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Billy Cooper on the Secret Government

July 6, 2010

Assumed photo of autopsy about to be performed on chlorophyll-based ET (discernment required)

Milton William Cooper, or “Billy Cooper,” is truly one of the unsung heroes of the UFO Disclosure movement.

Cooper was a young naval officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence when he came across a highly-classified memo describing the role of the ONI in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was so horrified that he quit the service.

He then began a distinguished career as one of the first of modern whistleblowers, exposing the Kennedy assassination plot, the UFO cover-up, the 9/11 attacks, the CIA’s involvement in the world drug trade, and many other top-secret black operations and examples of government corruption.

He was host of the radio talk show “Hour of the Time.” Cooper saw a UFO while in Naval Intelligence. Cooper knew that Secretary of Defense James Forrestal was assassinated because he spoke out about the need to tell the public about ETs and UFOs and yet he still persevered in bringing the truth to people.

For his advance warning of 9/11 and because of what he knew about the operation, he was murdered on Nov. 5, 2001.

In May of 1989, he gave a seminal lecture on “The Secret Government” of which only a grainy video remains.

Doubleclick and go to Youtube for the other 9 parts in the series.

Although some of what Cooper said in this video has been added to by such whistleblowers as Dan Burisch, Arthur Neumann (“Henry Deacon”), Philip Corso, Bob Dean and others, it remains a tour de force, revealing much useful information on the early days of interaction with aliens on this planet.

One of the interesting bits of information he provides is about chlorophyll-based ETs. You remember that David Wilcock once made the statement that some civilizations reached the human form by mammals, some by amphibians, some by reptiles, and even some by plants. I often wondered about Wilcock’s assertion that some humans were plant-based. Well, in this lecture Cooper reveals one civilization that reached it by plants.

Members of that civilization crashed at Roswell. One ET captured there and nicknamed EBE (or extraterrestrial biological entities) were in fact chlorophyll based. At the bottom of this discussion, I’ll provide Cooper’s description.

But for now, I’d like to publish a transcript of this remarkable lecture for all the useful information it provides on the early years of UFO/ET history on Planet Earth. Over the next few days, I’ll publish instalments of it, starting tomorrow.

Here is Cooper’s description of a chlorophyll-based ET civilization:

Living Alien Rescued at Roswell, New Mexico, 1949

The living alien that had been rescued from the 1949 Roswell crash was named “EBE”. Its name had been suggested by Dr. Vannever Bush as an acronym for Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity. EBE had a tendency to lie and for over a year would give only the expected answer to questions asked by his interrogators. Those questions which would have resulted in an undesirable answer went unanswered. At some point during the second year of captivity he began to open up and the information derived from EBE was startling, to say the least. This compilation of his revelations became the foundation of what would later be called the “Yellow Book”. Photographs were taken of EBE which, among others, I and Bill English were to view years later in Project GRUDGE 13.

Alien Biological System Based on Chlorophyll Process

In late 1951 EBE became very ill and medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of his illness as they had no background about his biological structure from which to draw. EBE’s biological system was chlorophyll-based and processed food into energy much the same as plants did. Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It was decided that an expert on botany was called for. A botanist, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, was brought in to help EBE recover. Dr. Mendoza worked hard to save his life until EBE died in mid-1952. Dr. Mendoza became an expert on alien Biology. Meanwhile in the futile attempt to save EBE and to gain favor with this technologically superior alien race, the United States began broadcasting into the vast regions of space a call for help early in 1952. The call went unanswered as EBE’s life ebbed away but the project continued as an effort of good faith.

May 23, 1989

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