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Ready-Reference Guide to Oil Spill Available

June 26, 2010

Rather than issuing periodic updates to what the galactic and spirit teachers are saying about the oil spill, I’ve created one source on the entire subject, which I’ll regularly update.

The source is a “Ready Reference Guide to the Gulf Oil Spill,” which has been made a sticky post and will be maintained at the top of this website.

The guide tells you what caused the spill, when it will be cleaned up, whether you need to worry about martial law, what will and what won’t happen, etc., all according to trusted sources.

My hope is that the guide will reassure you that the galactics know what is happening and are prepared to intervene in an emergency if necessary. Hopefully it will help you make any decisions that are there for you in response to the spill.

The galactic and spirit teachers say categorically that no catastrophe, Armageddon, or mass die-off will be permitted on this planet. They add that no planetary evacuation is in the cards. They promise that. after disclosure, they will stop the spill and clean it up.

If we want to do something to speed that up, we might wish to consider what we can do to expedite disclosure. More petitions? Write President Obama? Organize demonstrations in favor of disclosure? Whatever you can manage would be a help.

The most important thing to remember is that the galactics and spirits see and know everything that happens on Earth – everything the cabal is plotting, how we are feeling, what is happening within the Earth. We are in good hands, for a world that faces such a calamity as the oil spill represents. Consult the guide to remember the source of safety any time you find yourself forgetting.

Some people will wonder why other sources are not included. In the first place, many other sources do not discuss the spill. In the second, I feel myself willing to bet on SaLuSa, Matthew and Saul. If I felt the same about other sources, I would include them too. But so far, I’m only including those sources that I feel are absolutely reliable and, for me, that turns out to be a small number from among many.



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