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Scott Mandelker on Walk-Ins and Wanderers

June 22, 2010

Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., has written a book about 25 walk-ins and wanderers and discussed the subject in an interview at a recent UFO conference. His website is located at .

The  difference between the two groups is (as you might expect) that (a) walk-ins are ETs who’ve had a soul exchange by invitation of the human soul, who is “taking a rest,” while (b) wanderers did not walk off ships but have been here for their whole lifetime and may even have had a number of births on Earth.

However, both groups are here out of service to others and assisting us, as Earth allies, during the events leading up to Ascension in 2012.

Here is the first of a six-part video with Scott made at a recent UFO conference.  To watch the other installments, doubleclick on the video and go to Youtube.

Wanderers, in Scott’s opinion, are more common than walk-in and number in the millions.

There are apparently millions of “sleeping” wanderers who are now awakening to their purpose. Scott considers himself a wanderer who has awakened to his identity through much psychic and spiritual practice.

You probably recall that David Wilcock also characterizes himself as a wanderer.

Someone has kindly furnished a table of contents for the video:

Part 1

– Intro Scott Mandelker
– Scotts book and studies
– Walk-ins and ET wanderers
– ET channeling

Part 2

– Other ET races
– Planetary chages
– Earth being a schoolhouse
– Love or Control
– Infinity
– Cosmic Law of Freewill
– Negitive ET’s
– How to know if your a wanderer

Part 3

– The 100 million ET wanderers
– Service to humanity
– Indigo and crystal children
– Children assuming leadership positions
– Wanderer questioneer
– Are you an ET soul?

Part 4

– Critical of the New Age movement
– New Age ideas being ancient
– Majority of New Age movement people are really ET souls
– Many Ancients gained knowledge from other ET races
– Negitive and Positive ET’s
– The goal and objective of Negitive ET groups
– Orion

Part 5

– Negative Forces and Star Wars
– Love vs Fear
– Goverments direct contact with ET groups
– ET Disclosure
– UFO sightings/Government ships
– ET souls here voluntaraly
– Beings of Light
– Contracts coming to and end now
– Leaving Earth

Part 6

– Many other planets going through the same as we are right now
– 2010,2012
– Transmuation
– The Harvest
– The Lessons of Love

VIDEO from

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