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Elegant Crop Circle Decoded

June 2, 2010

We know from David Icke’s discussion in his Project Camelot interview of being led to pieces of the puzzle he was confronting that spirit or galactic helpers can assist us to solve a puzzle. (1) Nicola Tesla also said that, after his death, he inspired many scientists to find solutions to puzzles. (2)

Here researcher Richard Andrews explains how he decoded the Wilton Windmill crop circle, which appeared in May 2010. The role of inspiration, I would think from a spiritual or galactic source, may be implicit in his comment that he “was struck by the possibility of a message encoded in 8-bit binary.”

It turns out that the crop circle may be a binary-code representation of an elegant equation called Euler’s identity. I personally am fascinated with the probable ET communications contained in crop circles. But, without the help of inspiration from spirit or galactic sources, I’m not sure how we would figure out what they say.

The decoding of the Wilton Windmill crop formation, May 2010

When I saw the photos of the Wilton Windmill crop circle, reported on 22nd May, I was immediately struck by the possibility of a message encoded in 8-bit binary.

After transcribing the binary digits, I translated each byte (8 bits) into its corresponding ASCII character with this handy online converter, starting from the direction of the windmill, and working clockwise around the circle and out from the centre.

The result was this: e^(hi)pi)1=0

It looked like some kind of equation, and when I looked it up, Google asked if I meant: e^(i)pi)1=0, for which the top result was Euler’s identity: eiπ+1=0.

This has been called “the most beautiful theorem in mathematics”. No surprise that it should turn up in a crop circle then!

One of the things that had caught my attention on initially seeing the pictures of the crop formation had been the way that it referenced both the turning wheel of the windmill and the twelve-part division of the zodiacal cycle, the cosmic wheel. On looking a little deeper into the mathematics, it becomes clear that the formation also represents Euler’s formula, of which Euler’s Identity is a special case, in graphical form – as a circle, with radii represented at different angles. On reflection, this is a very cleverly executed and elegant design, in which mathematical and symbolic meanings are fused into a single ‘identity’.

Not being a mathematician, I wasn’t sure about the odd notation of the formula as expressed in the crop circle, but I assumed that, for the circle-maker, it could be a way to get around the limitations of ASCII text, and was a near enough approximation for me to get the intended result.

One thing that bothered me was the inclusion of the anomalous ‘h’ in the message/formula. Certainly, with the absent ‘+’, it made up the number of characters to the symbolic number twelve.

[Photo shows binary 1’s and 0’s added. Details may not be overly clear.]

Perhaps significantly, the ‘h’, with the adjacent ‘i’, reads ‘hi’ – an embedded message from the circle-maker? It was only when a Facebook contact suggested that ‘h’ could be a reference to the Planck constant, taking us from the world of maths into the world of physics, that I realised a possible new layer of meaning within the embedded message. Could the makers have left a ‘Planck’ in the design as a subtle joke on all the croppies who might pronounce this a ‘genuine’ crop circle as opposed to a circle made with a plank?! I wonder if anyone has looked down that arc that represents the binary digit in question – could there be a physical plank there?

Less flippantly, I think that the more likely scenario is that the circle-makers made a genuine mistake. The binary encoding for ‘h’ – 01101000 is just one binary digit different to that for ‘(‘ – 00101000. The extra opening bracket would pair up with the otherwise unpaired closing bracket in the message to give us e^((i)pi)1=0.


(1) See  David’s (looong) video at

(2) See Tesla’s comments at

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  1. Mary England permalink
    October 12, 2010 11:42 pm

    I can read symbolism quiet well. This crop circle is easy to read. The wheel has a dot within a circle. This is the ancient symbol for zodical Precession. Within the wheel are 12 seqments that represent the 12 ages. The digital bars are an artistic way of expressing movement through the ages (like a swirling circular movement). In simple terms the crop circle is reminding us that the end of the age or the end of a Precession sometimes called a Great Year is near. This calculates to December 21, 2012, on the Gregorian calendar.

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