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David Icke: There’s a Shadow Over Humanity

June 2, 2010

In this interview with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, David Icke explains his journey from his transformational experience in 1990, through his years of exposing the cabal, to (following 2003) his current phase of preoccupation with Self-nature.

He reveals that he experienced so much ridicule during the first four years after his initial breakthrough that it prepared him for all that was to come later. He agreed with Bill Ryan’s characterization that this ridicule tempered the steel.

His discussion of his original spiritual unfoldment was absorbing. I’ve heard different versions of it. In this one he concentrates on detailing his relationship with the spiritual presence that was leading him onwards.

Feeling a vibrational presence in 1989, he visited a psychic who contacted the spirit. The presence told David that he will in the future go out onto the world stage and talk about the shadow that exists across humanity and how there will be a great change. His profound spiritual opening followed in 1990.

In the three years after, he wrote five books.  David follows a pulsing, urging, or knowing that passes through him. He describes himself as a minimalist, who would rather travel to India than pay down a mortgage (hmmm, that sounds familiar).

I’m very much familiar with what he calls the “five-sense conspiracy.” That is the paradigm that holds that only what can be perceived through the five senses is real. I called that “empirical materialism” in my own write-ups. It was the paradigm that became too confining for me, over which I left the university scene without completing my Ph.D. after having had a vision experience which clearly demonstrated that the Truth was beyond the senses.

I publicly apologize to David for having regarded him as nutty for many years because he talked about reptilians. I’m only now opening to him and I’m very much surprised at how sensible he is.

I have no self-serving excuses to make around my own erroneous judgment. But I’ll certainly make up for lost time reading his material.

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