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Niara Terela Isley: “Extraterrestrial Contact” Vs. “Alien Invasion”

June 11, 2010


Niara in 1980, at the time of these events


Niara Terela Isley, who should be familiar to readers of this site, has just done a radio interview with Lois Wetzel on “Extraterrestrial Contact” vs. “Alien Invasion.”

Her articles are featured in many places including Exopolitics Examiner. For several featured on this site, search on “Niara”. Her article on her experiences at Nellis AFB appears at:

Her radio interview appears at:

One of the matters that Niara addresses that does us all a service is the current crop of ET scare movies.

By way of background, Niara was a radar specialist in the U.S. Air Force who participated in a 1980 test of surface-to-air radar when she witnessed an encounter either with an ET craft or a back-engineered terrestrial vehicle. The craft came to within 100 feet of the team.  She witnessed events that were a great deal higher than her secrecy clearance.

The Army responded by forcibly erasing her memory. When she discovered the missing 3-month period, she began a journey that lasted years to recover it. At the risk of her life, she’s been speaking out today on what is transpiring in the military.  She’s a modern hero who’s risked her life to get the truth out there.

To key up her presentation, here is Lois Wetzel’s write-up on it.

Niara Isley is a widely known expert in the field of Extra-Terrestrial contact. She first encountered this phenomenon while working in the US Army in the field of radar technology. While assigned to a post in an area in the US desert, she saw certain things she was not supposed to see. This encounter changed her whole life. Niara, who has been interviewed on Coast to Coast, has spoken with me twice before, and has agreed to come speak with me again. Today she will be talking about — “…alien invasions versus extraterrestrial contact, and why I feel there is nothing to be afraid of, despite fear being pumped up by TV shows and movies around ETs.”

The other topic which fits well with it, “mind and emotions, intuition and discernment, is about developing our expanded senses by quieting mind and emotions which drown out our perceptual abilities most of the time. If we develop our expanded perceptual abilities, we are far less able to be fooled by appearances.”

Come listen as I speak again with this fascinating and courageous woman who has come out publicly about things we all need to know, even though the “Shadow Government” really does NOT want us to know. Come hear why she does not think we have anything to fear from so-called alien contact, and how we can refine our inner abilities to discern truth from fiction where this matter is concerned.

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