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David Wilcock Continues to Connect the Dots on Disclosure

April 26, 2010

David Wilcock continues to connect the dots on disclosure, the European Space Agency, the Icelandic volcano, the Chilean and Haiti earthquakes, and the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati.


I’m not going to rewrite what’s in my most recent blog in very much detail, as it’s only days old and this is just meant to be an extension.

Suffice it to say that the ongoing plan for Disclosure now appears to involve the European Space Agency, or ESA.

Earlier this month, they privately contacted Hoagland to tell him they have about 100 different scientists working on a three-dimensional computer reconstruction of Mars’ moon Phobos — on the inside.

They have found that the moon is very obviously an ET base of some kind. It contains a variety of artificial structures they can clearly see in their computer model — including giant, cubical rooms that can be up to a half-mile wide!

Best of all, they are preparing to announce this to the world.

And we’re not going to have to sit around and wait forever — they clearly said it was being planned for this year.

They did not say exactly how soon it would be, either — so we can’t rule out that they may have been looking at dates that were fairly imminent.

No statements were made from ESA that Obama was behind this, or connected to this. Nonetheless, the pieces immediately started flying together very nicely.


In my last article I linked to a C-SPAN video where Buzz Aldrin clearly says there is a Monolith on the surface of Phobos, and that we should go back there and explore it.

At the end of March 2010, he appeared on Dancing with the Stars — and in a popular interview, he again said he had amazing photos of Phobos that he was showing his dancing partner, who was very impressed.

He emphasized how urgent it was that we go there and take a look. By simply combining this with what he said on C-SPAN, it is very easy to see where this is going.

On April 15th, Obama held a big summit on the future of the space program. Buzz Aldrin was prominently involved — and rode with the president on Air Force One, his private jet.

The president then announced he was committed to landing on an asteroid, and then on the surface of Mars — and this would involve new technologies that we do not yet have — at least not officially.


It could well be that this announcement was kept secret for as long as possible — and for a very good reason.

The night before the big space summit, a gigantic fireball streaked across five states in the Heartland, creating a terrible sonic boom.

This could easily be seen as a threat by the Rockefeller faction.

In order to send an object like this towards America, all they would need is a satellite or space probe that could fire off a projectile, like a rock, towards the Earth. And no one would deny that they already have technology that could do this.

The message, on the insider level, is that they are willing to do just about anything to try to stop being defeated. …


On the surface, Obama’s space summit might not have looked like much. However, if you pay attention to what Buzz Aldrin has been saying over and over again about a monolith on Phobos, it becomes a lot more obvious.

Buzz was on Obama’s private plane. They clearly were talking about the Monolith, since Buzz is carrying around a little potato-sized model of Phobos and talking about it wherever he goes, including Dancing with the Stars.

Then Obama publicly announced his plan to land on an ‘asteroid’ and then the surface of Mars — with technology that we don’t officially have yet — after Aldrin has repeatedly discussed the same plan on television. The only difference is that in Buzz’ plan, the ‘asteroid’ is Phobos.

This news all came out after I had spoken directly with Richard C. Hoagland, who was contacted by ESA scientists. They told him they were getting ready to announce that Phobos is, in fact, totally artificial on the inside — and they have the computer models to prove it.


It was a political masterstroke, and maybe even a necessity, that Obama simultaneously made this significant move towards Disclosure, and then declared a full-on, balls-to-the-wall war against the New World Order financial system at the exact same time.

He openly admitted that nothing has changed, whatsoever, in the financial system. And there’s only one way to fix that.

No more bailouts. No more Derivatives. No more corruption. No more bullshit. The Real Deal we’ve all been waiting for. Those who are responsible must pay the price.

Then, just hours after he sent out this incredible email, it was announced that the SEC was going directly after Goldman Sachs — the financial center of gravity in the New World Order empire!


Again, it is very, very likely that all of these plans were kept secret until the very last minute.

There is a perfect, one-to-one relationship between the UFO cover-up and the massive financial corruption that has existed for so long.

They are two sides of the exact same coin.

If you want Disclosure, you simply cannot do it without first defeating, or at least significantly weakening, the Machine that has been maintaining these secrets with deadly force for so long.

Otherwise, the negative forces will do whatever they can to bring you down — right up to and including assassinating the President in broad daylight — as in the case of JFK and again now in Poland.

They do not want these secrets to get out. And whenever it looks like something real is about to happen, they strike.


As I’ve written in earlier entries of David’s Blog you can read here at, we’ve had a series of highly suspicious and highly destructive earthquakes this year.

The most obvious example was when Chile was hit with an absolutely incredible-sized earthquake — basically a 9.0 on the Richter scale — within days after every single country in South America gathered to form an alliance against the Rockefeller faction / New World Order.

Chile was a traditional US ally who participated in the big rally, and was about to become the leading country of the Rio Group as of March 1st, 2010. The Rio Group was the closest thing South America had, at that time, to a single, organized leadership for this new plan.

The massive earthquake in Chile, right to the day of when they took control of the Rio Group, was a very clear sign that the New World Order was striking back.


And we’d already heard from Fulford and from Christopher Story, independently, that Haiti was also an artificial quake, because a major amount of New World Order money was about to be transferred to various South American countries through international wire-transfer facilities in Haiti.

This money, of course, was coming directly out of the pockets of the New World Order, because they are now being forced to pay back what they have stolen by the international community.

A natural disaster creates plausible deniability: “Oh, we couldn’t have done that.”

And on the secret, insider level where this deal had been worked out, now the ‘pipeline’ was broken.  Oops! Looks like we can’t transfer all that money to you after all. Sorry, guys!

At the same time, this sent a clear warning message to threaten those very same people who were opposing them.

However, the world leaders have made it clear they will do whatever it takes to stop this madness, including suffering through Earth Changes.

My dreams spelled out exactly how this Financial World War III would look before it ever arrived.


We also heard that the Haiti earthquake was supposed to be a lot bigger than what actually happened, but several of the depth charges did not go off. It was a last-minute rush job and they blew it.

This insider prediction of a potentially much larger earthquake came true, with terrifying and tragic accuracy, in Chile — only weeks later.

You don’t need to blame weird new technologies like HAARP on these events. That’s part of what stops most people in the mainstream from believing this could really be done, so they can accuse you of being ‘crazy.’

Look. All you need is a device that can burrow into the crust and set off a nice, big blast.

We already know that this “bunker-busting” technology exists.

If you line them up along a fault line, you can trigger a massive earthquake. And if you burrow them down into the belly of a big volcano, you can hopefully set off an eruption — or at least get a nice, huge amount of belching smoke.

With available satellite technology, you could also send a rock shooting towards the Earth, creating a big fireball as another ‘warning.’


Of course, all these things are happening, under very suspicious circumstances, within a short period of time.

For those who were superstitious and did not consider that a technology could be involved in this, it would seem that the Heavens and the Earth themselves were shouting about Obama’s direct attacks against the world’s most powerful and corrupt people.

A fireball rages over the Heartland the night before Obama’s space summit. The Iceland volcano simultaneously brings all air traffic over Europe to a standstill. And the president of Poland, along with all his senior advisers, just died in a suspicious plane crash.

At this time the volcano problem is ongoing. No one in Europe would do this deliberately, because it is destroying their economy and their ability to travel.

Now it’s clear what kind of a playing field Obama, or whomever else that stands up to these guys, has to deal with.

And I find it very fascinating that my asteroid dream and volcano dream both seem to have been referring to a series of events that are coming together right now.


Fulford’s own sources ( also believe the Iceland volcano is not a natural event. Why Iceland? They pointed to the fact that 90 percent of the population of Iceland recently voted to break away from the International Monetary Fund.

Apparently the IMF is one of the key ways in which the Rockefeller faction has been able to control the world throughout most of the 20th century.

Everyone has been asking me about the plane crash where the president and top political leaders of Poland all died together. It was obviously suspicious and did not appear to be a natural event.

At first blush, it might appear that Russia did this, as Poland was pulling away from them — but intuitively that just didn’t feel right. Russia is in a strong position and has no reason to conduct crass political murders right now.

Fulford pointed out additional reasons why it was unlikely that Russia did this. Namely, it was on the anniversary of when Stalin murdered 20,000 of his own political opponents.

Here’s the part I did not know: Poland was about to break away from the International Monetary Fund.

This could well have been the beginning of a chain reaction where many other countries soon followed — similar to what is already happening in South America.


Therefore, fear and intimidation was again used by the Rockefeller faction….

My advice to any world leaders who may be reading at this point: do not travel with other top members of your administration at the same time, and do not be intimidated.

The consequences of not acting at this point are far worse than any risk of immediate danger.

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