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Need We Fear Dark Extraterrestrials? – Part 3/3

April 30, 2010

Part 3/3

First Contact

The light forces will be able to help us in additional ways once they are assured of the safety of terrestrials if they land among us. What they are concerned about are last-ditch, clandestine attacks on us from Illuminati forces.

“When it is safe to do so, some of the millions of light beings surrounding the planet in spacecraft will land to share their technology and otherwise assist Earth and her life forms; then return to their homelands.” (53)

Matthew reports in October 2008 that then soon-to-be U.S. President Obama will play a leading role in welcoming our space family.

“The combination of Obama’s innate wisdom and leadership experience from lifetimes in spiritually- and intellectually-evolved civilizations and the light that increasingly is raising consciousness of Earth humankind will heal the divisiveness evident in the current ferocity of political haranguing; the new administration will welcome the assistance of your space brothers and sisters when they can offer it overtly, and it will be in whatever form is needed, from new technologies to educational aids for students and mass media to new construction methods and materials. I hasten to add that the same extraterrestrial assistance will be offered worldwide.” (54)

As time goes by, we get closer and closer to the Golden Age.

“Know that in every moment you have the assistance of your ET family, in every moment hearts and minds are opening and the love-light is expanding, in every moment you are traveling into the higher vibrations of the promised Golden Age, the era of Earth’s return to her Eden self.”

Those among terrestrials who’ve awakened to the promise of 2012 will play a role in dispelling the fear of those who worry that the extraterrestrial newcomers are here to subjugate us. Says Matthew:

“Your interconnectedness with all souls in this universe will help dispel the fear that non-illumined individuals succumb to. The light in your elation not only will touch all around you, but will radiate out into the universe and through the law of attraction, bring back ‘like’ energy that can reach those who bought into the fear-filled falsehoods.

“The light can open their hearts and let them also welcome the visitors who have come to assist you rise out of third density, where darkness thrives. It is true that God told these others of His children to help you, but they are doing this eagerly and lovingly so all of you can awaken to your rightful place in our universal family.” (56)

In sum, Matthew tells us that, to understand what is happening around us at the present time and will be happening in the future, we must make a clear distinction between the forces of darkness and those of the Light. We must know that the intensity of light now prevailing means that dark extraterrestrial forces cannot approach the Earth. Dark terrestrial forces are bound to accept the Light or their physical bodies will die due to lack of it.

The extraterrestrials who surround the Earth now are here to assist us to restore it to its original pristine condition and to help Earth and its inhabitants ascend from the Third to the Fifth Dimension. What light beings  throughout the universe hope we will do is to welcome our space family and allow them to carry out their pre-assigned tasks in the ascension process, for the betterment of all humanity and of the planet itself.


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