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Chemtrails Now Receiving Mainstream Media Attention

June 1, 2010

As this video demonstrates, the mainstream media have at last come alive to the issue of chemtrails.  Very tentatively, haltingly, but a spark of life nonetheless.

Chemtrails, chaff made of toxic metals like aluminium and barium oxide, results in Morgellon’s Disease.

Though many Americans (particularly, but British as well) have died from the disease, the topic has been covered up for perhaps a decade.

However, the MSM appears at last to be noticeing what’s happening.

Laurence Livermore Labs whistleblower Arthur Neumann (“Henry Deacon”) gave a shocking account of the logic … no, madness … behind chemtrails in an interview with Project Camelot in 2007.

Do you know anything about chemtrails?

OK. Chemtrails were developed by Edward Teller and are basically the seeding of thousands of tons of microparticles of aluminum on the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albedo of the planet, the reflectivity of the planet, because of global warming.

Now, gold microparticles, real gold, were used once in a similar situation on another planet, but I guess they had lots of gold, and we used aluminum instead. Global warming is partly because of the greenhouse effect, and that certainly makes things worse, but most of it is because of increased solar activity. Solar activity is the real problem. …

Why isn’t this information in the public domain? It seems like people should know and would like to know, and there’s no security risk if what you say is true.

Scientifically, it’s just a total gamble. Not nearly enough is understood. It may work, or maybe it won’t. It could easily make things worse. There may also be health side-effects, weather side-effects, God knows what.

It affects the whole planet and here you have a unilateral, non-democratic decision, unconnected with the political or democratic process, to launch a huge technological special project that affects everyone on earth. If that’s not controversial, I don’t know what is. The solution is to keep it secret.

It’s the usual kneejerk solution, too.

What else can you tell us?

Read The Report from Iron Mountain. Much of that is true. I was working with a group down in [ ______ ]. They called us in and passed out a report. The weird thing is that it wasn’t even connected with what we were working on, and it came just right out of the blue, out of nowhere, and none of us were expecting it.

The guy said, and I’ll never forget it because it struck me as just wrong: “There are the wolves and there are the sheep, and we are the wolves.” Then they told us to go and read the report, and that was that.

There wasn’t any choice, and there still isn’t. The way they see it is there are too many people, and, you know, they’re right. That’s true. So they figure they need to eliminate them and they’re planning solutions to this. I happen to think it doesn’t have to be that way.

Apart from what I’ve mentioned so far about the spacetime problems, the problem is overpopulation. It’s as simple as that. There are programs to reduce global population for everyone’s benefit. Believe it or not, the intent there is positive. It was put together by Kennedy way back then. The RAND Corporation was involved, and one of the Rockefellers, I forget which one, probably Laurance, I think.

By killing people off?

Basically, yes. Artificial viruses that have been deployed using a number of means and are hard to detect or identify and nearly impossible to cure. Medical people in the public domain can’t identify what’s happening. …

Do you know that it’s legal to test biological and chemical agents against US citizens? It’s legal. You know, all that has to be done is to get the approval of the mayor of the city, or his equivalent in any area. Or some representative official. No-one knows this, but it can be checked out. Go look it up. It’s all carefully hidden away in the law somewhere, but it’s all in the public domain. It’s all there.

You’ve revealed a whole lot of extraordinary material here in our conversation. What’s the most important message you’d like to leave people with?

Look, I don’t want to shock anyone, but I’m not optimistic. The problems facing us as a race on this planet are huge. I don’t believe most civilians are ready and able to comprehend and deal with the sheer scale and complexity of it all. They have enough trouble managing their everyday lives, and these problems are on a completely different level. Overpopulation is really the biggest issue. Everything else facing us is connected with this.

You see, I can understand the military taking matters into their own hands. If there was full disclosure of all the problems, and all the proposed solutions, do you really think it would help any of us? I suggest the answer is probably not. It would just complicate matters further.

But deep down I do feel that everyone should know these things, or else I would not be talking with you. The essential message I want to leave with is that I do actually hope and want to believe that we as a people can handle all this, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and doubt it, but deep down I want people to know the important things that have been kept from us all. But sometimes I do wonder. You don’t know what I haven’t told you. (1)

Neumann later confessed that he is indeed optimistic about our future. He was fully apprised of the 2012 scenario and had been briefed by extraterrestrials on the events that would take place. I’m not sure why he says he is not optimistic here.

Matthew had this to say about chemtrails in April of this year:

“[The Illuminati] have controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused famines and widespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and depressions for the poor, released laboratory-designed viruses, assassinated opposition.

“They are the perpetrators of unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails and other toxic pollution, destruction of animal life on land and in the seas, mind control, the “illegal” drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial of God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and ideological divisiveness. In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly adversely affecting all life on Earth—indeed, the very life of Earth herself!” 

In 2009, he predicted:

“In the ever intensifying light, leaders who follow Illuminati orders will be toppled and replaced by wise leaders with integrity and honor. The ‘black ops’ behind terrorist activities will be revealed, the origins of “pandemics” uncovered, chemtrails stopped, mind control measures ended.

“Incrementally, like a row of dominoes slowing falling, all sources of corruption, deception and vile intent will be unmasked.” (3)

SaluSa informed us in March of 2010:

“We … continue with our program to minimise the effects of pollution both on and off Earth. This is something we have been involved in ever since the first experiments with nuclear devices. A considerable amount of our time has been cleansing your atmosphere of radioactive fallouts, and in more recent times the chemtrails. We have always kept watch on Mother Earth and her human population, and where allowed have often limited the effects of earthquakes.

“As you should know by now we only go as far as the higher Councils authorise us, and we would not do anything that could be seen as interference. You have created your reality, and it is not our place to prevent you experiencing the consequences.” (4)

Thanks to Judy.


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  1. eddie permalink
    July 28, 2010 6:48 pm

    Yea i get nausea and headaches when there is heavy spraying also vertigo .i really need to get and oxogen tank or gas mask to carry around .just think your babies and children are breathing this.How do you feel about this now?

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