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July 7 Crop Circle: All Systems Go?

July 8, 2010

Crop circles are endlessly fascinating.

Saul and SaLuSa said in their latest posts that full consciousness was coming “soon.”

Commentators on Godlike Productions say that this latest July 7, 2010 crop circle at Danebury Fort, England, conveys the final preparations before full consciousness occurs.

I personally have no idea, but endlessly enjoy the speculations.

Thanks to Patte and Dirck.

From GLP:

“There are 27 dimensions that support the 3 dimensions we are currently living in. All these 27 dimensions have to be set up, and ready to go, before our world can be transformed.

“This crop circle shows that this is now accomplished.

“So get ready for massive changes.”

On Danebury Fort from GLP commentator Quonxwerx:

About Danebury Hill Fort

Danebury is one of the most extensively studied hill forts in Europe. ‘Iron Age’ describes the period between the end of the Bronze Age and the start of the Roman period. 700BC – AD43. Evidence found suggests that the Fort was built 2500 years ago and occupied for nearly 500 years until the arrival of the Romans. You can discover more and see some of the finds at the Museum of the Iron Age in Andover.

In the hill fort you can see the ‘Ring’ of ramparts and the once hidden gateway. The earth works around the entrance will give you a feel for the success of the Danebury defences and you may notice that the ground slopes to a high spot in the centre of the ring. This area was a focal point for religious gatherings and important meetings. You may also notice some subtle dips in the ground where grain stores used to be. These dips are the only visible evidence of past excavations.

Large Beech trees around the perimeter of the earth works, make the site very prominent in the surrounding landscape. Other hill top features that you can see from here, may also have been fortified sites of ancient settlement.
After the Iron Age

During the Roman period hillforts fell out of use with Romano-British people preferring to live in villas surrounded by their own farming estate. Danebury may have been used again briefly during the Dark Ages (5th/6th centuries) as there is evidence that the outer defensive earthworks were rebuilt.

The town of Stockbridge developed during the medieval period and at this time Danebury was used only by shepherds and their flocks. During the 16th century Henry VII granted a charter allowing a fair to be held on St Margaret’s Day (20 July) and this annual event may have taken place at Danebury.

Today Danebury is still visited by local people, some of whom may be related to the original Iron Age inhabitants of the hillfort 70 generations ago.

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  1. July 8, 2010 5:58 pm

    Saul and SaLuSa said in their latest posts that full consciousness was coming soon???? No kidding. Man, we are living in wondrous times, hay??, and that July 7th Crop Circle at Danebury Fort, England – awesome, truly awesome is the word.

    I don’t know about other like-minded humans out there all over Planet Earth?? but I can tell you all I really LOVE seeing Crop Circles. They truly make you think quite deeply about what is being shown us, and what the inner meaning is to this. It’s the best way to channel information coming from the other side of the Veil.

    The HEB’s the highly evolved beings are making people worldwide look outside the Box by forming those one of a kind Crop Circles for us to not only enjoy seeing. They are planting seeds of wisdow into our minds as well. One can only wounder what the next crop circle will show us Spiritual beings having a Human experience as we all head down that road head first into the 21 Century???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????.

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