and isolation. In thinking about this, I wonder if how “at home” we feel, in a more general sense, is in direct relation to how fully incarnated our Soul presence is.

If you feel a strong urge to be a part of the healing that is needed on the planet now, though are not sure what that is or how to make that happen, could it be that your primary task is to welcome yourself Home?

Here is another thought that occurred to me…

Could it be that the Earth herself, being the benevolent Mother that she is, is allowing the injustices being done to her to help us awaken out of our slumber? Is the pain and frustration we feel a way to shock us into awakening so that we hear the call of our own Soul? And that this will in turn empower each of us with the resources and awareness that we must have to respond to her call for help? A friend once said to me “it is too great a task to be born unconsenting”. Did we all sign up for this? I believe we did.

Yet another thought…

In order to fulfill our purpose, must we first begin the process of healing our separation from our Soul? What could be more healing, and empowering, than that of welcoming our own Soul into our bodies, and thus into our lives?

Could it be that as we each do this to greater and greater degrees (as I am quite certain it happens in increments) that the Earth will also heal and become whole. It is said that we are One…are we all be a part of her destiny and perhaps even her Soul? And that as we each tend to our own Soul-Self becoming at home in our body, thus becoming more whole, that the Earth will as well?

These are big concepts, I know. Maybe even a little wild. Yet these are the thoughts I find myself thinking as we enter the energies of this Solar Eclipse~New Moon in Cancer. Perhaps they trigger something deep within you?

The Path of the Eclipse

A solar eclipse has a narrow path as it moves across the Earth, and astrologers feel that where that path is has significance of its own. (The path is created by the moon’s shadow as it races across the Earth, an inspiring image to behold itself.)

This eclipse crosses directly over Easter Island. The chances of this are truly astronomical! I can’t help but revel in the fact that the secrets these ancient standing stones hold may be activated in the collective psyche in some way. Perhaps they hold keys to our own origin and even destiny?

The Influence of the Lunar Nodes
All eclipses are aligned with either the North or the South node. The North Node is considered to be where we are heading and the South Node where we have come from. This

Easter Island at Sunset

Eclipse is aligned with, or conjunct, the South Node, representing the past in some way. This suggests that indeed it could be bringing to our awareness, out of our deep memory (Cancer does rule our memories), our ancient past and original purpose.

So is this Eclipse an opening to us consciously remembering our true purpose for being alive at this time? Could it be a call from our ancient past to our present to wake up and remember who we are? Surely there will be openings during this time allowing greater unification with our Higher Self.

“There are billions of Souls wanting to incarnate at this time.
Your being alive during the next several decades is such a precious gift.”
~Told to me by my Grandfather in the early 1970’s

The essence of what I am saying is this…
The energies of this Solar Eclipse and the other Cardinal influences occurring now are designed to activate our ancient memories so that we can see and know that our true destiny is to be here now, in our bodies, on the Earth at this powerful time of accelerated planetary change and Soul evolution.

This activation will decrease the resistance of our egos, which will assist us to align our lower will with our higher will, plus bring us the insights needed to move our life onto new, Soul-directed paths.

The Great Work to be done on our planet at this time is daunting
if we are not aware of and able to utilize the power and resources our Soul brings us.
We are not doing this alone…to do so is exhausting indeed.

What a privilege to be here, incarnated, at this time. The words of my Grandfather have more meaning to me now than ever. To open to this energy, start by simply being in awe at the wonder of it all.

Blessings and Light,

Influence of the Solar Eclipse of 7/11/10-Part 2

July 9th, 2010

In the first part of this 2-part article on the Solar Eclipse of 7/11/10, I discussed the spiritual significance of of the Eclipse. Here I will discuss more about the aspects and the impact of the Eclipse. Please note that if you are reading these articles after the eclipse the information given is applicable for several weeks afterward as that is how long the eclipse will have an impact.

On July 11, 1991 there was a solar eclipse in Cancer whose path went directly over the big island of Hawaii and I was fortunate enough to be there. Ever since, I have been an absolute Eclips-oholic. It was an experience I put in the top five most amazing of my life. During the eclipse of last July, I wrote: Solar & Lunar Eclipses ~ Mayhem or Magic?
Here is an except, as the information applies now as well:

How do Eclipses affect us?

There are two  Solar Eclipses each year and this one is quite potent for sure. Will there be some calamity whereby the World will hover on the edge of disaster as a direct result of this Eclipse? I’m going to say, No. Is it significant from an Astrological point of view. Yes, quite so. Before we go there, let’s look a bit closer at just what a Solar Eclipse is.

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking out the Sun itself, which amazingly reveals the Sun’s corona, as in the photo above.
Have you ever considered why this most remarkable of natural events even happens? Let’s start with the fact that there are two discs, in our sky, the Sun and the Moon, that appear to be of about equal size. Yet we know they are not of equal size, so what’s really going on here?

The Magic of 400

Why Solar Eclipses even occur: The Sun is 400 times further from the Earth than the Moon,AND the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun. Hence, they appear to be the same size to us as we gaze upon them in the sky. And so on these bi-annual events called Solar Eclipses, when, during a new moon, the Moon crosses in front of the Sun, it is able to block out the Sun, revealing it’s corona. All this because of the 400-400 phenomena. What are the chances? In fact, the Moon is actually falling out of orbit with the Earth (this will take millions of years) and as it does, solar eclipses are becoming of increasingly less duration.

How may the Eclipse influence you?

When the Moon eclipses and blocks out the Sun, our emotions can seem stronger or more active than our higher-functioning self, and that part of us is diminished to some degree, we can feel a little crazy or off center, which can generate feelings of fear and instability. (This is true of both solar and lunar eclipses.)

During this time, it is true that you may feel off and more emotional and sensitive than usual. And this influence is certainly not confined to just the day of the eclipse, and is strongest the two weeks before and after. But why do we feel this way? Because the “normal” balance of our emotional nature (the Moon) and our higher self (the Sun) is thrown off. We are used to them being in a certain relationship to each other, which is most likely “out of alignment”, but normal to us nonetheless. We usually walk around with our lower (ego) and higher selves (Soul) not in a state of mutual awareness, or alignment (read part one of this article). And so, during solar eclipses, when they are more aligned than at other times, we feel odd, off, different than usual. Things are more intense and even surreal. But, is this a bad thing? No. Not at all. The trick is to make a conscious effort  to adjust to this increased sense of Self as well as our personal Universe.

The Solar Eclipse path will go directly over Easter Island

How to align with these potent energies
If you look at the images of a solar eclipse, such as those on this page, you will notice that the corona is clearly visible, which of course it usually is not. This is, to me, beautiful beyond anything I have ever seen. What is that amazing glow around the Sun? Can you  imagine that the Light around the Sun is a representation of the Light around you. As you tune into this Light, you can actually activate or charge your auric field, which can be energizing and bring you clarity, insights and guidance.

. . . . .

Other significant aspects of this eclipse chart

~There are three prominent quincunxes occurring at the time of the Eclipse.
These aspects can either hide things from our view or reveal what is hidden. Here are some keys to working with this so that you won’t be caught off guard:

  • Look in unusual places for answers. Ask different questions than usual, and perhaps of people you don’t usually seek help from.
  • Do not assume that you know your weakest link, or what is in you own “blind spot”.  Turn to see it directly. Ask for whatever it is to be revealed to you with clarity.
  • When seeking out answers or guidance, be open and willing to find something different than what you thought it would be.

~Jupiter is squaring Pluto.
While I will be writing more about this later this month, it is worth making mention of this event here. Jupiter in Aries is a call to expand our life force in some way. Perhaps you could say it is an activator for our own essence to grow and become stronger. Pluto in Capricorn may try to contain that in some old form that you have outgrown. This combo suggests that as you seek to expand into a higher level of consciousness, you must go through layers of old patterns, or even wounds, in order to do this. Some keys do this not being quite so uncomfortable, and actually a productive process, are:

Realize that this expanded state of consciousness is your True Self, and that as it expands into your awareness some false aspect of your identity will likely resist, fighting for its very life. Lots here, I know (I can feel it as I write!). Trust your True Self to lead you through this process.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, is nearby to keep you from getting too bogged down or stuck. Keep asking to Awaken in whatever ways you are ready to do so!

~Saturn is still at the last degree of Virgo. (Read more about this influence here.)
The fact that it is here during this eclipse strongly suggests to me that an old cycle is ending and that a new one is at hand. Here’s the good news about this: You really are ready to complete the old pattern or you wouldn’t be here, doing what you are doing, trying to awaken to your Soul (or reading this article!). Saturn means it when it says “You’re done now”, “it’s over”, “end of this phase”, “time to move on”. If you have been feeling that you are at the end of something, that you are done with a particular pattern, belief or situation in your life, I say believe it!

I offer several “keys” in my post “Saturn’s Swan Song” to better understand the impact and meaning of Saturn being here. Perhaps it would help to re-read it to see how you can facilitate the endings that are ready to take place in your life at this time.

The Bottom Line
This Eclipse marks a turning point from an old way of living to a new one. It is an invitation to take up the task of Living in greater alignment and with an expanded awareness of your Prime Directive~for your body to be the home of your Soul.

To live our true purpose, our true Soul work, we must be in our bodies. We must descend into our “earth home”. For then, we have the true power and wisdom of our own higher self to more directly influence our life. Read more about this in Part One of this 2-part article on this Solar Eclipse.

Cancer is the sign that rules the qualities and acts of nurturing. And there is no more important act than nurturing yourself, tending to your own being, so that your Soul can feel at home on Earth. This, in turn, will give you the power to create the life you were meant to have and to fulfill your true purpose at this most important time on Earth.

Blessings and Light to you during this most amazing time,


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  1. July 12, 2010 11:25 am

    Hi there,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this article! Wow, thank you for sharing this beauty. What a phenomenal article.

    YES, mission on earth, in our bodies, in love, on earth, in love, being in Spirit and Earth, meeting in the heart. Actually, I will be writing an article about that in my blog, about Spirit and Earth meeting in the heart, and what compassion means. Just thought of it! Hope you get to read it :).


  2. Nick permalink
    July 11, 2010 9:00 pm

    As we await the Lunar Eclipse occurring within the next hour, let us prepare – all creatures no matter how small or great, our Whole Planet = to receive a new light of consciousnesss that will help guide Peace be with you/us on the journey.

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