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The Fate of Those Who Oppose the MIC

May 13, 2010

When we look into assassinations attributed to the military-industrial complex (or MIC), we see how dark and deadly a force they are.

Some people were threatened or murdered because they seemed on the verge of revealing the use of scalar weapons; others because they were near to releasing free-energy or cold-fusion technology; others because they were poised to develop technology that threatened the economic grip of the oil monopoly, car makers, or other associates within the MIC.

Michael Zebuhr was a student doing research with Dr. Judy Wood that would have helped prove that directed-energy or scalar weapons had been used to bring down the WTC Twin Towers.

Evidently his research into the melting of aluminum in the Twin Towers was viewed as significant by someone because he was murdered on March 18, 2006. Two men approached him and his mother, asked and received her handbag, but shot Michael in the head anyways. Arrested, they were soon released. (1)

Another apparent MIC victim was Eugene Mallove. Mallove was an MIT professor who was aware that the research of Dr. Martin Fleischmann and Dr. Stanley Pons into cold fusion (another name for scalar energy) was meritworthy.

He founded and edited Infinite Energy magazine. Having worked at MIT, he knew that MIT, in testing  Flesichmann and Pons’ claims, had manipulated the data to suggest that there was no merit to cold fusion.

Mallove published a book called Fire From Ice supporting their claims.

Fleischmann and Pons were attacked by scientists and criticized by Congress.   Their allegations that cold fusion (or scalar energy) could produce infinite energy were discredited.  But Mallove suffered worse: He was murdered for his outspoken and spirited defence of cold fusion on May 14, 2004. (2)

Here is a video on the deaths of Zebuhr and Mallove.

You’ll also see that, in the video, Russ Gertz is talking with Jim Fester, about Dr. Steven Jones.  Jones is best known as  the physicist who held that thermite explosives were used in the destruction of the Twin Towers.

There is controversy about whether Jones is legitimately a 9/11 Truther or a MIC tool who takes attention off the use of directed-energy weapons on Sept. 11 and puts it on thermite explosives. Jones also has his allegations that he makes against Fleishmann and Pons.

I have to say that I personally don’t know the truth of either side’s allegations and, because of this, prefer to leave that argument aside here.

Given the fate of Mallove and Zebuhr, how Judy Wood and John Hutchison, responsible, in my view, for establishing the use of scalar weapons on 9/11, have escaped, I can’t imagine. (3) How Col. Tom Bearden, who brought so much about scalar energy to the public’s attention, remains alive is equally puzzling but fortunate.

We already know that the 9/11 black ops people killed whistleblowers Billy Cooper, TV journalist Tim Russert, Rep. Paul Gilmor, and others.

Sec. of Defense James Forrestal was killed for unknown reasons, but the MIC killed President John F. Kennedy and CIA Director William Colby at least in part because they wanted to disclose the UFO/ET presence (Kennedy), which ultimately would have led to the introduction of free-energy devices, and sponsor research into free-energy devices (Colby).

Now here are allegations that the MIC killed other people looking into the subject of  directed energy or cold fusion, which are other names for scalar waves or free energy.

Others have threatened the economic grip of the MIC in other ways and been scared away or killed.

One example is Stan Meyer, who invented an economical way to extract hydrogen from tap water and was building a marketable water car. He was murdered in his home, the official explanation being food poisoning, a day after signing a contract with the Defense Dept. to research and market his car. Here is a video on his invention and death:

A British Columbia man (it may have been George Vosper, P.Eng.; I’m not sure) also developed a car that ran on hydrogen, but discontinued his research when he was threatened with death.

Nobody, as far as I’m aware, knows who gives the orders for these assassinations.  I’m inclined to believe that people are killed by command of one of a number of top MIC officials and that the process is simply one of appearing to be a threat to their interests.  But I await the revelation of truth that will follow the ETs’ arrival to find out what actually happened.

We are told by SaLuSa that full accountability will occur after disclosure and First Contact.

“It will be both exciting and shocking in some ways as the truth is revealed, and you realise how manipulated and controlled you have been. Not only that, [but] there have been so many crimes committed against Humanity, your history will have to be largely re-written.

“It is perhaps the scale of deceit and deliberate plans to set you against each other that will shock you. Many wars have been deliberately caused and situations set up to deplete the population, and keep you from acquiring knowledge that would release you from the control of the Illuminati.” (4)

The ETs say that they are in contact with the MIC and that the latter know accountability will happen. Here is SaLuSa on the matter:

“Our contact goes much further than you may imagine, as we are regularly in touch with members of your Government. We do not threaten, but simply advise those who are working against you of the facts concerning your preparations for Ascension. We do however make it quite clear that it will be successful, and that we have the divine authority to take action as we see fit.” (5)

Not only will the MIC’s grip on energy and other technologies be broken, but those responsible for assassinations and related crimes will be judged by law and jailed.

If we consider the assassinations that have occurred when people opposed the MIC, we can see why such care is being taken to protect from harm those who are assisting in UFO/ET disclosure.


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(3) Wood and Hutchison make their case for the use of “directed-energy” or scalar weapons on 9/11 at the series of webpages that begin with

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