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A Channeled Source on Crop Circles

June 6, 2010

Having asked for guidance on crop circles, this purported communication from Pleaiadians Humen, Filo, and Meroth came to my attention.

These sources are new to me. I’ll have to sit with their interpretations and see if I resonate with them. But I’m prepared to offer them provisionally at this time. If their words help to unlock crop circles, I’ll be very happy.

Supposing the Pleiadians to be credible and right, and I have no idea if they are or not, then the diagram is not only a representation of something but also a prediction. The prediction is that the solar winds will penetrate a corrupted magnetosphere, impact the population, and need correction.

Good morning Matthew, thank you for coming back and requesting more about the most recent circles. This is Humen, Filo and Meroth of the Pleiadians who are joining us on this occasion.

Yes, you are right in believing that the recent circle which appeared at Silbury Hill, the location of which you will recall we accurately predicted, is very much to do with protection; protection of the Earth.

This really is quite a simple diagram Matthew and if you imagine that the circle at the centre represents the Earth, and you have then a number of shield-like shapes which are distributed around this centre circle.

This is a clear representation of the magnetosphere, which as you know is a framework, a magnetic field if you like which criss-crosses the planet – wraps the whole globe – and is essential in protecting Earth from the very powerful and potentially very damaging components of the solar wind.

This solar wind will have a great effect on human fertility, which is a hint to the simple meaning of the next circle which has appeared at Lockeridge. The idea of showing these shields with gaps between is to demonstrate quite clearly that the magnetosphere protection will be corrupted; the protective ability of the magnetic field will be distorted and hence large increases in solar wind will be felt on Earth when this distortion occurs.

This will feature as a very key part of the coming changes to the Earth, and will play a very important part in the checks and balances which are going to be applied to world population.

The gaps which are present between thee shield-like shapes, and are filled with what would appear to be an umbrella, or perhaps a jelly fish – similar to the jelly fish shape which was used in previous depictions of the solar wind – these represent if you like the need for man to improvise; to plug these gaps; to recognise that the universal protection afforded by the magnetosphere has been corrupted and that he needs to in some way step in and recognise that efforts need to be made to improve his protection..

This is all we would like to say on this particular circle

Matthew Lewin

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