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More from Kerry on Project Camelot Split

May 26, 2010

This may be a mite old, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Kerry Cassidy says more on the Project Camelot split.

Kerry Cassidy

April 18th Update

April 18, 2010

Apparently, since I wrote my statement about the Camelot split, a lot of people don’t seem to understand what is going on here… This is not some superficial parting of the ways or some boy/girl argument that we need to just ‘get over’.

The issues at root here go to the very core of our Camelot mission. And this mission is worldwide in scope. It is crucial that as we go forward, everyone understand what is at stake here.

If we, as Camelot are not a safe place for whistleblowers and researchers and experiencers, to tell their story then we cannot operate under this mission. Period.

Now, judging from a few emails and some of the nonsense going on in the forums, many of you don’t seem to get that if we as the Founders decide later that a whistleblower or source is telling us lies, we do have recourse. We can step forward. We can state our new opinions on the matter in public. We can agree to disagree. We can even challenge them and their story. In public. For example, we could say we disagree with what they have told us and suggest that they come forward and further substantiate their position. This too, would be permissible.

But what we cannot do under any circumstances is reveal our sources names and ranks and other private information about them or info provided to us, without their express permission. Without that we have no integrity. We cannot and should not reveal their true names (regardless of what other people say or do) and I also submit, we should not after the fact, berate, bad-mouth or otherwise insult them in public. Once we accept their story in confidence and this is key, then we also agree to maintain that confidence against all odds and attacks.

That’s it. Without that, there is no Camelot.

..”From the moment I fell down that rabbit hole I’ve been told what I must do and who I must be. I’ve been shrunk, stretched, scratched and stuffed into a teapot. I’ve been accused of being Alice and not being Alice but this is my dream. I’ll decide where it goes from here… I make the path.”
–Alice, Adventures in Wonderland

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  1. Dan permalink
    June 7, 2010 5:28 am

    Prj-Cam was a great team, and the value that was created since 2006 has been phenomenal. I was saddened to hear about this split. I have enormous respect for what Bill and Kerry accomplished together. Looking at this from the perspective of the balance between protecting the public from disinformation perceived or otherwise vs. confidentiality of the witness, I feel both parties still have their integrity. The best part of being a human being is making an error and learning from it. Bill could admit that (perhaps) the decision to expose/debunk a witness, based on the best intentions, “may not” have been the right one, and promise not to repeat such an error. Properly worded this may have prevented a break up. Of course I don’t know the whole story. But thinking about witness protection and trust being compromised, I can think of no one I would trust more then someone with the courage and compassion to admit he/she is not perfect and that they have learned from their experience.

    Food for thought

  2. jeanne menich permalink
    May 29, 2010 7:10 am

    As a person who has had many experiences with what I will just call the Dark Side, I agree that there needs to be a place of safety for people to be able to tell their stories. Because the abuse for many of us has been so severe, the fear of talking is very well ingrained. I agree that confidentiality is important. How that info is processed is also just as important.

    Because so many people do not believe our stories, it makes it very difficult to know whom to trust. As you so well must know, the other side is very active in making sure the story doesn’t get out. Discrediting is their biggest tool and it takes a very strong person to go against that kind of assault.

    We all have a story to tell. I am no different and I, like so many, am willing to tell my story, but confidentiality is the key and trust of how that information will be used is the other key.

    • May 29, 2010 10:43 am

      I agree, Jeanne. Many of the lightworkers who frequent this site have been subjected to ridicule for their views and lost many friends by discussing 2012, Ascension, the activities of the dark side, UFOs, etc. I certainly have. I still do, quite regularly. All this will change after UFO/ET disclosure, of course.

      So we’ve been there, with you.

      If you want to discuss your experiences with a validating group of people, I recommend Share11 Yahoo discussion group, which was founded for just that purpose. (Share11 means “sharing the truth,” 11 being the number of the master revealer of truth.)

      You can join that group from the portal It’s wonderful being among a group where others understand what you’ve gone through.

      Anyways, I understand. There’s too little of me to go around for me to convert this site into a discussion group. I’ve found that I can research and write or I can moderate a discussion, but I can’t do both. So I direct people to Share11 for the discussion.

      You be well. We’ll find our way home.



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