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Lisa Renee: Choice and Commitment

June 9, 2010

In my opinion, Lisa Renee is one of the most insightful of commentators. She also channels the “Guardians.”

(Look at that face and tell me that that is not the face of enlightenment. Lisa mirrors our future, everyone.)

However, her work can be very long and intense.  This too is a sign of the quality of her intellect, but it may tax some readers. Consequently I publish only a snippet of her current monthly comment and encourage you to go to her site for the rest.

The concentration that reading her requires is well worth it.

By Lisa Renee

Energetic Synthesis

June 7, 2010,

Dear Family,

Moving forward into the summer months, we are meeting at a bridge of multidimensional intersection which is about to create a larger energetic pathway in order to choose access towards the Ascension timeline.

It is akin to saying the “spiritual to physical“ broadband connection is just about to get much larger on this planet and will apply even more “energetic” pressure to make changes in our lives.

As spoken of many times, the Ascension Timeline is the pathway of frequency accretion and genetic rehabilitation leading the consciousness and the spiritual bodies to be fully released from the enslavement of reincarnating in the “lower form worlds”.

The Guardian consciousness serving the “Law of One” has returned to this planet in order to support human sovereignty and liberation from the control of phantom forces.

Phantom forces rely on the “consumptive model” in order to exist, and this planetary system has become a source of that consumption, a food supply for those phantom forces that refuse to change or rehabilitate their consciousness in order to live in harmony with the Natural Laws of God. (otherwise known as the Law of One)

Over the eons of humanity’s (and E.T.’s) history playing out these repeated destructive behaviors, it has damaged our group human consciousness (the spirit-light bodies function) and the planetary grid (the global brain of human consciousness) in a variety of ways.

If we continue as a species to act destructively to our consciousness (whether we realize what we are doing or not) we lose the ability to connect to that consciousness. We then disconnect ourselves from our Source energy and there is only one pathway if that option continues, it will exhaust itself fragmenting – until there is nothing left.

It is the Guardian Consciousness Model (or the Kristal Body template, Cosmic Christ Consciousness Field) that return the Natural Order to that of a Living Creation.

The “Natural Order” implies the connection to the eternal and perpetual supply exchanging with the Living Light of God Source. It is that eternal supply of God Source that is the divine blueprint and right of this creation and of all life forms.

It is the “Science of Ascension” that is the creational consciousness mechanics of our Universe that is referred to by the Guardians as “The Law of One” (Consciousness is Energy and Energy is Conscious).

The Starseed and Indigo families embodied on the planet now are the representatives of this Guardian Consciousness Model by divine blueprint and genetic material. As we continue through this “Year of Indigo”, more of that embodied consciousness will activate to remember its divine commission and purposes of incarnating on this planet.

We are entering an apex of several Planetary (to Universal) historical timelines meeting together and dissolving into a singularity point. As these timeline intersections meet with our planet, the cellular record of its accumulated history creates a consequence of action that necessitates a directional choice be made. Recent levels of cellular memory from humanities hidden histories are reconnecting to the planetary consciousness grid. This has cellular memory impacting our bodies in a huge way.

If we are open to this frequency( memory) it will expand us, if we are in fear, it will shut us down.

As the cellular memory recorded from the past, present and future timelines intersect it has an energetic consequence to our planetary body and our individual body. It is that consequence of choice and its accumulated energetic force that is the mass result of the overall “quantic field” measurement that many of us are sensing is changing now.

This event is asking us to make an inner choice and commitment that will have an amplified impact on how we experience our lives in the next 24 months. We are standing at the threshold of choices in the human material existence that will change our destiny paths.

We must be careful to where we place our thoughts, emotions and consciousness power. The highest expression is divine will and the natural order through which is “Not my Will, But Thy will God”.


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