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Steven Greer: The Pearl of Great Price

May 31, 2010

Here is a January 2010 interview with Dr. Steven Greer in which he discusses what to him is “the pearl of great price,” ET/UFO disclosure, which is something he says he will never give up on.

Doubleclick on the video to go to Youtube and watch the remaining instalment.

He’s had personal friends be assassinated and watched a CIA director be murdered (William Colby) for supporting disclosure.

He says our civilization is headed over a cliff and disclosure will restore it like the Phoenix.   He says every cubic centimeter of space on Earth has enough energy to run the Earth for a day. We are 100 years into coal-fired energy generation and oil-fuelled cars. Even solar and wind is too expensive. Only free-energy devices will rescue the planet.

He identifies Majestic as the group blocking disclosure. He points out that the really advanced weapons placed into space are electromagnetic devices designed to lure the ETs into a fight that the U.S. would then get the whole world to finance.  A desire for power is at the bottom of it.

More of Greer’s points:

The briefing papers that Steve has put together was news to James Woolsey, CIA Director under Clinton, who said that he was denied the information. President Clinton was denied access and sent a messenger to Greer saying he would end up like Kennedy if he pushed for disclosure. Gen. Patrick Hughes, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was denied access. “This is secrecy run amok.”

Douglas MacArthur said in his last address to Congress that “World War III will be interplanetary.”

Who is taking care of the intergalactic relationship? The State Department? No.  Many abductions are paramilitary operations. They are designed to create enough opposition to aliens to induce paranoia in the population.

This is an unfolding adventure.  No matter how difficult the near term is, the horizon is wonderful.  The time for disclosure has arrived. Don’t despair in the dark days of the transition. The New World is emerging for sure.

“If you’re not willing to put your neck out for something this important – universal peace, interplanetary relations,  a new civilization that has no pollution and the elimination of poverty in the world – if you’re not willing to take a risk for that, you don’t have a soul. You’re not worthy of breathing the free air of Earth.”

“Mr. Obama wanted change. I’ve got some change for him – REAL change. So fasten your seatbelts because this is the biggest transformation in the history of the human race about to happen.”

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  1. Lou permalink
    June 1, 2010 8:17 am

    I love and share Dr. Greer’s passion! He makes you know there is a better world just waiting for all of us!

    All we, as a collective, have to do is move this issue to the forefront as the most important, wonderful reality that’s ever been denied….denied for those holding back this information for their love of greed and power over us. Awaken people!! Your new, free life is waiting for you!

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