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Tom Bearden on Free Energy

June 14, 2010

The world does not need oil. Technology exists to derive free, zero-point, or scalar energy from the vacuum.

However, classical electromagnetics does not recognize the vacuum as being full of energy; instead it sees it as empty.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Tom Bearden, Ph.D., U.S. Army, spent his lifetime trying to convince modern science that the vacuum is not an emptiness, but a plenum.

Tom was born Dec. 17, 1930 and raised at Cheniere, LA. He worked as a nuclear engineer.

He describes himself as a theoretical conceptualist active in the study of scalar electromagnetics, advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, energetics weapons and phenomena, free energy systems, electromagnetic healing via the unified field action of extended Sachs-Evans electrodynamics, and human development.

What’s at stake for Tom is weaning the world from its dependence on oil by replacing it with free energy and ending pollution, wastefulness, and want.

Also at stake is a new approach to medicine that can cure diseases resistant to all current approaches and stop the spread of pandemics.

What stops the development of free-energy devices is a small corporate and military cabal that has withheld free-energy technology since the 1950s.

Here are some incredibly-perceptive insights and predictions from Tom that demonstrate that we do not need oil.

BP Oil Rig

“If development funding for energy from the vacuum was made available this [BP oil spill] would be a thing of the past.” (1)

“God willing, this paper will trigger a thousand, or even ten thousand, scientists and engineers to develop [free] energy devices. If so, shortly, we can rid our biosphere of noxious automobile and factory exhausts, radioactive nuclear wastes, and massive oil spills.

“We can remove many of the hydrocarbon combustion pollutants from the air, stop acid rain and the destruction of our forests, and stop the steady rise of carbon monoxide in our air. If that truly tends toward a ‘Greenhouse’ effect, then we can halt that effect as well.

“The Creator has always given us bountiful free electrical energy, everywhere, easily and readily for the simple taking. It has only been our own blindness and folly that have prevented us from seeing and using this free energy bounty.” (2)

“Our scientific community is largely completely ignoring a far more fundamental electrodynamics than it knows and teaches. Hey, that keeps the power meter on your house, keeps the gas pump meter on the gas pump, and keeps burning all those hydrocarbons and consuming nuclear fuel rods to make electricity laboriously, dirtily, and hostilely to the entire planet.

“And that continues to enrich the loose bunch of cartels that profit so handsomely from the world energy situation as it is. And the other cartels that continue to profit from our kindergarten medical science as it is. The cartels extract about a trillion dollars a year from the energy business alone, and probably more than that from the big pharmaceuticals and medical therapies worldwide.

“There are many ways to extract energy from the seething vacuum. Unfortunately, at present our scientific community takes a bizarre stance.  In particle physics it is well known that the active vacuum is incredibly energetic. Calculations by leading physicists such as Wheeler show that a cubic centimeter of vacuum (about the tip of one’s little finger in volume) has so much raw energy in it that, if condensed into matter, there would be more matter than is observable in the universe through the largest telescope! So even a tiny efficiency of tapping could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish.” (3)

“It has been known for decades in particle physics that there exists no equilibrium in mass systems, unless the interaction of the vacuum with the masses is included. … That this known total glitch in modern EM theory has not been previously corrected, when the particle physicists of every university physics department of note already know it is necessary, is inexplicable!

“Here we must regretfully point out finger at our orthodox scientific establishment, and particularly at our National Science Foundation and our  National Academy of Science.  These institutions are not even working on, nor are they aware of, nor do they even care about, the most fundamental science problems of our time.

“Bigger accelerators, yes.  Windmills, yes.  …  The greatest of all electrodynamics—the infolded longitudinal EM wave dynamics inside all EM fields, potentials, and waves—no.  The correction of the dozens of major flaws and non sequiturs in classical electromagnetics, no.

“The understanding of the longitudinal EM wave interferometer weapons and quantum potential weapons already arrayed against us, no.  The development of EM healing based on the Priore [medical] approach, which would totally revolutionize medical therapy and handle attacks on our cities by weapons of mass destruction, no.” (4)

There is enough energy inside the space in this empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world. This is a fact well known to physicists.

“There need be no huge oil tanker spills, for there need be no huge oil tankers. There need be no worrisome radioactive wastes from nuclear power plants, or abandoned hazardous nuclear plants when their life is finished, because there need be no nuclear power plants. There need be no noxious exhausts from jet airplanes (which are really what is diminishing the ozone layer and punching holes in it), automobiles, trucks, buses, innumerable coal-fired and oil-fired power plants, etc.” (5)

“‘The temporary ‘solution’ (once the present energy system effectively crashes and the economy is grievously damaged) is likely to be a rising torrent of ‘Hey, let’s turn coal loose!’ because the U.S. has lots of coal. There will also be a tirade of ‘Let’s turn the nuclear powerplants loose again!’

“With enough economic disaster, Congress will rush through a bill or a series of bills removing the limits on coal because of its ‘dirty combustion’, and going after nuclear powerplants again.  It will mean sacrificing the biosphere even further, but that will gain a few years, maybe.

“For a preview of the expanded hydrocarbon usage, just look at China and how dirty it has become in its cities, etc. where the people are acquiring small transport, etc.  And they’re burning things ‘dirty’.  The ‘brown cloud from Asia’ is likely to become a rather permanent fixture. …

“We are doing what we can, and we will continue without letup. I have a very simple philosophy, rather like the old general [Allenby] in the movie, Lawrence of Arabia.  At his staff briefing, looking at the map of the situation and array of forces, he struck the blackboard/map with his fist and exclaimed to his Artillery General: ‘Pound them, Charlie! Pound them!’ So pound them we are, and pound them we will. After all, I’m an old artilleryman!” (6)

“If the real energy research job is to be done at all and if the nation is to be saved and survive at all, it would seem that it must be done by the private sector.  By private individuals.  By private ‘patrons’ who fund the real work ongoing by a very few researchers, against very large odds.

“It must be done and done very rapidly by a relatively few individuals, with some foresight and with an intense amount of very hard work.  Otherwise, it will simply not be done and we will all discover the full horrors of the Armageddon that has been prepared for us.  Otherwise, we will not see 2010 before the guillotine falls, and most of civilization lies in ruins, as will much of the biosphere itself.” (7)

We are in 2010 and the guillotine is falling.

We do not need oil. Let’s end the withholding of free-energy tech


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  1. René Brioul permalink
    June 15, 2010 10:57 am

    It might just be that Obama grabs the opportunity he has – addressing the nation tonight on the subject of the Oil-spill – to announce ET expertise to clean up the mess and to provide free energy…
    I sure hope so!

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