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The Anglo-Saxon Mission – Part 5

June 13, 2010

In this final instalment of the revelations of a City of London whistleblower, we hear more about reptilians.

Poor David Icke, who bore the brunt of criticism for so many years, talking about reptilians, now receives corroboration from another source,

Our informant closes with “A new Golden Age? No, not quite.”  Yes, quite. Believe it.

However he’s risked his life to tell us what he knows. Remember that “Svali” was probably killed for her account of the Illuminati. The City of London whistleblower has therefore earned an honored place in history.

Who are these reptilians?

11500 years ago not much was known about the reptilian-looking race other than they shared knowledge of space through time travel with other races such as the Alhoo of earth. What became apparent is their low spiritual development and disdain for anything they feel is weak, even among their own kind. As I mentioned their lives are determined by time. They are not aware of a timeless present due to their low level of conscious awareness.

However, this low level of conscious awareness is superbly masked by their ability to live extremely long lives and the ease at which they can control anyone who comes into contact with them. They live on fear and are energised/empowered through this.

The reptilians became the dominant controlling entity on earth because of their abilities to sustain themselves here. The Alhoo, while they have never left, can never be permanently resident. However, it must be known that the Alhoo do live through us since we are them and they are us. We are no different from the Alhoo when all is said and done. The Alhoo are essentially now space dwellers and are far in advance of the reptilians.

Now, the reptilians know very well that the Alhoo started civilisation here on earth doing so through the early human forms and that we, the current form of humankind, look and think very much like them. They also know that we have a level of conscious awareness that can be easily affected through fear in order to gain our compliance. That fear network has been with us and developed by them throughout this current age. All through this present time the reptilians have held kingship over mankind, dominating and controlling all aspects of our physical lives on earth.

This age has been marked by them as one of continual conflict and forced manipulation shaped by fear. The Alhoo have been aware of this, but to them, as it is to us, time means nothing at all. Time is meaningless even in the physical world we think we know so well. Now, the Alhoo will change this experience once it has seen itself out.

The reptilian experience is about to end and of course they do not wish it to end and are trying extremely hard to ensure it doesn’t. They cannot and will not, understand that their experience here is transitory. They believe it is eternal, since they are unable, at any level, to comprehend otherwise.


We are very shortly about to enter into this period of change, where the earth’s crust will displace another 30 degrees southwards, doing so during a 24 hour period, or a day and night, if you understand this. Before this comes about, and it will happen quite suddenly, the reptilians will cause the war I mentioned before. The destructive nature of this conflict will reduce the earth’s population by around half. The earth’s displacement will further reduce the population by about half again.

There are some who think this will be a good thing since they have lived their physical life experience through the reptilian mind and not their own. That will change too. Throughout the world people are becoming more and more aware of themselves and giving themselves time to think away from the fear generated by their rulers, whether they are democratically elected or not.

People now are more aware than they have been since the last change that took place 11,500 years ago. They recall who they are and what they know to be as spiritual beings first and infinite as opposed to being physical beings with one life only – that being this life.

That awareness will spread leading to the probability that all power held by the reptilians will be lost leaving them very isolated but more physically dangerous than ever. No matter, their time here will pass suddenly. Will they move on? I do not yet know. All I know is that they will lose the power of fear over mankind and by doing so lose any level of power they now hold.

So, another new age will come to earth with the Alhoo returning as they did before. They will enjoy, with us, all that is known of our conscious existence that is infinite, something we know to be and is. Fear will be gone and our humanity will once more return.

A new Golden Age? No, not quite. Life on earth will remain difficult and painful in human form, but it will be lived without fear and can be a most rewarding experience that will brighten the spark of our infinite selves.

Enough for now I think.


Another version of the above letter was originally sent to both Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot including personal details that have now been removed by the sender. The content is unaltered by the whistleblower in any other way except to protect his identity. The above letter was provided to Kerry Cassidy for publication upon her request about a week ago.

Kerry Cassidy | March 2010

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