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The Anglo-Saxon Mission – Part 1

June 9, 2010

When the “Anglo-Saxon Mission” first came out in March 2010, I decided not to publish it because many assertions made in the letter appear to be inaccurate.

For instance, according to the sources I hold to (see the discussion of these points in First Contact), there will be no war with Russia, China, or Iran, no nuclear war of any kind, no Armageddon, no depopulation, etc.

However, I now see many reasons why publishing these memoirs of a British whistleblower have much relevance.

They detail life inside the City of London.

They show the plans which the British faction of the Illuminati had for the world.

They tell much about the role of the British cabal in space travel, including their relationship with the little Greys.

They offer an interesting glimpse into our history with ET species.

When I therefore came across it again recently, I decided that much good could be served by making the whistleblower’s account more generally available. I’ll publish it in a number of parts.

Please be aware that few if any of his predictions, according to sources followed here, are slated to come true. We are listening to someone describe an alternate timeline, probably glimpsed through use of the ET device called “the Looking Glass.” (1) This alternate timeline is not our future.

The Anglo Saxon Mission – The Timeline – Letter from a Whistleblower…

Los Angeles, March 2010

Kerry Cassidy: Reprinted below is a copy of a letter sent to Kerry Cassidy for publication in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the Anglo-Saxon Mission as well as events surrounding these revelations that have not until now, been released to the public.

This release augments the original interview and video commentary by Bill Ryan presented on Project Camelot under the title The Anglo-Saxon Mission.

The letter below has not been edited or revised in any way by Kerry Cassidy and is presented here for the first time.

By the time I had become aware of the Timeline I had already travelled all over the world with the UK military and was involved in many conflicts, and had witnessed many mind changing events some of which are difficult describe in any sensible manner.

One the most difficult events to rationalise was a gathering that took place in 1975 that involved Admiral Hill-Norton, who was then, I believe, Chairman of the NATO Committee. I cannot go into the detail of this since to do so might compromise the Official Secrets Act.

Suffice to say this event was pivotal and key to later events in providing evidence for the existence of the Anglo-Saxon Mission or better described as the Timeline. Therefore, no more can be publicly said about this event, other than to state that this Timeline was very much in existence 35 years ago, backed up by a very creditable insider, later referred to as ‘CW’ and from what I witnessed personally.

During 1980’s, due to certain personal career events, which I am not yet able to disclose, I could establish beyond any simple suspicion, that a future wartime government of the UK will be conservative, right wing in nature, and of high ranking military office, not civilian, with the officer cadre from all 3 services properly inducted to be in obedient support. I felt at the time that we would soon be in an extended state world wide armed conflict, where this type of totalitarian/military Government would be put in place.

I continued on with my military career and was now project working with various military contractors such as BAE, Westland, and Plessey & Marconi Systems. It was during this time that I was introduced into the future naval weapons programmes then running in the late 80’s and early 90’s. However, by then, I was totally disillusioned and really did feel that ultra-right wing hands were at hard at work manipulating people and events. Again, what CW had told me (CW was insider, known since 1975 and whose identity still needs to be protected) previously told me came back with more solidity than I could have imagined.

In effect CW was turning out to be right, and in effect, I had a major mindset change as I knew that everything I was told was based on ordinary people being kept compliant and ignorant.

(To be continued)


(1) For more on the Looking Glass, go to and search on “looking glass.”

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