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Operation Blackjack

June 24, 2010

Thanks to Arcanum Deep Secrets blogsite

Sometime in 2009 (the page doesn’t have a date), the U.K. Telegraph published a remarkable slide show called “Operation Blackjack.”

At the bottom of the page was a notice that “the events portrayed in this slide show are entirely fictitious.” (1)

Whether the events were fictitious or not was subsequently lost in the hubbub that developed.

The slide show depicted a future “terrorist” attack involving nuclear bombs and all the events that arose out of the attack. But the slide show also, as it developed, tagged the event as a creation of the authorities themselves.

Was it an intentional attempt on the part of a muzzled press to warn us about the Illuminati’s real plans?

The name “Operation Blackjack” stuck to the Illuminatis’ use of stolen nuclear weapons, the military  round-up of citizens and use of FEMA camps to incarcerate and kill them. Other videos were produced spurred on by the Telegraph’s slide show.

Whatever the original purpose of the slide show, it became an indispensable means of making people aware of the danger they faced from their own government.

Here is one subsequent video based on the Telegraph’s original presentation but going much further. Double-click on it to go to Youtube and see the other installments.

I walk a fine line here in making us aware of these events while still knowing that the Light forces we study will not permit what has come to be known as Operation Blackjack to occur. I don’t wish to lull anyone to sleep but I also don’t wish to alarm anyone unduly either.

All people who don’t follow the reports of the galactics and Spiritual Hierarchy may well believe that these events will happen whereas we’ve been assured they won’t. But I don’t think it’s a wise policy to be anything less than fully educated.

David Icke said that lightworkers who are spiritually aware but don’t know what is happening in the world do not have sufficient preparation to go into Ascension without being terribly confused and fearful. By the same token, lightworkers who know what’s happening in the world and believe the worst will occur will be unable to focus comfortably on the spiritual preparation necessary for Ascension.

We navigate these waters by being aware of the world’s situation and yet knowing that the galactic and spiritual forces are sufficient to corral the Illuminati and bring us safely home. Theoretically we should be able to have our eyes wide open but without going into unnecessary fear and alarm.

That’s the outcome we’re working towards.

So, yes, Operation Blackjack was real and, yes, the Light forces speak truly when they say we have no idea how close to enslavement we came – and, no, it ain’t going to happen.


(1) See .

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